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Chapter 547: Massacre Began!

Chapter 547: Massacre Began!

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The searching continued outside the house.

At least over a dozen groups of soldiers passed the gate of the House of Ye. Some of them had thought about getting in and searching the house, however, the blood guards at the door gave them fierce gaze, making them give up the idea.

"How dare you! You actually want to search Great General Ye’s house?"

It wasn’t people in the House of Ye who said that.

That was a general scolding the men who wanted to get into the house.

"Why don’t you just break in? It will be the biggest fortune in your clan that the blood guards didn’t beat you to death!"

The general scolded fiercely.

It was turning dark again. Night had come.

The city was lit up!

Disturbance in the city continued. Sounds of fights and shouts came from here and there from time to time. That should be some foreign spies or assassins… They were found.

Things like this happened everywhere within the day. People had gotten used to it.

Well, it should be within the two days, but it never stopped…

The men who were sent to do the searching were actually just searching. They didn’t disturb the citizens. Only little citizens were involved. Surely, the soldiers knew that the leadership had burst in anger. They had to finish the job as soon as they could. Making unnecessary troubles meant looking for death. This searching mission was the least disturbing one in history for the people in the city!

When the sky just turned dark, it was the most peaceful moment in the day. It was not the time to do anything at this time.

Something had been done by then, and something was yet to start. For a man to go home and sleep with his wife… it was far too early.

Most people were having dinner at this time, including the soldiers who had been working all day, even the fugitives. They were all human beings after all. They all needed to eat.

However, at this peaceful moment, two cruel things happened in the capital!

One happened in the east while the other in the west—two Voluptuous Flower Buildings, the most famous brothels in the capital, within fifteen minutes, were wiped out by an unknown force! The girls survived while others were all slaughtered… No one escaped, except all the girls!

Some of their customers stood out to stop the bloodshed but only ended up losing their life…

The discipline supervisors were dead in the most horrible way. Brutal was not bad enough to describe their misery!

Discipline supervisors worked in a brothel to torture the girls who wouldn’t agree to stay! Those girls who were new and tough would end up being tortured in a most horrible way in those men’s hands!

They were capable to make innocent girls surrender within a few days and become tools for the brothel! The girls would never love their bodies after the torture…

Those men could also make the most strong-willed girls become sluts. Thousands of men would ride on their bodies and they would sometimes beg for that…

Discipline supervisors were the most vicious men!

They never killed with knives or swords. They never took people’s lives. What they killed were the souls and dignity of girls! Loyalty and persistence of girls! They made girls lose their senses of shame and fall into the dark hole of erotic instinct…

What they did were only the most evil and contemptible things!

Brothels loved these discipline supervisors. One good discipline supervisor could bring a brothel great wealth.

Over a dozen discipline supervisors were slaughtered in each Voluptuous Flower Building in a nasty way!

Their entire families were wiped out at the same time! No exceptions! In many people’s eyes, they were an ordinary family who just got killed… How poor!

However, none of them knew that they were families of the evil discipline supervisors!

A relative to such evil men, weak or strong, man or woman, or even a kid, deserved to die!

Only other discipline supervisors knew what exactly was going on. They were all terrified…

Ye Xiao was unbelievably cruel!

The assassins killed all the staff of Voluptuous Flower Building in Chen-Xing City. No one was missed. All the money in the brothel was given away to the girls who were forced to work there.

They sent those girls back home as soon as they could.

At the end, they set up the buildings on fire and burned everything down!

Fire rushed to the sky as smoke covered half of the sky in the capital.

Two cases happened at the same time, west and east, and ended almost at the same time too.

It happened so fast!

It was fast like lightning!

The assassins were so professional that nobody could believe it.

After what was done, they left not even a bit of a trace. They just disappeared like they had never existed in the world!

The only thing they left were a pile of dead bodies on the floor!

The royal guards that were near these two places didn’t even have time to finish their meals before they were sent to the crime scenes. The beautiful and luxurious Voluptuous Flower Buildings became complete hell of blood and flesh.

Some of the royal guards couldn’t help throwing up the food they had just eaten!

That was just too sanguinary!

"Crazy! That is insane!"

The leader of the group felt nothing but coldness.

"Under the bright light of day, under the feet of the son of heavens… In this universe of justice…" He couldn’t go on anymore. He really couldn’t bear it. The smell of blood made him throw up. After that, he suddenly realize that nothing was untouchable under the feet of the son of heavens anymore…

Somebody just wiped out the palace of the king’s own son… Those crazy guys dared to do anything…

They wiped out the palace of the king’s son, what else they didn’t dare to do?

While the soldiers were counting the number of dead… Another world breaking report arrived!

"An official of the Ministry of Revenue died with all his family… Another official of Ministry of Penalty… And…"

The leader lost sight and passed out immediately.