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Chapter 555: Speechless

Chapter 555: Speechless

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Ye Xiao was being questioned by Song Jue these days!

"How did you get such big progress!"

"You cured me! You…"

"Where did you get so many assassins? Did you do anything stupid?"

"What is going on?"

"Say it! Tell me!…"

Ye Xiao was so troubled being questioned by his Uncle Steward.

He had told Song Jue too much when he was affected by anger. Now, he didn’t what to deal with Song Jue’s inquests. That was embarrassing.

"Well urh… Before… that… That is urh…"

"It is because… something…"

"I was just… that… ya…"

Song Jue was speechless. [What? What are you talking about?]

Ye Xiao fled away stealthily…

"You wait and see, kid! You will be back in my hands again!" Song Jue was angry.

The next few days were such happy time for Ye Xiao. He just stayed with Bing-Er, having little talks and practicing martial arts, hand in hand, kissing on the face, touching… Ahem…

During the days, after Wan Zhenghao put on the warrants, he was ready to pay the assassins. At the same time, he was preparing for the next auction.

Feng Monarch said to him that the next auction, they were going to get back half of the money they were spending on the bounty!

In other words, they were going to earn at least two hundred and fifty million in the next auction!

Boss Wan was thrilled and motivated by it! He had spent too much after all!

Besides, Feng Monarch told him that after the next auction, he would have the Weight Losing Dan he wanted!

Boss Wan cried his eyes out when he heard that.


In fact, Ye Xiao had Weight Losing Dan already, in supreme level…

Brother Egg absorbed everything including the medical materials in the Wood Space, treasures from the last auction, materials from Master Bai, and medicines from Lord Ling. It gathered everything together and made a variety of supreme dan beads. There were all kinds of dan beads in the Space right now.

There was Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan and also Weight Losing Dan.

However, it was not a peaceful time. Boss Wan needed a fat body… If he suddenly became fit shaped, people wouldn’t believe he was the Boss Wan of Ling-Bao Hall!

‘That is Boss Wan?’


’No way that is him!’

That would be a trouble for Ling-Bao Hall after all. Even little troubles should be avoided at this time…

During the past few days, Ye Xiao not only cared about things in Ling-Bao Hall, but also paid special attention to the frontline in the battle.

Several weird things happened that changed the result of the war during the year.

They were weird, because nobody did those things.

It was the heaven’s will!

Well, different people had different views on that. For ordinary people, those were absolutely things that only gods could do. Otherwise, it would be too unimaginable!

The first weird thing was the most unimaginable. The battle was on fever and Kingdom of Chen was losing it. Suddenly, a mountain fell down and blocked the way the enemy marched on. The two kingdoms were totally freaking out for that…

The second weird thing was more acceptable. It was a rainstorm that saved the army of the Kingdom of Chen in a losing fight on the east and the west both…

That also freaked the enemies out.

On the Kingdom of Chen’s side, Ye Nantian, the great general wasn’t happy about that rainstorm either.

The rainstorm ruined his chance to completely wipe out the Grassland Wolf, which he had been planning for a long time.

The third thing was also unexpected and unreasonable.

Prince Hua-Yang, Su Dingguo, had retreated from the south battle and marched to the east battle. The general of the enemy in the east Zhan Qianshan knew that if Su Dingguo arrived, it would become a tough war.

He had to destroy the Kingdom of Chen’s army before Su Dingguo arrived!

So even if Su Dingguo arrived, he would have no army to command anymore!

Zhan Qianshan kept attacking from day to night. They never rest. Through continuous attacs, many people died…

The east troop of the Kingdom of Chen knew that Prince Hua-Yang was arriving, however, under the crazy attacks of the War God Zhan Qianshan, they were giving up on it… When they were so close to be defeated…

- Splash… -

Another rainstorm!

It was a rainstorm that covered the entire Land of Han-Yang!

It turned Zhan Qianshan’s barracks into an ocean. The army was divided to dozens of groups that stayed up in different mountains, like dozens of islands.

How to win such a battle?

Normal soldiers could drown to death if they were careless, not to mention crossing the water to kill people a hundred miles away…

Zhan Qianshan was shocked by the two rainstorms. He spat out blood and then lied on the bed with illness!

What a coincidence.

One rainstorm after another, the gods were helping the Kingdom of Chen…

Was the Kingdom of Chen blessed by the heavens?

"Heavens…" War God Zhan Qianshan, who had never believed that was gods and ghosts shouted to the sky. He looked so bad.

That was such a prank from heavens on him!

His old opponent, Prince Hua-Yang Su Dingguo, had been marching day and night, but when they were three hundred miles away from the battle, they couldn’t move any further. They needed rest. Even if they forcibly went to the battle, they couldn’t provide any help. In other words, they had to rest or else they could only see the enemy win!

However, the rainstorm changed everything!

When the rainstorm was over and the flood was gone, Zhan Qianshan could still attack but Prince Hua-Yang would be waiting for him. After a few days rest, Prince Hua-Yang’s people were all in good status. Zhan Qianshan would have to face Prince Hua-Yang and his Iron Troops!

That was totally a different army.