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Chapter 546: I Will Carry the Sin!

Chapter 546: I Will Carry the Sin!

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Zhao Pingtian waited and waited. He wanted to see his beloved one on the 5th of July because that was the day when Yin and Yang were closest to each other. However, he never expected that she could turn into shape after taking many of the Soul Gathering Dan beads!

Actually, she was excited as well.

Looking at her running here and there to scare those men, Zhao Pingtian teared up.

Rou-Er didn’t know she could be seen now though. She just kept moving around to scare those bad guys. [These bastards… They should have died long ago!]

Zhao Pingtian quietly looked at her as tears came running down on his cheeks.

He didn’t want to interrupt Rou-Er.

Besides, it was not a good time to show such emotion..

His heart was filled with gratefulness!

[My lord! Monarch! Thank you!]

When the inquest was done, an entire day had passed.

It was turning dark again.

Second Prince and his men had become piles of meat and blood…

Ye Xiao took an account book in hand. He got it from Second Prince’s Palace. It was one of over a dozen account books, though no important information was recorded on these books.

Whatever was important would never be recorded on books.

He could only get it from the inquests.

"There are many names that are not on these books! As expected! The book in his heart is the real one!"

Ye Xiao’s eyes looked cold and sharp.

"I believe no one dared to lie in such an inquest. We questioned them separately and they were all basically telling the same things. I don’t think they still have anything that they can lie about," Ning Biluo said.

Ye Xiao nodded to agree.

"Go get on with it. I need to know the number of all the men we need to kill. Do not miss a damn person. We can make the wrong kill, never wrong mercy!" He sighed. He seemed tired.

When he thought about those girls who had been captured, tortured, sold and killed, he felt gloomy!

Second Prince was not the only person who had been doing this business.

How many sins were hidden in this peaceful world?

How many innocent girls were killed just because of somebody’s greediness?

Could he clean it all?

Could he kill all the men like that?

What should he do that could stop people doing such a filthy and unscrupulous thing?

"Even though we might not be able to kill them all, we have to do it! The more we kill, the less they ruin!" Ye Xiao viciously spoke.

"Counting done."

"How many?"

"Officials in the capital… there are six… One from the Penalty Ministry and one from Revenue Ministry. There is a general and two ministers…"

"Kill their entire clans. Do not miss anyone!"

"Yes, my lord!"

"There are two Voluptuous Flower Buildings in the capital. That is… one thousand five hundred and forty-six people!"

"Kill them all, and every person in their clans!" Ye Xiao fiercely spoke. "Especially those Discipline Supervisors… Work even harder on them. Do not let them die easily! Remember, kill every single person in their clans! Such men do not need to have children in the world!"

"Yes, my lord!"

"It is a huge system, the Voluptuous Flower Buildings outside the capital… A huge network… There are local officials and also men of the martial world participating… The number is… over eighteen thousand…" Zhao Pingtian sighed.

Voluptuous Flower Building had murdered so many lives. Moreover, it gathered a lot of evil, vicious, and contemptible people. Humanity was weak in front of personal interests…

"Whoever is confirmed guilty, kill them all!"

"Let the assassins from Ling-Bao Hall do separate tasks!" Ye Xiao took in a long breath, "I want those men die! I want them suffer before death! They will go to hell after they die! I want them to taste it before they go!"

"I want every one of them to regret everything they have done!"

Ye Xiao had never hated anybody like this before! Such hatred had never shown in his heart ever.

Even the three factions in the Qing-Yun Realm didn’t arouse such hatred!

He was just disdainful.

He had never had such a strong hatred ever!

The horrible crime of Second Prince and his men aroused the determination of massive slaughter in Xiao Monarch’s heart!

He gave every order with the intent to kill!

"Yes, my lord! We will never spare any of those men!" Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian promised at the same time.

"Listen. Assassins from Ling-Bao Hall act in four groups, east, west, south and north. Give them a specific name list! Kill whoever shows up on the list! Bring evidence back! Whoever on the list are all completely evil, their entire clans should be wiped out. No mercy!"

Ye Xiao’s eyes were filled with crazy killing qi!

The eight hundred thousand dead women totally made him burst in anger.

Some of the dead were wives and daughters of the soldiers who were fighting in the front line. That took away the last bit of mercy in his heart!

He had never thought that it would be too cruel to wipe out their clans, even if there were any innocent people among them.

[Innocent? Who can be more innocent than those girls and ladies?]

[I am cruel and brutal. Blame the one who participated in this evil thing then!]

[Heavens will see every sin! Evil will get retribution sooner or later. They will get what they planted! Nothing to complain about!]

Ye Xiao was completely unreasonable at the moment. He was too angry as he completely lost his sense and calmness!

"No law in this world will do the righteous punishment to these trash. Justice is late! Law cannot bring justice! Then I will bring justice to this world!"

He slowly stood up, his eyes full of killing intent. Word by word, he heavily spoke, "The heavens, the mortal world, the society, I will bring justice since nobody can!"

"I would love to carry the sin of murder!"