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Chapter 549: Smashed to Pieces

Chapter 549: Smashed to Pieces

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The king had always been calm and steady, but when he looked at the mess, he was tearful. Such a tall and strong man was suddenly drowned in his emotions.

It was his own son after all.

[He was never an obedient son, and many times he had let me down. He had wrong ambitions, and he wanted the throne too much… However, he is still my son!]

[He is now a pile of smashed meat and blood. How can I bear such pain?]

[I have been hoping that as long as he is still living, everything will be fine…]

[Now the cruel reality ruined my hope.]

[He is dead!]

[That is the reality!]

Crown Prince was standing right beside the king.

He fearfully looked at the smashed body. It didn’t look like a person anymore.

[That is my brother.]

[He was such a threat to me! Such a powerful opponent for the throne!]

[Yet now he is just a pile of smashed flesh!]

"Son…" The king took in a deep breath. "Come and take your brother… back home."

He walked forward, staggering. He couldn’t walk as vigorously as he usually did anymore.

Somebody wanted to stop him, but the king gave him a glance of anger. His eyes were cold like a sword blade. Nobody dared to stop him anymore.

[Take him back home?]

Crown Prince’s throat was moving. He nearly puked out.

However, his father was walking over, so he had to follow up. Just after a few steps, his legs started to tremble. He had to try so hard to step firmly.

He had to go over.

Before this, his second brother was his biggest opponent.

The death of Second Prince gave him the biggest advantage!

Crown Prince knew that everybody was looking at him. He was a suspect.

Even his father very likely had suspicions against him!

Otherwise, the king might have not asked him to bring his brother home!

[But I didn’t kill him…]

Crown Prince felt that he was wronged.

[I really… didn’t do this…]

[Fxcking stupid fool. He was against me all his life. Now he is dead, yet his death brings me troubles… Fxck his… Wait… Not his families…]

The king staggered, but he continued with firm steps.

He walked over step by step. Guards had surrounded the entire area. Nobody was allowed to get in here!

The king didn’t care about what was happening around. He just wanted to walk over and have a look at his son.

He finally saw the head of his son. The eyes were still open, and the mouth was widely opened too… There was something inside the mouth!

[Is that… a scroll of paper?]

The king’s eyes lit up.

A guard wanted to help, but the king shook his head. He walked over and got down to hold the head in his arms. He touched the eyelids to close the eyes, which were full of fear.

And then he took out the paper from the mouth of his son.

In fact, he wanted to tear the paper into pieces… He didn’t want to read it!

However, he unfolded it after all.

As he unfolded it, he couldn’t move his sight anymore!

When Crown Prince saw the words on the paper, he was stunned!

On the first page, a few lines were written.

"Reason for Second Prince’s death. Eight hundred and forty-six brothels and a million dead souls! Such crime! It is a blessing to the world that he died! We will lose justice if we don’t kill him! His sin should lead to the extermination of his clan"

The writing looked so fierce and wild, with vivid killing qi!

The king half closed his eyes.

He turned over the paper and read the second page. When he read half of it, he trembled as his face turned red. He loosened his grip, and the head of Second Prince dropped to the ground. - Puff! -

The head rolled and jumped quite a distance on the floor!

The king couldn’t care about it anymore.

His eyes were blank, and his face turned pale, like there was no blood in him.

Crown Prince was curious. He took a closer look. The first page was written with large characters, so he could still see it from a distance. The second page was written with smaller font, so he had to get closer.

The first line…

"Voluptuous Flower Building. Real owner: Second Prince."

"A ten-year business that built up hundreds of branches. Six hundred inside Kingdom of Chen, eight hundred and forty-six in total in the Land of Han-Yang. One hundred and fifty thousand young women were killed every year for the last ten years. Over one and a half million in total. Now we killed this devil, wiped out his family, only to bring justice to the world!"

What came next were words that testified the crimes!

There were signatures of Second Prince at the end of every line.

The names that were mentioned on the paper were even a little familiar to the king…

The evidence it showed was undeniable!

The king’s hands were shaking. He was trembling.

Finally, he loudly shouted to the sky!

In his voice, there was anger and sorrow!


"Father!" Crown Prince hurriedly held the king.

"Go home!" Blood had come out from the king’s mouth.

He closed his eyes and weakly spoke, "Let’s just go home!"

"Father!" Crown Prince exclaimed in shock.

[What is this?]

[Father approves the things that were listed on the paper? If so…]

"I said, go home!" The king said it again while gritting his teeth.

The muscles on his face were shaking. His hands grabbed the paper so hard! Blue veins even showed up on the back of his hand!

The things on the paper were obviously true. All accusation had evidences and the prince’s signature!

The king didn’t fully believe it, but at least seventy percent of it.

The thirty percent of trust to Second Prince was only because he was his father. Now that Second Prince died in such a brutal way, the king really didn’t want to judge him like this!

Even one among the crimes shown on the paper could lead to death penalty! But there was actually so many!

As it stated, clan extermination was not excessive at all!

However, if all those things were true, not only Second Prince should bear the shame and charges, even the entire royal house would be disgraced. Moreover… when there were people like this from the royal family, the subjects would have a change of heart for the king and the royal clan. If somebody used this to provoke rebellion in such a dangerous time, it would shock the foundation of the entire kingdom!