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Chapter 539: Clean Sweep!

Chapter 539: Clean Sweep!

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At this moment, Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changun had finished their battles outside. They rushed inside and joined them.

When they got in, the first thing they saw was a bunch of miserable dead bodies on the floor!

They happened to see how Ye Xiao killed the last man!

They witnessed such a perfect slaughter, causing the both of them to take in a cold breath.

Ye Xiao used his own life as a bait to trap and kill the last man in black. He killed one man with his arms while using the short sword to finish the other in the heart!

What a controlling force he had!

Since he had such power, he actually didn’t need to put himself in risk. He just needed to fight a bit longer and he could easily kill the two of them!

He obviously knew it, but he just wanted to use something extreme. Apparently, he wanted to do it quick!

He didn’t want to delay anymore!

On the other side, Ning Biluo was having a hard fight against Hua Liushui.

Ye Xiao’s needles were still flying in the sky. The flying knives was not in the air anymore, with some of them deeply embedded into the wall. Ning Biluo swayed his sword like it was a long dragon swimming in the water. The monster who had been famous twenty years earlier was forced to a negative situation by Ning Biluo’s beautiful attacks.

The flying needles in the air were distracting Hua Liushui. He couldn’t deal with Ning Biluo with full effort! He was now still fighting Ning Biluo, without a clear winner yet. That showed his powerful strength already!

Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changjun looked at each other. They didn’t want to watch Ning Biluo’s fight any longer. They just rushed into the inner room of Second Prince!

[Master said we can’t leave any survivor this time!]

[That is an order and we must obey!]

Ye Xiao watched the fight on a side. A smile showed up on his face. He didn’t get into the fight, instead, he just kept his hands in his sleeves. Two knives were held inside there. If anything went wrong… the two knives would become the last killing strike!

He would kill that old man and save his loyal friend!

Suddenly, Song Jue sneered and got into the place with blood on him. He was making enormous killing qi. He saw the fight and then shouted loudly. He flew up high and then swayed over his sword to hit Hua Liushui’s head fiercely!

Before he did it, he didn’t say a word. That sword attack was overwhelming!

A few seconds earlier, Hua Liushui hit off all the flying needles in the air and finally felt relieved.

The needles weren’t so powerful, but the poison scared him a lot. The way the needles flew was unpredictable. Hua Liushui felt fearful. Finally, he finished off all the needles.

He was confident that he could defeat Ning Biluo one to one!

However, when he just felt relieved a bit, an unbearable forceful qi was falling down on him. It contained a sense of brutality and a mass of huge power!

That was really a barbaric way to attack!

Hua Liushui didn’t dare to be reckless. He shouted and raised up his sword so hard!

He did it with full effort to defend the death attack!

- Clang! -

An extreme bombing sound shocked the place. It was like a natural born man of unusual strength holding a giant hammer hitting on a steel!

As he defended it, he exclaimed and blood came out from his seven orifices!

He spat out blood and it shot on the floor!

His body suddenly became half shorter! In fact, the lower half of him was hit to the floor like a nail by Song Jue!

Only with one hit, he broke the master who had been so famous in the world!

That sword strike shocked Ning Biluo. He looked at Song Jue for a long time. He had never thought that the steward in the House of Ye actually had such an overwhelming power!

Steward Song obviously enjoyed the look on Ning Biluo. He smiled.

In fact, Song Jue was also full of questions at the moment. How did Ye Xiao recruit so many powerful assassins?

How on earth did he get so many of them together within a short time?

- Puff! -

Hua Liushui, who had half his body on the floor, spat out blood again. He had been truly smashed badly. Suddenly, he grabbed a red ball in his right hand and then swallowed it quickly.

Suddenly, his face became florid again. He shouted and then his body was totally lifted out off the floor. He ran fast to the door than anybody could react!

No. He was not rushing to the door. He was rushing to Bing-Er!

It was the same direction. He thought that he could either get away this place or capture Bing-Er!

As long as he could do either of the two things, he would definitely survive!

Even Song Jue, the terribly powerful man, couldn’t kill him!

Song Jue was furious. He and Ning Biluo jumped up together and flew after Hua Liushui. Ye Xiao was about to make the attack with the flying knives in his hands too…

However, at this moment, right before Ye Xiao could do it, Hua Liushui suddenly trembled. He exclaimed like a crazy man and fell to the floor like a dead frog!

He exclaimed with hopelessness, "What… What is going on!"

While he was rushing towards Bing-Er, the latter suddenly turned over and looked at him.

The pretty eyes of her suddenly became all black! Totally black eyes!

They were like deep dark holes staring back at him with coldness!

Just one glimpse!

It seemed there was some marvelous spiritual power coming out from her eyes, which invaded Hua Liushui’s mind.

It was just in an instant. Hua Liushui felt headache like his head was exploding!

His heart suddenly stopped beating too!

He was extremely terrified!

He didn’t know why, but he just felt scared with no reason. He was so scared that he couldn’t move!

He fell to the floor all of a sudden. With his cultivation power, he actually didn’t operate any defensive art to protect his body. He hit so hard on the floor and his waist bone dislocated. He paused for seconds before exclaiming horribly!

There was white froth coming out from his mouth too.