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Chapter 541: World-shocking Case!

Chapter 541: World-shocking Case!

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Not long after Liu Changjun and his assassins left, the earth started to shake.

It was said that the police always arrives after a murderer leaves. It seemed the royal guards of the Chen-Xing City were just the same!

However, Ye Xiao’s men did it so quickly this time.

It was like lightning, powerful and fast!

The royal guards actually had a quick reaction to come this fast.

Lots of royal guards were marching over from far away.

Ye Xiao humphed, "Those who should arrive are coming. It is time for us who should leave to go. Take these men and let’s move!"

Ye Xiao, Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian, Song Jue and Binger grabbed the six survivors, jumped on the wall like birds, and then disappeared together.

- Crunch, crunch, crunch… -

The army arrived from everywhere. - Shoot, shoot, shoot… - Many superior cultivators flew into the yard, however, they were too late.

They were absolutely be late!

- Boom! - The door of the Second Prince’s Palace was broken. Soldiers rushed into the place, armed and armored.

They were all shocked by what they saw there.

[Is this… Is this a prince’s palace?]

What they saw was only a yard with blood everywhere. In the center of the yard, there were lots of dead bodies. They were piled up in the same place—hose were all headless bodies!

They were even sorted by genders and height.

The bodies had no heads, but the heads were not difficult to find. They were just piled up in front of all those bodies… A stack of heads!

Countless heads were like watermelons in the market, piled up high like a mountain!

If these were watermelons, the owner must be a very rich man! Such a great business!

In fact, it was also a lot of work for the murderers!

The smell of blood was so dense. It felt like it had become materialized as it spread in the yard.

The palace was like a death zone!

It was silent!

"Check the heads!" The general who led these men was both stunned and angry. He was trembling.

He just glanced at this, and he knew the men in the palace were almost all killed before they arrived to help!

[This is…]

"Sir! The Prince and the two maids of his are missing. The others are all murdered, including the concubines! Heads off!"

The soldier was checking the name book. It pissed off the general. He slapped on the soldier’s face and said, "You stupid sh*t! Can’t you just say murder? Do you have to say heads off and stuff? I am going to cut your head off, I dare you!"

The soldier covered his face and humbly got away. He was thinking, [God damn it! Didn’t you tell me to specify it? You said that. ‘If the heads are cut off, you must specify it.’ Heads off. That is it! No matter what you say, you cannot change the fact. Damn it. Now you blame me for it. What the…]

"World-shocking Fxcking Case!"

The general was sweating already. Cold sweat moistened his heavy clothes, and his eyes were opened up like two light bulbs!

Right in the capital!

The Second Prince’s Palace was in a bloodshed! All dead! No survivors!

That was such a true world-shocking case!

That was the house of the king’s son!

What should he say to the king now?

"Cordon off the city! Hunt the murderer down!" the general shouted so loudly that he almost broke his throat! He was extremely furious!

[Why! Why does it have to happen while I am on duty!!!]

[Heavens do not want me to live anymore!]

"This… We have to make a report to the Ministry of Penalty and… the king…" The general almost teared up. "I am done. I am done…"

The soldiers looked at each other.

They were all wondering while watching the miserable situation. [Who did Second Prince mess with? He actually got his family wiped out in one night?]

[Back then when two great sects came and broke in the palace, they didn’t wipe them out!]

[How powerful the murderer must be that they could do this?]

The capital was in disturbance again at dawn!

These were two miserable nights really. The first night, the capital was in a mess with lots of death, not to mention the Royal House was even nearly ruined. Even after a full day’s recovery work, the kingdom was still in troubles.

The next night, the entire Second Prince’s Palace was wiped out!

[What does that mean?]

[Was the murderer only here to do it against the Second Prince or did he aim at somebody else? Is it only for the men in the royal house or everybody is a target?]

[Will there be another victim?]

Before the sun rose, the capital was in chaos!

Horns sounded and horse steps too!

Even the previous night, none of the royal house people got killed!

However, the entire house of a prince got killed!

Those were thousands of people!

The doors in the city were all closed. Soldiers on horses were all around the city. They were searching the city, which began on a grand and spectacular scale!

When the king heard of this astonishing news, he was taking the morning report.

When he heard it, he started to quiver and his face turned pale. He gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, "Track!"

Just a simple word!

And then he put this away and continued to discuss other things.

He seemed to not care about it. At least he looked like so.

Under the officials’ concerning eyes, the king seemed to be fine; he was even calm and solemn. He took care of the kingdom’s businesses carefully and logically.

When it was late in the morning, people left the court. All the reports were taken care of. The king stood up and walked out the royal hall. He walked in a firm and strong steps.

[What a king! Such stability! How extraordinary!]

The king was sad and shocked, they saw it after all. However, he was still taking the kingdom as the most important thing. He just kept the sad news to himself.

The officials sighed and left.

Nobody knew that when the king got back to his room after taking a long, firm and strong walk, he staggered and then spat out blood!