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Chapter 550: Crazy Slaughter!

Chapter 550: Crazy Slaughter!

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The officials were confused. None of them knew what the king just saw, and why he wanted to retreat just like that. However, nobody dared to ask anything. They just followed orders.

Somebody was ordered to collect the body of Second Prince. All the departed arms and legs, flesh and blood, they picked them all up and tried so hard to stick them together and make a complete body shape…

However, it was an impossible mission!

It was already merciful to let him die so fast. He would never be left a whole body!

In the Royal House!

- Bang! -

The King heavily slapped on the desk!

The white jade desk that had been used by the king for many years was smashed into pieces!

The king’s face looked green as his body trembled. His eyes were opened wide like copper bells.

He had finished reading that scroll!

The more he read, the more furious he was! When he read to the half of it, he was already raging up in anger!

He was, after all, a tough man. He endured the anger and kept it till the entire scroll was finished!

When he finished it, fire of anger filled his chest. He smashed the jade desk with one strike in an attempt to vent all his anger. Royal Consort Hua, who was weeping and shaking beside him, was terrified. She looked up to him, slightly opened her mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

She was exactly Second Prince’s mother.

The King had comforted her for a long time earlier, but now he didn’t even look at her. He just thought and pushed away the scroll. He shouted, "Make a copy of it! Dig deep to the truth!"

"Yes, my king." A eunuch hurriedly walked over and took the scroll before he left the room, with his head lowered.

"Hua, go back to rest now!" The king closed his eyes and coldly spoke, "Let’s talk when I figure out the truth."

"Your majesty, my son died in such a brutal way, I…" Royal Consort Hua was still weeping.

"Get the fxck off!"

The king shouted in anger. He suddenly raged up like a madman. He stood up and pushed everything to the floor. Things were broken on the floor, including the Royal Jade Ruyi that he loved the most!

Hua was shocked. She trembled even more and didn’t dare to say a word!

The eunuchs and maids held her with their hands to help her leave.

The king stayed in the study room, trembling, his eyes burning with anger.

In fact, the king knew that he didn’t need to dig any deeper on this. He knew that all of it was true!

Nobody would fake such things!

Who would spend so much time and money to frame a prince and wipe out his entire family? That was absurd in the Land of Han-Yang!

It would be such a joke to frame a prince like this!

Within one night.

Killing qi raged up in the city!

Smell of blood filled half of the capital!

Hundreds of miles around the Chen-Xing City, all branches of Voluptuous Flower Building were ruined! Staff were all dead… in unusual ways.

Some of them even got their entire clans wiped out.

However, even though there were full of dead bodies and blood in those places, all things remained untouched, not like the two inside the Chen-Xing City!

The books and secret papers that should have been hidden deep under the floor were placed on the table in the main hall.

The secret records showed how Voluptuous Flower Building did their dirty business…

The brothel kept ten percent of the money they got as daily expenses. The rest of it went to other places, and these places were clearly recorded on those secret papers.

The money would go to many people. These people were dead at the moment, but their account books were shown on the table.

It proved where the money came and where it went to…

After many times of transfer… the money all went to Second Prince’s Palace!

The money flowed in a complex way, and it was such a perfect plan to transfer the money. To check one point in the flow would lead to nothing. It was nearly impossible to find out the money actually went to the Second Prince’s Palace at the end!

Only when everything was dug out and people started to check the money from Second Prince’s Palace was the truth revealed!

Over twenty thousand people died within this night!

The revealed crime shocked the entire kingdom.

The wave of killing didn’t end after all. It was actually just the start. It began within the capital of Kingdom of Chen and spread out to the entire kingdom… Everywhere there was a branch of Voluptuous Flower Building…

One after another, they were wiped out. Even those who knew people were targeting them, even though they hid away in advance, they would be dragged out and slaughtered, along with their entire family!

It was like a mad autumn wind, rolling over and blowing down the entire forest!

Nobody could escape the justice.

Even Second Prince and Hua Liushui, such powerful men, were captured and slaughtered, so how could those small figures escape from the punishment!

Apparently, Ye Xiao had shown his attitude. [I have informed you, the government, the royal house… But I just don’t trust you!]

[Evil must be wiped out!]

[We will do it with our own hands!]

[We will send these evil monsters to hell by ourselves!]

[Who knows how long I will wait before you finish the investigation and claim them guilty! We don’t wait!]

[The million dead souls of the young women won’t wait!]

[The justice for all the people in the world can’t wait!]

[We will just do it!]

In the royal court.

The king was trembling. He wept, "I… I am ashamed! I am sorry, my ancestors! My people! I am so sorry! …"

"My son was such a monster! My son was didn’t have a conscience! So unscrupulous…" He shouted to the sky, "It is such a misfortune to the Kingdom of Chen! Such a shame to the royal clan! Such a grief for my people! It won’t clean his guilt even if he were cut into pieces!"

The officials were silent. None of them said anything. They just lowered their heads and stood still.

Usually, they would gather forward and comfort the King.

‘Please, your majesty, you should take care of yourself… Second Prince must have been framed by his men…’

They would say something like that.

They would say anything as an excuse to comfort the king and exonerate Second Prince.

However, under such a world-shocking, lurid, unbelievable, and unforgivable crime, they couldn’t say anything anymore.