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Chapter 545: Deserving to Die!

Chapter 545: Deserving to Die!

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Song Jue was in charge of the inquest on Hua Liushui himself. Surely, he had tortured him badly. However, Hua Liushui was a tough man. He endured it for about an hour!

Song Jue was furious!

[How dare you play tough now?

Fine! Let’s see how tough you can be!]

He then took out a knife and kept stabbing into Hua Liushui’s body about eighty times! All in fatal places!

While he stabbed, he swore, "Fxck fxck fxck fxck fxck…"

Blood kept pouring out!

"Haha… Low skills. Are you trying to kill me? Do you… think… I would fear death…"

Hua Liushui spoke in a sneering tone. He could feel his life fading away. He wanted death.

However, the next moment, Song Jue wickedly smiled and fed him a supreme dan bead…

The marvelous dan bead immediately brought Hua Liushui back to health. His wounds recovered so fast and he was completely cured. Song Jue took the knife and kept stabbing him again…

"Fxck, fxck, fxck, fxck, fxck…"

Another supreme dan bead!

And then he stabbed again!

After five times, Hua Liushui finally showed weakness… He started to cry and beg for mercy. He really hadn’t thought that there was actually such a brutal person in the world!

There was no strategy at all in the inquest.

It was only about torturing. He killed him and saved him, again and again!

Death was something Hua Liushui could dream of now!

After dangling on the edge of death and returning to the miserable life five times, Hua Liushui was the only person who knew how painful it felt!

He was completely broken down…

He started to beg. He did everything he could to beg for mercy!

However, Steward Song wouldn’t care. He did the sixth time… - Puff, puff, puff, puff… - Knife stabbed again and again…

The sixth?

That didn’t seem to be the end. Maybe there would be the seventh, an eighth, or even ninth!

There was still a long time before Steward Song felt bored about this game!

Hua Liushui claimed to be the most evil man in the world. He had thought that there was no one in the world that could be more vicious than him! However, out of his expectation, the man who was torturing him was much worse than him and also stronger. There was always worse and there was always better…

"I am done… I will change… I promise… I give up…" Hua Liushui cried.

Tears were literally on his face!

At this moment, the regret in his heart was like the water in the Huanghe River.

[Why didn’t I keep hiding outside the martial world? Why didn’t I leave several days ago? I knew there were people coming over. I just felt I could be lucky enough… Why do I only regret only after I met this psychopath…]

The thing he wanted the most was medicine for regret. However, there truly was nothing like that at all!

"Speak! Go on!" Song Jue swayed the knife in his hand. Blood dropped off the knife and most of it dropped on Hua Liushui’s face.

He was trembling, quivering.

[This… This is my blood!]

[This is so much blood… Blood of my heart… What is that white color thing? … My brain? …]

He was totally freaking out.

Who on earth could see his own brain come out from the head? Who could see his own heart in the world?


Nobody but Hua Liushui now!

He saw it six times within two hours!

There might be several times more!

He never feared death!

He felt that every day was blessed after escaping from death!

However, at this moment, he was so scared!

There was a devil in front of him who would never let him die but only let him suffer in pain!

He would return from the fatal injuries and get tortured time and time again!

Torturing him never ended!

And he was only tortured in the same way…

That was so frightful!

What a way to torture!

That was the worst way to beg for death!

Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian were much more peaceful compared to Song Jue. They didn’t have the chance to do anything, because before they started to threaten, frighten, or torture, the men they questioned told everything.

Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian went completely mad after hearing it all though.

They had been curious why they were all sent to slaughter the entire Prince’s Palace! They got the order, so they didn’t think deeper about it. They just went and started the bloodshed.

Now, they finally got to know that there were so many unbelievable crimes hidden in the peaceful scene!

How brutal!

They finally knew that they were questioning a bunch of disgusting animals!

They got a list of names that were responsible for all the crimes. They looked at the list and their killing intent nearly filled the entire city!

They decided not to spare any of those men on the list!

Absolutely not!

Everyone should be tortured till death!

Even Rou-Er, who had been following Zhao Pingtian, who was so soft and gentle, was bursting with anger…

Ye Xiao had been spending a lot to make Soul Gathering Dan for Rou-Er. Now, she could turn into a mass of dark fog and move around the room.

She flew to where the Second Prince stayed and showed up from time to time…

It made the room more like hell with her existence.

Second Prince was scared to death!

He truly had done too many evil things!

He was just easy to get frightened!

However, when Zhao Pingtian saw her hazy face, he was stunned! He was crazy!