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Chapter 538: Quick Fight!

Chapter 538: Quick Fight!

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The needles and knives had been hit away, but they actually flew a circle around and flew back to the men again. It was like somebody was invisibly controlling them.

The round routed force made a credit!

The rest of the five men couldn’t save their teammates. They kept swaying their swords and fought so hard to hit away the flying weapons. They were all gloomy on the faces and also fearful.

The reason why they were so scared… was that the dead men’s bodies, which had been hit by the needles and knives, were all turning dark!

That was horrible. When a man died, his body should stop working. The blood should stop running in the veins. Even if they died after getting poisoned, the poison shouldn’t spread away in the body. However, the seven dead bodies were turning darker and darker.

Apparently, the poison on the needles and knives were something really rare!

The five living men were all holding hatred and anger in the hearts!

[This young man is obviously not so weaker than us. He is even more powerful than some of us. However, he actually uses hidden weapons and poison on us…]

[He just doesn’t want to fight face to face!]

[How shameless!]

It felt like a grownup man fighting against a three years old kid, with the grownup man using a gun, while the kid was fighting with empty hands…

[It isn’t about honor anymore. It is about sense of shame and how shameless he is…]

The five men were extremely furious. They even cursed him while they were busy hitting the flying weapons. Ye Xiao jumped up and grabbed the long sword that was falling down. - Clang! -

A bright tower formed as sword lights appeared in the sky!

It was spinning and making a vicious glow. Several streams of lights were produced…

It hit down on the heads of the five men!

That’s right. It smashed!

It just smashed down!

He wasn’t using a sword now. He made the sword light, sword breath and the power of it into mountains and hammers falling down from the sky!

Whoever was hit by a real hammer like that on the head would definitely become a meat pie with brains pouring out.

However, if someone got hit by this sword hammer, he would become a pile of minced meat!

The five men exclaimed at the same time.

They fought so hard to defend it. They all knew that they would instantly die if they got hit by this strike. They wouldn’t even leave a complete body.

They would be even worse than the seven headless men!

Ye Xiao’s eyes were only filled with viciousness.

The sword made a lap in the sky.

- Shoot, shoot, shoot… -

The flying needles and knives all turned around and flew fast to Ning Biluo’s fight.

Apparently, Ye Xiao had controlled the situation on his side, so he decided to help Ning Biluo.

He did more than that.

After the sword made a round, the long sword flew out and stabbed into one of the five men’s chest. That man in black only felt cold in his chest. Ye Xiao let go of the sword, left it in the man’s chest and made a powerful fist punch!

It hit on another man beside him on the chest!

After that, he stepped back a bit and reached out his right hand forward and dragged the sword out off that man’s chest. There was blood coming out with it. The sword burst in glows again.

Endless sword breaths flew out immediately. The three men who were still alive hurriedly swayed their swords. That long sword flew off Ye Xiao’s hand and shot out again!

It did a different thing this time!

- Puff! -

The sword flew out and cut a man’s body. It pushed him hard on the wall!

At the same time, Ye Xiao strangely appeared around another man and kicked on his leg. - Crack! - The leg was not only broken, but it was actually kicked off his body and flew out in distance!

At this moment, Bing-Er’s long sword had been pushed onto Second Prince’s neck! Her master told her not to kill him, however, Bing-Er just wanted him to suffer. She wouldn’t let this sick man feel easy.

She raised her small hand. - Pah, pah, pah, pah… - She slapped on the prince’s face fast.

Bing-Er finally showed her fierce part while facing this monster who tried to ruin her life!

On Ye Xiao’s side, he continually made strange strikes and made several kills. As he kicked that man on the leg, he seemed to be out of moves. It looked like he couldn’t make any new attack and he even couldn’t draw his foot back. The last man in black thought that it was a perfect chance. He wouldn’t let it go. He gritted with his teeth and swayed his sword over. While he was so close to Ye Xiao, his sword emitted a big mass of blue light. It was about to stab a big hole in Ye Xiao’s chest.

Ye Xiao couldn’t turn around indeed. He couldn’t make it. He still held his sword in his left hand, but he couldn’t make it back to defend that attack. The last man in black thought that he was going to make it. He was so happy but then he found that Ye Xiao’s empty right hand started to shine with a sword light.

An exquisite short sword appeared in his right hand. Within an instant, he hit the sword with blue light and made it go aside.

That slight difference completely changed the result!

- Shoot! -

That sword went through Ye Xiao’s sleeve. The man in black had used all his power on that sword attack, and as it missed Ye Xiao, he was still rushing forward. Ye Xiao moved his body aside and used his arm to lock on the man’s neck!

He pushed hard on it and then turned around powerfully!

- Crack! -

The eyeballs of the man in black popped out, and his neck was broken.

At the same time, the short sword in Ye Xiao’s right hand became a rainbow, with some blood on it. It flew out and went through the man’s heart whose leg was kicked off!

- Puff! -

The short sword went through it and didn’t stop. It flew out of that man’s back and stabbed deep into the door!