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Chapter 554: City of Peace

Chapter 554: City of Peace

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"That is true. I want to earn more…"

"I will kill as many as I can. There are plenty of easy targets on the list anyway. Those are so easy…"

"Those are mine! Who dares to snatch, I will kill him!"

"B*llshit! They are mine! You are stronger than me. Why don’t you go pick someone with a higher bounty…"

"I will go too. The fastest gets the bounty! Strong or weak, easy or tough…"

"I just saw it… What the hell. That is a bunch of gold mountains falling down from the sky… I can’t believe it…"

"Relax, Ling-Bao Hall is a huge business. They won’t back down on such a small amount!"

"I agree."

"That’s right. Feng Monarch can make supreme dan. Even if they spend all their savings for this, as long as he wants to make money, he will make it back instantly. Money really doesn’t matter in his perspective…"

"What a dream to me. Well, as long as I can solve some of the names, I will be a dream to others!"

"That’s right… Whoever has that wealth should better have great capability… I just want to chop the head off the man who’s worth three hundred million. That will be damn enough for me. That is not so greedy, right…"

"What… That is not greedy for you?"

"The entire martial world wants that guy’s head. Do you really think it will turn to you? Who do you think you are? Ning Biluo or Zhao Pingtian?"


Assassins from Boundless Lake had retreated from the capital before Ling-Bao Hall put on the warrants. They had rented the best horses on the way to the other two big kingdoms!

When the warrants were out, these men would get on the way immediately to the two kingdoms. They wouldn’t rest. They just wanted to complete the tasks as soon as possible.

When Boundless Saint got the warrants, he immediately rode on the horse and left. While he was riding the horse, he kept giving out orders to his men.

"Send a hawk to deliver the messages to the golden table assassins inside the two kingdoms. Tell them to kill the easy ones first. Now!"

"Kill as many as we can in the shortest time!"

"There will be no other opportunity like this in the future!"

"The six of us shall separate into two groups. One to the Kingdom of Tian-Yu, while the other to Kingdom of Lan-Feng!"


"Five hundred fxcking billion! It is impossible to get it all, but… two hundred billion is not that difficult for us. That is enough for us to do so many things already…" Boundless Saint kept talking.

The six superior assassins moved so fast on their horses. He had set the plan. They didn’t slow down even a bit. When they were about to reach a mountain, they shouted and then divided into two groups!

Each of them led three horses. Six of them had eighteen horses. They were like two sharp swords moving towards the west and the east.

They disappeared in the dust soon after.

Five hundred billion!

It motivated all assassins in the world. They were all thrilled.

Chen-Xing City had been full of people in the past few days, yet within a single day, ten percent of the houses became empty! Assassins ran off the city to their targets like crazy.

First of all, Chen-Xing City was too dangerous for them. There were fights, murders, and searching armies everyday. They might get revealed someday and die in the military’s hands…

They just couldn’t feel safe here.

Second… The bounty was huge… They could never kill Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall for sure. They even felt scared only thinking about him. They had come a long way, but all for nothing. However, they were still alive. That was lucky enough for them now…

However, they had spent a lot in this failed mission. They had to make it up… The reward warrant was their opportunity…

It was such a great opportunity.

[I am too weak to kill Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall. Fine. Am I capable enough to kill those foppish stupid noble trash in the two kingdoms?]

[Even though I may not be able to kill the ones with the highest prices, can’t I kill the cheapest ones?]

The bounty this time was not quite the same with the one on Feng Monarch. Feng Monarch was horribly capable, and his capability suited the price that was put on his head. However, the price of the heads of those men in the two kingdoms were unreasonably high. None of those men were good in cultivation!

That was such an easy money to get for these assassins. They just couldn’t hold the eagerness to kill them.

All assassins left Chen-Xing City at once when they heard the reward. Chen-Xing City was now… absolutely safe! Absolutely no troubles! Absolutely no assassins! Absolutely in peace!

For the entire year to come, not even one assassin showed up in Chen-Xing City! That created a history!

Surely, some of the assassins killed their targets and returned to Chen-Xing City for the bounty. Wan Zhenghao didn’t want that to happen, so he announced that the bounty could be cashed in any branch of Ling-Bao Hall in the Land of Han-Yang. They didn’t need to return to Chen-Xing City anymore. That was supported by all assassins. Ling-Bao Hall gave too much for the bounty, and that brought risks for the assassins who returned for the money. Since Wan Zhenghao announced the new service, it lowered the danger for the assassins. That was a story that should be told later after all!

All in all, Chen-Xing City was in a historically peaceful time.

First, lots of people died in the huge disturbance. Second, Feng Monarch’s assassins swept the Voluptuous Flower Buildings and which caused the deaths of more people. Now, nearly half a million assassins left the city within one day…

Chen-Xing City had always been busy, yet now it became a bit desolate…

Nearly two million people died in or left the city within a few days!

Chen-Xing City was the capital of the Kingdom of Chen. The popularity was less than fifty million!

The men who died or left were the most vibrant ones.

For the coming period of time, Chen-Xing City was in a perfect public security situation. No one picked up or pocketed anything lost on the road, and people didn’t need to lock the doors at night. It was absolutely a city of peace!