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Chapter 543: Torture!

Chapter 543: Torture!

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[It seems the World’s No. 1 Assassin Ning Biluo was among the three assassins. I heard that he should be Ling-Bao Hall’s man. The battle in Ling-Bao Hall earlier was such a breaking news to the world. He actually comes and help Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao must be very close to Ling-Bao Hall.]

[How powerful! Even my father can never afford messing with him!]

[Why didn’t you just show me a little bit of your true power. If I can just realize a bit of how powerful you are, I will never mess with you. No beauty is more important than my own life!]

Thinking of that, Second Prince totally broke down. He had been hopeless, but now he was totally broken!

Ye Xiao looked at him with cold eyes and blandly said, "Do you think you still have a chance to get away here?"

Second Prince shook his head.

[Forget about help… Forget about power… I was in my own place and you still captured me away. My men all died under your men. I am alone now, sinking in this sh*t pond. How do I escape from this invisible cage?]

"Well then, why don’t you just behave yourself? At least you may hold on for a few more days. Right?" Ye Xiao asked.

"I…" Second Prince tried to answer him.

"What? I told you to shut up, didn’t I? You just can’t be nice, can you?" Ye Xiao half closed his eyes; he looked so vicious at the moment. He swayed a long whip. - Pah! - Second Prince screamed. He was badly split on the skin!

Blood burst out.

"Let me ask you again. Behave yourself and we will have a nice conversation. How about that?" Ye Xiao nicely asked, "In fact, I am so curious that I need to know something. You are going to tell me, alright?"

Second Prince was suffering great pain. He was trembling as he humbly answered, "What… What do you want to know?"

- Pah! -

Another whip. Second Prince almost passed out because of the unbearable pain. He heard Ye Xiao continue saying softly, "I will tell you what I want to ask! What do you think you are? You dared to ask me a question? Don’t you know how to behave? Oh right, animal doesn’t understand human words. Hmmm… Do you know language?"

Second Prince was trembling. He finally tasted the true fear that could freeze one’s heart. He nodded.

- Pah! -

Whip again.

"Why did you nod? Do you really think I have no idea what language you can speak? You just said something, and now you acted like you couldn’t!" Ye Xiao said with anger, "Look at your twisted face. You nodded. Do you hate me that much?"

"Now show me a smile! Be happy! Tell me with pleasure that you accept my inquest! Understand? Can you? Do I need to teach you again? Not with my mouth of course, with the whip! Whip is always a good choice to torture animals like you!" Ye Xiao viciously spoke.

Second Prince broke down even more. He realized that Ye Xiao was simply playing him. However, he had to endure it. Even though he knew it was just an absurd play, he had to take it!

"Lord Ye… At this time, could you please…" Second Prince tried to get sympathy.

After all, it was so unbearable to be played and tortured like this. He wanted to get as much mercy as he could from Ye Xiao!

- Pah! -

It was a quick whip! Fast and loud! A piece of skin was whipped off Second Prince. He screamed and nearly passed out again. Ye Xiao coldly smiled. "Who the fxck do you think you are talking to? Do you think you are still the noble prince? Guess what. Here. Now. You are just a damned dog! Pah! Dogs are close to people. You are so much worse than dogs! You filthy animal!"

"You life is less worthy than a dog’s now!"

"What you are going to do is to follow my words! If you cannot make it, or do it wrong, you know what will get on you!" Ye Xiao moved the whip in his hand and brutally smiled. "I believe you understand that I truly don’t have faith in you. In fact, I wish you cannot do it."

The viciousness he showed in the words made Second Prince forget the pain on his body!

"I will… Accept your inquest…" He fought back the pain on his body and the shame in his heart. He tried so hard to show a smile on his face, and spoke in a low voice.

"That is some real ugly smile! Are you dissing me?" Ye Xiao raged up and whipped over.

- Pah, pah, pah… -

Second Prince screamed and screamed! When Ye Xiao stopped, he had already lost the shape of a man. The pain was everywhere on his body. He felt dizzy; he felt he would die at any second.

He even felt that death was way much better than the torture here!

[Come on! Do it! Kill me!]

He thought.

However, Ye Xiao stopped.

He took a supreme dan bead from inside his clothes!

That was a marvelous dan bead. Second Prince never had any before, but he hadn’t seen it.

Supreme Dan!

Ye Xiao grabbed Second Prince on the jaw and pushed the precious dan bead into his mouth.

A warm feeling got down from he mouth to his body. He felt so comfortable.

The wounds on his were recovering in a fast speed.

However, he didn’t feel happy about it at all, even though he had finally tasted a supreme dan bead. He widely opened his eyes that were filled with fear. He looked at the wounds being healed rapidly as he felt despair.

The feeling of pain was still there, but the wounds were already healed. The skin became smooth and good again…

"You want to die? Not that easy!" Ye Xiao nodded gently and nicely. "Your honor, I am a man with honor. I said I will keep you alive and make you beg for life. How can I just let you die this way! If I let you die this easy…"

Ye Xiao’s face became twisted because of anger. "How do I comfort the eight hundred thousand young lives that you ruined!"

Eight hundred thousand lives!

When he said these words, Second Prince closed his eyes in desperation.

[Of course it is. Of course he knew!]

Ye Xiao looked at the prick and gasped. He did it on purpose. He just wanted to torture the prince. He wanted to try every brutal way on him. Reasonable or not. Honorable or not. He just wanted this prick to suffer!

He even used a supreme dan bead on him, just because he wanted to keep him alive so that he could go on torturing him!

However, he didn’t feel satisfied yet. Not enough!

[Filthy monster!]