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Chapter 553: Reward Warrant

Chapter 553: Reward Warrant

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Minister Li solemnly stepped forward. "If we missed any guilty man, I will be ashamed to face you again, your majesty!"

That meant he was making a pledge here. He was obviously fully obedient to the decree.

The king nodded, his eyes full of coldness. Apparently, he was determined to sweep out all the brothels in the world with his own hands!

What he did currently was just the first step!

Where there was prostitute, there was a whoremaster. However, when either of them was swept, the other would disappear very soon…

Evil in the world was mostly because of prostitution!

However, if the king wanted to do it in the world, he would have to do one thing first—rule the world!

Even if all brothels in Kingdom of Chen were banned, there would still be countless brothels in other kingdoms. That would only lead to the weakening of the Kingdom of Chen!

The king was raging in fury in the royal house.


Ling-Bao Hall was empty at the moment. All assassins were sent out on missions. Half of them directly rushed to Kingdom of Lan-Feng and Kingdom of Tian-Yu.

They were on the missions to wipe out all Voluptuous Flower Building!

Surely, they were always ready for further commands…

Honestly, Second Prince was a genius in running the entertainment business. He was actually so horribly good at it. It must have been so hard to hide his true personality as a prince after opening over a hundred brothels all around the world.

If he devoted his capability and the brothels to serve the kingdom, he would be much more powerful in fighting for the throne. Brothels had the most information than any other places after all. There were always secrets to be revealed in the brothels. However, he had only used it for money. That was such a waste!

Even though Second Prince wanted to gather information for the kingdom, Hua Liushui might not be happy about it. What he wanted were only virgins. He didn’t even like money that much. Information and all that stuff meant nothing to him at all!

What happened to them were their own faults. It was not destiny! It was purely their fault!

Ye Xiao had massacred a huge amount this time.

The qi of morbid hostility had been dissipated by the killing. Bing-Er had taken part in a few battles too.

She asked for it herself. Ye Xiao found that once Bing-Er was fighting, she was merciless. No matter how those men begged, the girl never turned soft at all.

Her attacks were always sharp and quick, extremely vicious!

After a few fights, she seemed ready to make another breakthrough in cultivation. She was nearly level five of the Earth Origin Stage now.

Ye Xiao was surprised and unhappy at the same time.

[She is improving so much faster than I am. If I am beyond human nature, what about her? Beyond heavens maybe…]

Boss Wan had gotten the reward warrants ready for days, but Feng Monarch suddenly went crazy, so the plan was delayed four days!

If the assassins in the martial world weren’t afraid of Feng Monarch’s fierceness, they would have already made many troubles.

Within a few days, the Boundless Saint had asked personally twice about the warrants. He only left when he was told the exact time.

On the fifth day, reward warrants of Ling-Bao Hall finally came to the martial world!

The news shocked the entire Land of Han-Yang! The whole world was thrilled!

After Voluptuous Flower Building was wiped out, Ling-Bao Hall’s warrants spread to the world!

The price reached five hundred billion!

The made most of the assassins feel dizzy when they heard about the number!

Money could drive a ghost to grind the mill, but such an amount of money could even make the mill grind the ghosts!

Money didn’t mean everything, however, what could possibly go wrong with such an amount of money?

That was crazy!

The title on the warrants was: "Five Hundred Billion Silver; A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye!"

There was a list with lots of names on it!

From the royal houses of the two kingdoms in the world to the noble born houses who had given money for Feng Monarch’s death!

There were seven thousand and eight hundred men in total!

It was not a small number concerning they were people. However, compared to the popularity of the two kingdoms and the price it offered on the reward warrants, it was a tiny number!

Every name had a specific price.

The lowest price among these names was five million silver! The highest was three hundred million!

Ling-Bao Hall had gone mad. People in martial world all agreed to this.

However, everybody knew that Ling-Bao Hall would never break their words! Wan Zhenghao had lived in this world for centuries. He would never ruin the reputation of Ling-Bao Hall for just that amount of money!

The martial world was boiling for it!

Assassins, well known or not, all got on with it!

Some of them were young and weak, and some of them were superior masters who had been hiding for many years!

Each amount was enough for anybody to retire!

They all needed to do it quick. Ling-Bao Hall didn’t prescribe a limit to the cultivation levels. Whoever killed the men on the list would receive the corresponding reward. There were some influential figures on the list who were difficult to kill, but some of them were easy like pieces of cakes. Everybody wanted to get the money as it was such an easy job!

"Let’s make a fortune!"

"Wow! How generous… I just need to kill one among the people on the list, and I can retire from this rubbish business and never put my life in risk anymore…"