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Chapter 548: A City Full of Killing

Chapter 548: A City Full of Killing

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[No more words were left to say. Is there any useful words now? I am all done. My career is done… My life may also be done.]

What happened earlier, including the slaughter in Second Prince’s Place, were sudden events.

[Two days ago, the great sects attacked the palace but failed. Yesterday, they came back and wiped out the palace. Fine. It is reasonable that I couldn’t save it. Great sects are too powerful to defeat, even the entire kingdom couldn’t defeat them. I may get accused, but I have excuses!]

[The brothels are wiped out after the palace. It is in the same brutal way, but brothels are private places. Not a big deal. Nothing serious would get on me anyway.]

[But now… officials fell into such nasty murders inside my strict guarding circles… I guess the only thing that waits for me is the prison now…]

It was never the end though.

Fire showed up everywhere in the city. Bad news came to the leader again and again.

"An official’s family are wiped out…"

"Another official…"


The leader was shocked by the simultaneous bad news. However, he actually stopped being gloomy now. He wouldn’t care now. It would not be worse than death no matter how many more people died now. What could be worse for him anyway?

However, it looked like the gods were fooling this leader. While the murders happened again and again, something world breaking happened!

A long shout sounded in the sky!

People looked up to the sky.

On the top of the tallest tower in the capital, a masked man in black clothes stood there, his clothes fluttering in the wind. In his hands, he was dragging a mutilated body.

He moved his hand and the body fell off the tower to the ground!

People exclaimed! The body was like a broken bag falling fast from over a hundred meters high. It hit the floor and cracked into pieces!

The skull rolled away dozens of meters far. The eyes on it were still open. Apparently, this guy didn’t die in peace!

The skull was recognized at once!

"Second Prince!" somebody exclaimed.

The mutilated body that fell off the tower and hit the ground was Second Prince indeed, the king’s second son!

Wiping out the entire palace was not enough. They even threw Second Prince from the top of the highest tower. As the skull showed, Second Prince should have been still alive before he hit the ground!

He fell to death!

His departed body showed that he had been tortured badly before death…

That was extremely bodacious to do such a thing in the capital!

The tower was shut down.

Soldiers were all around.

Somebody rushed to the royal house to report to the king.

"Oh… There seems to be something inside the prince’s mouth…" Somebody with sharp eyes found something, so he exclaimed!

It was a small scroll of paper inside his mouth!

Something was written on it...

A stream of blue light rushed to the sky and a resonant voice was shouting, "Second Prince is unscrupulous and evil! He deserves this! If I had another chance, I will kill him again! I will wipe out his family again! I won’t leave him a full body! I will torture him to death!"

The blue light was like the ocean. It flashed in the sky and the resonant voice continuously reverberated in the air. The man rushed up again!

Apparently, he wanted to flee!

At this moment, two blue lights rushed up to the sky at the same time to catch him. "Monster! Die!"

Two top Sky Origin Stage cultivators of the royal house attacked!

The man in the sky coldly smiled. He didn’t panic. Suddenly, he turned around and rushed back to clash head on with the two other men!

The wind was cold at night!

- Boom! - - Boom! - Two sounds!

Three superior cultivators met in the sky. Four hands of the three hit each other!

The man in the sky used both of his hands to hit on the two Sky Origin Stage cultivators’ hands!

After a huge blast, the man wildly laughed. The blue lights on him started to flash fast. Purple light showed up among the blue. The splendid glow flashed and then disappeared in the sky.

Only his voice resounded in the air.

"How ridiculous, a piece of rice dares to shine upon pearls! How dare you think you can trap me here with your weak power! Ignorant!"

The stronger one won the fight. Nothing special!

The two masters of the royal house were both top Sky Origin Stage cultivators. Only after one palm strike, they both fell down from the sky like two kites without strings. They couldn’t control their bodies now. People saw them spit out blood in the sky while falling…

Several men rushed over to catch them both. Otherwise, they would die on the ground for sure!


Everyone realized how serious this was now!

Sky Origin Stage!

Top Sky Origin Stage cultivators!

Such men should be invincible in the Land of Han-Yang, like myths!

However, the murderer who killed Second Prince was actually someone beyond myths!

Horse and carriage were moving…

The king finally arrived!

The news about Second Prince’s death and the appearance of the murderer arrived at the royal court. The officials in the court all suggested that the king shouldn’t show himself before they figured out who the murderer was. However, when the king heard how his son died in a nasty way, he couldn’t think of anything else anymore!

The king’s horses and carriages arrived.

The king stepped out at once.

He looked at the blurred meat and blood the floor. Somebody had tried to put the pieces together to make it seem like a human shape. However, his attempt had surely failed.

They wondered what the murderer was thinking. The prince’s body had been broken already, yet he still dropped him down from such a height… Only the prince’s head could be recognized now. The other parts were… all gone!