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Chapter 544: Anger of Man and Heavens!

Chapter 544: Anger of Man and Heavens!

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"Let’s cut the b*llshit and be frank now." Ye Xiao tried to control his anger and blandly spoke, "Whatever your men have done, how many people have you ordered them to kill, everything, go on, tell me everything! Remember, smile. Say it quick! I don’t have all day to play with you scum! If you don’t smile, or you say it wrong, or you say it slowly, you know what would happen! Don’t you!"

He whipped on the floor. - Pah! -

Second Prince was terrified. "Okay… Okay… I’ll do it…"

"You didn’t smile! Why? You are not satisfied with the way I treat you?"

Ye Xiao gave him a vicious slash again.

Second Prince screamed and then hurriedly smiled. He tried so hard to make himself look nice and sincere. "My men…"

Ye Xiao turned around and stopped the whip eventually.

One of the Blood Guards was concentrated on recording Second Prince’s narrative on a book.

In fact, this man was totally frightened by what his master was doing right now! He didn’t know there was actually such a vicious way to torture people in this world!

The one who was tortured was actually a prince of the kingdom!

[A hero father has a heroic son. Young lord is no weaker than the General at all…]

[But… Is this a noble thing to do?]

[Wouldn’t it force the prince to confess to false charges?]

[It is not right to do such a vicious torture!]

The man couldn’t agree with it, but he still kept recording it fast…

However, after a while, he suddenly stopped. He stood up from the chair and loudly shouted. His eyes had turned red. He took the whip and hit the Second Prince like crazy. He whipped him with his all strength!

The prince was rolling and screaming on the floor in front of him with blood on the body. He didn’t look like a human shape now, but the guard didn’t want to stop!

Ye Xiao stopped him and fed Second Prince a supreme dan bead again. Otherwise, the prince would have died under the merciless whip!

"Son of a bxtch! You bloody monster! Fxck you! Fxck you father! Fxck you entire family…"

"You motherfxcker! You sick motherfxcker!"

"You fxcking sick animal…"

As he cursed crazily, he hit the prince, totally forgetting what he should be doing!

The things Second Prince confessed was too much of a sin! Only an animal would do such things! He had completely lost his humanity!

"So many brothers splashed their blood and died for the country! After all those fights, when they returned home and found their sisters gone, their wives gone… Fxck you! You son of a bxtch! You are not a human being!"

He shouted and whipped. At last, he cried.

"How many brothers died in the battle for your kingdom… You fxcking animals. How many died in the wild… When they returned with their crippled bodies, for god’s sake, when they were home and finally had the chance to see their families again, they couldn’t find them…"

"They shed their blood in the front line! You bastard! You murdered their wives and sisters and daughters! You are not a human being! You are an animal! You are an animal!!"

He cried out loud, "My sister is missing… My sister is gone… In her perfect age. She is gone. She is my sister! My little sister…"

"That year, I couldn’t join the battle because of my crippled right leg. I got the permission from General that I could finally come home. When I was home, I saw my parents in sorrow. They told me that my sister hadn’t come back since she went out someday earlier. She was gone…"

"Those were miserable days… Father and I prayed and prayed that she would come back. In the end, I gave up. I didn’t expect that she would still come back. I hoped that she was working as a maid, or was married to somebody somewhere… I just hoped that she was still alive…"

"Just now, I realized it. The tiny hope that father and I had is broken!" He cried and cried. And then he cursed, "There is actually such a group of bloody animals walking in the world! You evil, unethical fxcking bastard!"

"Fxck you! Fxck you father! You actually are the king’s son! I actually swore loyalty to your father! Fxck you whole clan you piece of shxt!"

Ye Xiao sighed.

Second Prince was beaten up into a bloody pulp again. He was extremely scared as he tried to dodge the whips…

He didn’t dare to look into anybody’s eyes!

"Keep recording!" Ye Xiao said, "Brother Li, put it down clearly! We will take revenge on every word you put on it! If you kill him like this right now, it will be such a shame to not let him suffer enough. I want him to live a long long life, begging for death!"

"Nothing should be missed in the record!"

"It is not only concerned to your sister, also all the girls in the world! Do your job! Finish it and I promise you, you will have your time to get to him! You will have the chance to do whatever you want to do to torture him!"

Ye Xiao spoke in a heavy voice.

"Thank you, my lord, for the justice!" Li kneeled down and kowtowed to Ye Xiao. "My lord, please promise me, let me join you when you are going to wipe all these bastards out!"

"I am going to avenge my sister myself! I am going to kill them with my own hands!"

He looked burning in fury!

"Okay! I promise!" Ye Xiao made a long sigh.

The same tortures were going on in other private rooms.

Assassins became executors. They used the most vicious methods they knew to torture those people! Whatever was most scary, most brutal, and most immoral, they just used them again and again!

Ye Xiao had prepared to pay a great deal to let those people suffer the worst torture. He gave the assassins many supreme dan beads. If any of those men was dying, they should feed him a dan bead and then go on with the torture!

With the supreme dan beads, those monsters would never die no matter how badly they wanted to!

The assassins had killed a lot in their lives, but compared to these monsters, they felt like the nicest people in the world!

They just knew that there were such vile people in the world for real!

Those were such vile and brutal sins!