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Chapter 537: Killing People like Cutting Weeds

Chapter 537: Killing People like Cutting Weeds

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Ning Biluo humphed, "How did that sword strike taste? Was it good? If not, let me give you two more until you are satisfied!"

Foes met, anger aroused. Hua Liushui shouted and then moved. Suddenly, he became a mass of whirling wind that rapidly moved to Ning Biluo. "Twenty years ago, you cut me with a sneak attack. You did it because you had lots of people on your side. You are now alone standing here. You won’t be blessed twice! I wonder how you could survive against me this time!"

His shouts thundered in the room.

Hua Liushui’s lightning attacks hit Ning Biluo like rainstorm.

Ning Biluo humped and then raised his sword to defend. After only seconds, they were turning into two mass of splendid sword lights. They crashed and crashed in the air as loud cracking noise was resounding!

- Puff! -

The floor screen fell down. A team of men with solemn faces dressed in black rushed in. They all looked cold. There was no emotion in their eyes. As they entered this place, the room was filled with dense killing qi!

There were twelve men in the team!

They were all vigorous. Apparently, they were all top class cultivators!

These were exactly cultivators that Hua Liushui raised and trained during the years he was hiding. They were the key force of the Second Prince’s Palace, the most powerful one!

In fact, since Ye Xiao entered this place, he felt some strong breath hiding around. That was why he hadn’t made a further move for so long. Now that Ning Biluo made his attack and got Hua Liushui in the fight, these men finally showed up!

As they showed up, things seemed to turn worse on Ye Xiao’s side. However, Ye Xiao took a breath with relief.

He never feared visible enemies.

The most terrifying enemies were those hidden in the dark!

"Bing-Er, go get the Second Prince! He is the man who wants to ruin your happy life! But don’t kill him yet. We need to get some information from him. The others… Just let me handle them…" Ye Xiao blandly smiled.

Bing-Er nodded. She didn’t hesitate. She just swayed her sword and then her slim body already turned into a snow white whirlwind.

Lots of cold qi suddenly spread out, covering people’s sight.

"Stop her!" Second Prince was frightened. He gave the order and then quickly stepped back, panicking.

The twelve guys expressionlessly stepped forward. They were trying to stop Bing-Er.

Ye Xiao humphed and then rapidly rushed over to them like an arrow shooting out.

In the air, the thundering noise of his sword resounded again!

His long sword finally came out!

As the sword showed up, it turned into a lightning, striking to the twelve men!

[He wants to attack us with one strike?]

The twelve men showed sneer and disdain in their eyes at the same time.

They were specially trained by Hua Liushui while he was hiding and curing himself. He brought them with him in case he needed help when he returned to the martial world. These men together had horrible strength. They were all good both mentally and physically.

They immediately realized that Ye Xiao was not an ordinary man. He might win the fight if he was fighting ten of them, however, he was fighting the twelve of them. That was simply an egg hitting on rocks!

"Ignorant!" They humphed. Their swords sounded at the same time. The twelve swords came out at the same time but only made one sound.

While Ye Xiao was getting closer with the lightning sword, they made a huge mass of blue glow!

They made the sword strike together. They were determined to defeat Ye Xiao at one strike!

[How disgraceful if we cannot do it!]

Ye Xiao’s eyes flashed with a strange light as a weird smile showed up on his mouth. The long sword suddenly left his hand. His body was still in the air, but the long sword was ahead of him, flying ahead.

It flew into the crowd like a shooting star.

The twelve men hadn’t thought that he would actually throw away his weapon.

Things got unexpected to them now. As the sword parted from his hand, Ye Xiao became a bit slower. The sword was boosting out. Because of that, the time when the sword hit on them was unpredictable! It was not what they thought it would be!

The men had a quick reaction though. They quickly raised their swords at the same time.

- Clang! -

One of their swords hit the flying long sword and made a harsh sound. It crashed and made a sparkle.

The man among them who held the sword felt that something was wrong. He felt that the flying sword was far less powerful than it looked like.

In other words, this flying sword was just a decoy. There must be a more powerful attack after it.

When he was about to warn the others, it happened. When they were all focusing on the flying sword, Ye Xiao suddenly twisted himself in the air strangely!

- Shoot, shoot, shoot… -

Thirty-six needles flew out from different parts of his body in an extremely weird way.

At the same time, twelve knives flew out along the needles!

At that moment, Ye Xiao’s hand had made hundreds of gestures and he became like a phantom.

Apparently, he didn’t plan to let the fight last long!

He just wanted to end the fight as soon as possible!

One against twelve, so what? Why couldn’t he end the fight against them all by himself!

- Pah pah pah… -

Three men among the twelve swayed their swords so fast. Over a dozen needles were hit away, as well as several knives. One of the knives flew over the Second Prince and grazed his cheek. The cold qi in it felt like hell. He exclaimed and nearly peed in his paints!

However, some strange sounds came out…

Seven of the twelve men were shocked and they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Three of these seven were holding their necks while the other four were holding their hearts. They fell back and hit the floor like rotten woods.

Before their bodies touched the floor, a mass of sword lights flashed!

- Puff, puff, puff… -

Ye Xiao swayed his sword seven times like he was using a huge broadsword. The shadows of the sword still lingered in the air as seven heads were cut off by Ye Xiao in an instant!

Blood immediately covered the floor!

The twelve men were all brilliant cultivators. The weakest of them was level 2 of Sky Origin Stage, while the strongest one had reached level 6 of Sky Origin Stage!

However, when they were facing Ye Xiao, they didn’t known that there were such an unbelievable and weird way to kill!

They never knew there were such inconceivable fighting methods!