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Chapter 551: What about Your Clan?

Chapter 551: What about Your Clan?

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How to comfort the king on this? How to exonerate his son?

Regardless of their own moral consciousness, to comfort the king and exonerate Second Prince was the dumbest thing to do!

What if somebody suspected that any of them were related to Second Prince’s dirty business? That would be such a nasty trouble!

The king had been thinking for a while. At the end, he decided not to hide the truth!

The royal house didn’t need the fig leaf anymore!

He could never hide it forever anyway. Besides, he couldn’t bear the censure from his morality.

Three days killings, the assassins had travelled around half of the Kingdom of Chen already.

They covertly and quickly acted. They would only spend half a day to travel to another place, while normal people would spend one full day on horse.

They started the killing right at the moment they arrived!

They didn’t even need time to recover themselves!

Within five days and four nights without rest, they had killed over a hundred thousand men, including officials, royal relatives, noble born, and citizens. Most of the people in the local Voluptuous Flower Building were citizens, at least as recorded…

Such crazy massacre was almost against the nature’s rules. The king couldn’t say anything about it though. [Capture them? How? What reason do I have? How can I be so shameless to stop them?]

[My son did so many evil and unforgivable crimes and did I capture him?]

[Did I sentence him to any thing by now?]

[Now that somebody is doing the justice that I should have done long ago, how can I go stop them?]

[People born in the royalty shouldn’t be so shameless!]

Besides, the royal court had been working on collecting information about the crime. They had put together all the papers from all the Voluptuous Flower Buildings in the kingdom…

The king compelled all officials in Penalty Ministry to analyze the information. They spent a full day to sort all things out.

The Minister of Penalty Ministry was gasping with a red face as he lowered his head. He couldn’t say a word at all.

If the responsible person wasn’t the king’s son, the minister would have long shouted abuse to him and swore to fxck his entire clan!

What kind of animal would do such a filthy thing!

"Wang, you haven’t given me the result yet," the king spoke.

"Your majesty!" Minister Wang sounded tough, "In ten years, Voluptuous Flower Building has built eighty-five branches at appearance, thirty-three in secret, eleven in the Kingdom of Tian-Yu and nine in the Kingdom of Lan-Feng… That is one hundred and thirty-eight in total!"

"In ten years, on record… the number… of the women that were murdered… is one million and two hundred and seventy thousand!" Minister Wang’s voice became keyed-up and thrilled. "One million and two hundred seventy thousand… young women! One million and two hundred and seventy thousand deaths!"

He shouted so loudly in the royal court.

There were tears on his face!

The king closed his eyes with sorrow and shame.

"That is as shown on record. There must be many girls who have been sent to some important figures in the court as gifts…" Minister Wang’s eyes lit up. He glanced at the officials on the court and said, "I wonder how many…"

Officials were all sighing, except two of them. They were both trying to avoid eye contacts.

They didn’t participate in the filthy business of Second Prince, but they accepted the girls from him. They still kept the girls… at home…

Minister Wang looked at them and said, "My dear friends, what do you two think about it?"

The two of them were terrified. They hurriedly kneeled down and kowtowed, begging, "Your majesty… Please… I was wrong… I deserve penalty…"

The king looked at them in disdain. He had praised these two officials many times for their hard work in their jobs before, but now he said to them, "Since you know you deserve it, fine. Somebody come and drag them out. Kill them both!"

"Wipe out their families and kill their clans!"

As the king gave such an order, the two officials suddenly broke down.

The guards in the court gathered over and grabbed them both, then they dragged them out like dragging two dead dogs. They begged and begged, feeling extreme desperation as they got nearer to the gate.

One of them suddenly shouted, "Kill my clan! Good! Can I ask you something, your majesty! I just accepted one woman and I have never harmed her ever! Am I that unforgivable? If you insist to wipe out my entire clan, what about you? Your son had done such a flagrant crime!"

"King obeys to law like all citizen! Second Prince did so many flagrant things. Should you wipe out his clan too? Should you dig out his ancestors’ tombs? Your son committed such a crime, don’t you, as his father, have any responsibility for it? Even if you kill all the officials here, can you cover the truth that such a crime was on your royal family?"

"Hahahaha… Wipe out my clan! Good! I know I am unforgivable! I will go to hell and wait till the moment you put the order to wipe out your own clan! I want to see how you wipe out your own clan yourself and convince the entire world!"

The two of them knew they were bound to die this day, so they decided to go straightforward on it. They feared nothing now.

They just said whatever they had in their mind!

In fact, they were right. They were not even part of Second Prince’s men. What they did was just misprision. They accepted the girls from Second Prince, and it was just following the unspoken rule in the court. Besides, they liked the girls so much and had never harmed them. They didn’t know where Second Prince got them either…

It was a special time and the king was lost in anger, that was why they got such a serious penalty. In fact, they should be just warned and suspended from duty for some time. Normally, they wouldn’t get punished like this—execution and clan extermination should have been out of the question!

The hall was in silence all of a sudden.

The king’s face was twisting.

In his eyes, there were depression, gloom, anger, guilt, remorse…

The angry shout of the two officials before death resounded in his ears like sharp needles stabbing deep into his heart!

[Are they right?]

[Aren’t they right?]

[But… I… What should I do?]

The king was having complex emotions in his heart. Eventually, he sighed and said, "Bring them back. Suspension for half a year. Let’s see how they behave after half a year."

His eyes looked so gloomy. "They’re right. My son made such an unforgivable crime. I can’t vent my anger to people with such an unreasonable excuse."