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Chapter 536: Mister Hundred Flowers

Chapter 536: Mister Hundred Flowers

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Bing-Er was extremely furious at the moment, yet her face was still so beautiful. The extreme beauty didn’t change because of her anger. Instead, it made her look more attractive!

Second Prince stared at her. The white beard old man looked even more randy in his eyes!

They looked at Bing-Er like they were going to swallow her.

- Clang! -

A long sword in scabbard showed up in Ye Xiao’s hand. He drew the sword out fast and loud.

The sword clashed the scabbard when it was drawn out. It made a thunderous noise that shocked the world!

Only half of the sword was out of the scabbard, yet the momentum was reaching the clouds!


Ye Xiao’s eyes looked solid like his sword.


The old man stared at Ye Xiao with a strange look in his eyes. "Kiddo, don’t you want to know who I am before you start? If the fight begins, nothing can turn it around. Don’t you want to enjoy your life?"

The old guy was a vile person. He was excellent in martial art, and he had been beyond the limitation of the Land of Han-Yang already. He could see that Ye Xiao was good, but still far weaker than him. As he knew, there was no real powerful man in House of Ye.

He was surprised about what Ye Xiao did, but he always thought that there should be one or two superior cultivators in the House of Ye. Ye Nantian was known as a perfect father. He loved his son so much, so it was reasonable that he would keep one or two good men around Ye Xiao. The killings outside the room was reasonable too. The guards in Second Prince’s Palace were not so good after all. The Blood Guards of House of Ye coming all together could surely slaughter their way in. That wasn’t so surprising.

Ye Xiao was just there. The old man was confident that he could capture Ye Xiao by one move. That was why he talked to Ye Xiao like he was having a chitchat. He wanted to change Ye Xiao’s mind, because, after all, it was at a special time. If Ye Xiao could cooperate with Second Prince, things would turn up much better for him.

However, nobody wanted to mess with Ye Nantian.

At the moment, a man in black jumped into the room. Sword light flashed, and six of the eight guards around Second Prince were cut in the throats. Blood splashed out as six heads fell off and hit the floor at the same time. They were rolling on the floor.

The man in black said, "I know who you are. It turns out the Mister Hundred Flowers, who has disappeared for over twenty years is here! Hua Liushui, you think too high of yourself. Do you really think there is nobody in the world who can recognize you? Ignorant prick!"

That was the World’s No. 1 Assassin, Ning Biluo, speaking.

It hadn’t been long since Ning Biluo and the other three slaughtered their way here, yet they had killed most of the guards. The palace was doomed for sure. Ning Biluo made sure the other three controlled the whole situation and got in the room because he worried about Ye Xiao!

The old man was surprised, "Who are you? Sharp eyes indeed. You actually know me!"

He couldn’t believe there was actually someone who could recognize him!

Mister Hundred Flowers had been ruling the martial world because he had so many strange martial arts. He did quite a lot evil things and nobody could take him down.

The most incredibly vile thing and degrading thing was that he raped women. He usually raped and killed. He was totally mad.

He was cultivating some rare and special martial art that he needed to have sex with women to make a progress.

One marvelous thing of this martial art was that no matter how badly he was wounded, he would recover fully as long as there was a woman sleeping with him! However, the women he had sex with would end up dead in a horrible way.

That strange and contemptible thing he did finally arouse the anger of the public.

At the end, over thirty superior cultivators from different sects fought together to hunt him.

Even so, Mister Hundred Flowers killed five of them and then fled away. Nobody knew where he went.

Some people said that he was dead, and the rest of the over thirty cultivators testified that he was seriously wounded and couldn’t do bad things anymore!

Mister Hundred Flowers was badly injured indeed. He was cut on the belly, and his dantian was nearly cut!

Because of that injury, he had been hiding for over a decade. He was trying to heal himself. He hadn’t return to his peak status even now.

However, after resting for so many years, and with the help of Second Prince, he had raped so many girls, he was basically healed.

The reason why Second Prince would run a brothel was because of this old prick.

In fact, he had changed his entire look before he showed himself. He even made himself a white bearded old man that looked like a sage. He was completely like a different person now. He always stayed hidden in Second Prince’s Palace and didn’t show up.

When the two great sects attacked the palace, the old prick didn’t show up at all. Among those girls whose cultivation he messed with, there were a few from the great sects. He didn’t want to be recognized at all!

He had gotten away once, yet there came another. Somebody called his name now. What a strange thing!

Ning Biluo humphed, "Hua Liushui, it turns out you have forgotten… Don’t you remember who gave you that wound on your belly?"

Mister Hundred Flower was stunned. His heart was suddenly filled with hatred. He raged up, "Ning Biluo! It is you! You are here!"

He had been fearless in the world once. All the girls that he wanted would eventually die in his hands. Among those girls, there were a few from the people Ning Biluo was responsible to take care of. They died in the perfect age.

Many major forces in the world had gathered around to hunt him down. They didn’t plan to let Ning Biluo join them at the beginning; he was an assassin after all. However, Ning Biluo asked to fight among them. He even tried to sacrifice himself to kill Hua Liushui. At the end, he made a sword move and damaged Hua Lliushui badly. If Ning Biluo wasn’t there that day, nobody knew what it would lead to!

Ning Biluo had always been holding the grudge that he failed to kill Hua Liushui by that sword attack.