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Chapter 535: Rebellion? So What!

Chapter 535: Rebellion? So What!

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‘If somebody can survive without a head on his shoulders. Guys, let’s spare his miserable life.’

What… What does that mean?

However, the assassins in black under Ye Xiao’s lead were strictly observing this order!

When they chopped off the heads, they piled the bodies together in a place and piled the heads together in another place.

They never let the heads and the bodies touch. What if the head went back to the body? Should they really spare them?

That was not a good joke. In fact, they just wanted to make it easy for counting.

Dead bodies were like bags being piled up in one place after another. The heads were thrown up in the sky like watermelons to the same place to be counted!

Gradually, there was a mountain of heads beside the man who did the counting work. He stood in front of the mountain of heads then kicked the heads that were rolling away. Heads were round. Some of them just kept dropping away.

It looked exactly like someone was selling watermelon on the street.

However, it was not a watermelon mountain, it was a bloody mountain of heads!

The four overwhelming assassins were as expected Song Jue, Ning Biluo, Liu Changjun and Zhao Pingtian!

The three of them were here for Ye Xiao. That was reasonable.

However, it was not a reasonable thing for others that the three assassins worked together. The three of them together made a horrible killing spree!

In the Land of Han-Yang, when they fought together, they could damage anything in the world seriously, not to mention just a prince’s palace!

Especially when they saw Song Jue kill like that, Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian didn’t want to feel left behind by Song Jue.

Was there anybody in the world that could be better at killing than the two of them?

They had to accept it if it was about the cultivation capabilities. However, if it referred to the skill of assassination, they would never admit defeat!

They could never lose their fames as king!

That made them fight like hungry tigers. They kept showing their best skills and killed so fast. They wanted to compete with Steward Song and defeat him!

There were many guards in this palace. However, the strongest one was the leader, who was only level 1 of Sky Origin Stage. Not many of the others had reached Earth Origin Stage. They could never have a chance to defend the four killers!

The leader was unlucky. He didn’t have time to show what he got yet. When he was seen, his head was cut off in an instant by Zhao Pingtian!

In fact, even if he had time to really fight against Zhao Pingtian, he would die in the same way!

As the killing went on, the palace was getting more and more full of blood. In the air, a grey mass of power was forming up and moving to the gate.

That was where Ye Xiao stood.

The power disappeared when it got to the back of Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao didn’t see it.

Of course, he didn’t see the power, because he didn’t operate the Yin Yang Eyes.

In the Boundless Space, Brother Egg was spinning rapidly… The grey mass of power was the soul energy from the dead men. Brother Egg was silently absorbing it thoroughly!

No even a bit went out!

Those men died and even their souls were absorbed!

Ye Xiao wanted those men to be doomed and never get any chance to be reborn!

Brother Egg didn’t think much. It just wanted that power, and it just did what Ye Xiao wanted!

Those men died and their souls were absorbed with it!

In the main hall.

The old man in white beard sat still with half closed his eyes. He looked at Ye Xiao, thinking, ignoring all sounds that came from outside. "So you are Ye Xiao? Ye Nantian’s son?"

Ye Xiao ignored Second Prince, who was staring at him fiercely. He answered to the old man, "I am Ye Xiao, your daddy, old bastard. Tell me your name. Let me see if it is good enough for me to kill you myself!"

The old man half closed his eyes and coldly said, "How bold you little prick! Even your father Ye Nantian didn’t dare to talk to me like that. You stupid little sh*t. How dare you talk like this to me. You really do not know how cruel the world is!"

Second Prince finally realized something. He heard the sounds of killing outside and the mournings of his men. His face turned pale. "Ye Xiao! How dare you! You broke into the Prince’s Palace in the midnight with weapons. You disgraced the royal power and you are trying to murder a prince. Are you rebelling now?"

He was not a complete garbage after all. He knew why Ye Xiao was here and he knew he couldn’t stop this fight anymore. He still wanted to seize a higher position. As he talked, he tried to put the accusation on Ye Xiao so that Ye Xiao might hesitate. He was a prince after all. He thought that Ye Xiao wouldn’t really kill a prince. As long as he could survive, he had the chance to revenge!

Ye Xiao looked at him coldly and said, "I just want to kill a bastard. Is it a rebellion now? Let’s say I am rebelling now, so what? What are you going to do?"

He then shouted, "Now shut the fxck up you scum!"

That was cold and full of killing qi!

Second Prince was suddenly pushed by the overwhelming qi. His face turned pale and his lips were trembling. He didn’t know what he could say now! He felt weak on his legs and nearly fell on the floor. He tried so hard to hold it up, but he was so embarrassed.

Bing-Er’s cold eyes were full of disdain and hatred. He stared at Second Prince and said, "So you are the man who tried to ruin my happy life?"

For Bing-Er, that was the most important thing for her!

[I never had happiness, but now I have found the happy life I longed for. How dare you jump out and try to destroy it!]

[It is strictly forbidden. I won’t allow it and I won’t forgive it!]

She looked at Second Prince like a female leopard waiting to eat somebody. She wished she could swallow him and chew him!

She was extremely fierce and brutal at the moment!