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Chapter 540: Extermination!

Chapter 540: Extermination!

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While Bing-Er rushed to Second Prince, the prince was scared but he could still step back. The guards around him were killed instantly by Ye Xiao. As the sword light was getting closer, Second Prince nearly lost his soul. He begged, "My lady, please show mercy. I am…"

Bing-Er hated him so much. She didn’t care what he was going to say. She wouldn’t show mercy for sure! She kicked on him and he fell to the floor. And then her sword was on his neck and she slapped on his face fast and fierce.

When she finished slapping, the prince had become a pig head. Bing-Er finally suddenly came back to herself.

She looked at the prince who was hit into such a miserable look. She couldn’t believe it.

[Since… Since when did I become so vicious?]

As she was thinking, she could feel the murderous intent and brutality that she had before rising up again! She couldn’t suppress it!

As things happened and she was extremely furious, that feeling had occurred to her several times.

Every time when the feeling came to her, she felt like she was somebody else!

It made her feel uncomfortable. However, when she saw the bloody mess in this place, she just frowned and didn’t really feel the discomfort she thought she would feel.

[Can this change of my mind keep me from the negative feelings in the fight?]

She didn’t have time to think deeper before that Mister Hundred Flowers rushed over to her.

That old monster was seriously injured, but in his eyes, there was still endless lechery!

Apparently, he was trying to get away through the door near her.

Or he was planning to capture her!

The look in his eyes told Bing-Er an extremely horrible possibility.

At the moment, Bing-Er was furious. That brutal feeling burst in her heart immediately.

She only felt that a strong killing qi shot out from her eyes! It was incredible! At the same time, she felt a strange power…

She was just staring at Hua Liushui. When she was going to draw the sword to cut that old monster, she felt that power in her eyes had burst out and hit on the old man…

The next moment, Hua Liushui exclaimed and fell on the floor!

He hit on the floor hard!

He was trembling on the floor and couldn’t get up.

Bing-Er was stunned. She didn’t even know what to do with the current situation.

[What… What is going on?]

[I just looked at him. That is all. I didn’t do anything else!]

[Right. Must be it. He has been seriously damaged, so when he flew over, he didn’t have enough energy to get on me. The wounds inside him burst. It wasn’t my eyes… It mustn’t be…]

Bing-Er thought this way. It seemed this was the most reasonable explanation now!

Hmm. The most persuasive reason!

However, it might not be the truth!

"Keep several men alive!" Ye Xiao flew over and got on Hua Liushui. He stepped hard on his back. At the same time, he asked Ning Biluo and the others, "Second Prince’s trusted ones. Keep them alive so we can ask them some questions!"

Ning Biluo smiled. "Don’t worry. We had them all. None of them escaped!"

Hua Liushui exclaimed under Ye Xiao’s foot. He spat out blood again. At the moment, his eyes were no more randy. There was only fear. He looked at Bing-Er and spoke like he was looking at a ghost, "You…"

Ye Xiao grabbed his hair and raised his head. He slapped hard on his face and spoke in disdain, "Shut the fxck up you old goatish prick!"

- Pah -

Half of the teeth in Hua Liushui’s mouth fell off and hit the floor!

The old man suddenly became toothless. At least a half toothless!

With a shout, Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changjun walked out from the inner room with blood on their swords.

"Master, all men in Second Prince’s Palace were killed. None missed!"

"None of them were innocent, right?"

"No. How unbelievable. Even the concubines of this prince are this old randy bastard’s disciples! Besides…"

Zhao Pingtian glanced at the prince in disdain. "I could never imagine that he is not only a brothel runner, but also a cuckold! It is the first time I ever know such a thing in my life. I guess with such a stupid prince, the Kingdom of Chen would definitely be remembered in the future, even no one knew if it could conquer the entire world."

Liu Changjun loudly laughed. "That’s right. We kept two girls alive. They are the maids. They are his private maids and also important girls in the Voluptuous Flower Building. I just cannot imagine it. How come all the people he recruited are scumbags!"

"We kept two of his advisors alive too. They…"

"Enough! I don’t want to hear it anymore. Let’s just cut it here. I wonder how many times I need to wash my ears today now. Do not put this disgusting dirt into my ears no more!"

Ye Xiao said, "This is enough. Take him and let’s head back. We will interrogate him as soon as possible tonight! Liu Changjun, lead the assassins team back. We have made a big noise here. I am afraid the Royal Guards will arrive soon. We should better avoid fighting them…"

Liu Changjun said yes and then flew out like a swallow. Orders sounded outside right after that.

"Head count!"


"Two hundred and seventy-five servants and sixty maids. Seventeen concubines. Two of them are alive while the others are all dead. Checked!"

"Count the dead bodies again!"


"Five hundred guards died. None survived!"

"Count again!"


"There are…"

"Double check! All heads on their necks should be chopped off!"





"Good! Heads here, body parts there! Tidy up! Do not ruin the beautiful scene!"


"All of you, retreat!"

- Shoot, shoot… -

Sounds came up. The assassins outside immediately disappeared in the darkness before dawn.