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Chapter 556: Debtor Drops In!

Chapter 556: Debtor Drops In!

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The west battle and the north battle were in the same situation.

However, it wasn’t a good thing for the Kingdom of Chen in the north though.

When the rainstorm fell on the land, Ye Nantian looked at the sky with a bitter smile.

Several generals beside him were all helpless. They had been planning so well on this. Such a great opportunity to wipe out the Grassland Wolf, yet the rainstorm ruined everything...

They had been following General Ye for many years, and they had never heard any dirty words from his mouth. However, at this day, they clearly heard a subtle voice from him.


The generals looked at each other. They were gloomy, but what he just said made them so want to laugh out loud.

After all, Ye Nantian must be really upset since he had said such a word.

Nobody dared to really laugh though!

It would absolutely lead to a miserable ending if any of them dared to laugh at this particular moment!

In the several days, Wan of the Clouds visited Ling-Bao Hall once, looking for Feng Monarch. Feng Monarch, on the other hand, was staying with the little girl at home. He was not in the Ling-Bao Hall. The next day, Xiu of the Heavens went for him, but he wasn’t there either.

The third day, Lord Ling, Ling Wuxie went himself…

Feng Monarch was right there at last.

Lord Ling felt relieved. "Look! Good personality leads to good luck! Truth is that I am so much better person than the two girls! At least they are way beneath my league!"

Wan of the Clouds and Xiu of the Heavens were both speechless…

[What the hell does this have to do with personality?]

[He wasn’t here when we came and he is here when you are here now… So what…]

[Just as simple as that!]

[Do you have to brag on this too?]

[Is he really Master’s good friend? I just can’t imagine how Master gets along with this guy!]

"Well Lord Ling, you… What happened to you?" When Ye Xiao saw Ling Wuxie, he was shocked.

Lord Ling was bearing a swollen face, two dark eyes, limping, and his two arms seemed pointed at the wrong direction…

He just looked like he had been beaten up hard!

He looked pretty seriously injured…

Ye Xiao was shocked by what he saw really.

The truth was that, Ye Xiao understood somebody would want to beat Ling Wuxie up. He was so annoying after all. The question was…

In the Land of Han-Yang, who could beat Ling Wuxie up like that? If there was really someone that powerful… that person must be strong enough to sweep out the entire Land of Han-Yang!

Ling Wuxie was serious injured, yet the world was still fine.

There was no earthquake, no tsunami, no landslide, no drained sea… That was abnormal!

Ling Wuxie was troubled. He didn’t know how to answer Ye Xiao.

He stopped bragging.

He sighed. He knew that there would be a reverse divine punishment striking on him once he went on reaching for Heaven’s Secrets. He didn’t know it would be so serious though. He was now unable to freely move, and his face was swollen with colorful wounds. He was not sure if he could fully recover even when he was back to Human Realm Upon Heavens!

The divine punishment was not easy to remove!

"Long story." Ling Wuxie sighed.

"Who did this?" Ye Xiao was curious. "How come I don’t know any man in this world who can do this to you…"

Ling Wuxie was speechless and embarrassed. "Stop guessing around. I was not beaten by anybody…"

Ye Xiao looked enlightened. "Oh… So you beat up yourself so hard? No wonder… I never know you have such a hobby though. Hard to tell… Strange person, weird thing. Unique and special. What a surprise!"

The two ladies burst into laughters, holding their bellies. They realized how good Feng Monarch was at making jokes… Ling Wuxie must be so crazy to beat up himself like this.

A masochist?

"Let me just be frank. I was stricken by lightning…" Ling Wuxie said the truth embarrassedly.

He didn’t want to, because… there were many people who were able to beat him up like this though.

However, to be stricken by lightning…

He had been bragging in front of Feng Monarch that he didn’t fear lightnings. He had said that he saw people fighting against lightnings everyday… He said that lightning was nothing to him at all…

And now he had been stricken by lightning and ended up with such a stupid look!

What could he say more?

Feng Monarch apparently forgot about how Ling Wuxie bragged a few days earlier. He nodded and showed a calmer expression. He said, "That’s alright. People who have done bad things a lot usually suffer such things. Brother Ling, don’t be upset. In my opinion, this is just a normal thing. Very normal. Nothing special."

He then sighed, "So people shouldn’t do bad things really. Heavens are always watching. People says that the gods have left justice behind. Nonsense. They should have a look at you, Brother Ling. Look how you got stricken by lightnings!"

Ling Wuxie was speechless. He opened his mouth and tried to say something, but he couldn’t find a word to say. He just stared at Ye Xiao directly.

[Why… What… How can you be so sure that I got stricken because I did bad things?]

[Isn’t it… too opinionated?]

[I ended up like this because I risked my life to help my friend… That’s how…]

[We should be friends now, why do you talk like that to your friend?]

[That was so embarrassing!]

"It was the lightning of Heaven’s Secret…" Lord Ling tried to explain.

"Hmmm. Lightning of heavens chicken. Alright. Chicken from the sky. They strike lightning? That opened my eyes today…" Ye Xiao said.

Ling Wuxie lowered his head and decided to shut up.

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er laughed so hard.

Feng Monarch was doing this intentionally. That was obvious.

However, they felt good to see Ling Wuxie got embarrassed after all…

"Brother Feng… My appearance… That is my personal problem. Let’s not discuss it further. It really is not important." Ling Wuxie tried to spirit up. He decided to cut the useless chatter and went straight to business. "In fact, I am here today to ask… that… What about the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan? Do we have any progress now?"