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Chapter 557: Tantalization!

Chapter 557: Tantalization!

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After the question, Ling, Wan and Xiu were all staring at Ye Xiao with fever in their eyes, like there was a flower on his face.

That was such an important question after all.

"Ah!" Ye Xiao sighed before he talked. He looked gloomy.

"What is it?" The three of them all felt intense.

[Why did he sigh? Anything went wrong? Is it bad?]

"Progress…" Ye Xiao looked troubled.

"Damn it! How is it?" Ling Wuxie asked.

[Damn it! Please don’t tell me there has been nothing in progress! It is not the same now! We have limited time here. Only half a year. We were in a hurry before, but we still had time. Now, everyday counts! You need to make fifty Heaven Seizing Dan beads in half a year. There is really not much time left…]

"It is so difficult to make those dan beads." Ye Xiao sighed. "I followed everything my master taught me. I have studied so hard on those books and scrolls, and I am confident that all dan beads are in my heart. I am…"

He kept going on with tens of thousand words. This and that, here and there, bla bla bla… Ling Wuxie was blank. Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were speechless.

They listened to him speak for an hour, yet there was nothing about the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan.

The only thing they got from the long speech was that it was so difficult to make those dan beads!

Besides, Feng Monarch was still speaking. Apparently, he was so into it. He didn’t want to stop at all.

"The dan…" Ling Wuxie tried to interrupt.

"Can you please be patient? Do you know that the last thing we should do is to hurry while we want to make dan beads? I am getting to it very soon! Patience please!" Ye Xiao stared at him angrily. Apparently, he was annoyed about being interrupted.

Ling Wuxie didn’t know what to say.

He tried to endure it, but he couldn’t help thinking, [God damn it, you bastard! I don’t make dan beads! Normal people do hurry when things are in a hurry!]

[Are you fooling me by your dan making skills? Wait and see you asshole! When you finish those dan beads… Hmmm. Damn it. I will still not do anything on him. He is the only dan master in tens of thousands of years. Maybe we will need him again in the future… I will have to bear it! Damn it!]

"The one thousand portions of material Master Bai gave me were excellent. I like that. Good quality. After three hundred times of testing, I finally figured out the relationships among those materials. After another three hundred times, I learned all the conflicting influences between one and another material. After the last three hundred times, I know how to merge the medical materials in a proper way…"

Ye Xiao said.

Ling Wuxie, Wan-Er and Xiu-Er all showed pale faces. They looked quite annoyed. It was obvious.

[Bloody hell… And nine hundred portions were finished just like that?]

[Become trash?]

[There are one thousand in total! Can you please not waste it like that?]

"After that, I should naturally start to try making the dan beads. As expected, the first stove failed. The second failed too. The third…" Ye Xiao went on and on counting numbers.

Ling Wuxie was having a headache now. "Please just tell us when you succeeded!"

Ye Xiao humphed. "It is always suffering to talk to people like you. If Master Bai was here, he wouldn’t say that for sure. How obvious is the difference between one and another!? Don’t you know how hard it is to make supreme dan beads? Do you know, that to make dan beads, I need to firstly… secondly… thirdly… fourthly… bla bla bla bla…"

"Okay… Okay… I was wrong… My fault… I was wrong… I apologize…" Ling Wuxie raised his hands up and lowered his head, tears almost flowing out from his eyes.

[I shouldn’t have said that at all. I directly started a machine gun of words in his mouth. And I have to bear his lessons.]

[Why did you have to compare me to Bai Chen? I am laical and he is not? What do you mean difference between one and another! Can’t you just say I am so much worse than Bai Chen!]

[For fxck’s sake, what have I done to suffer this!]

[Why am I such a good friend to Bai Chen and why did I mess with this prick for him?]

[My god. Please just strike me with a lightning and kill me!]

"The one thousand portions of medical materials… At the end…" Wan-Er felt difficult to speak too. She wanted to say something but didn’t dare to.

Ye Xiao sighed and acted like there had never been good news!

The three of them felt bad about it, and they looked at each other.

[So all ruined. We got nothing out from it.]

[Oh. That is reasonable anyway. Heaven Seizing Dan is never something easy to produce.]

[If it is, how come there has only been one bead in the history!]

"That’s alright. We will find more materials. Feng Monarch, please do not lose the will. You have been in the dan-making procedure already. That is a great progress already…" Wan-Er tried to comfort Feng Monarch in a soft voice.

"The materials are all wasted…" Ye Xiao sighed and spoke in a gloomy voice.

[They certainly are.]

The three of them sighed too.

"What a shame. Till the last stove, the last portion of materials, and…" Ye Xiao took a long sigh.

"Oh…" The three of them sighed at the same time. The last portion was wasted…

"And I only made two beads… I have been overestimating myself. I thought this dan was easy. That is my fault." Feng Monarch looked gloomy and regretful.

"That is alright. Just take it easy. It is fine. Really. I believe there will be one day… Urh… Wait… What did you say? What was it?" Ling Wuxie wanted to comfort Feng Monarch, then he suddenly realized something! He stopped and was shocked!

[What did the guy say earlier?]

Ling Wuxie looked aside and saw Wan-Er and Xiu-Er raise their heads. They were looking at Feng Monarch.

"What did I say? Well… Gosh. I overestimated myself. I thought this dan was easy. It is my fault!" Feng Monarch seemed even gloomier and more regretful.

"No, no, no… Before that! Two beads? Of what?" Wan and Xiu asked hurriedly.

They were more eager for the dan than Ling Wuxie for sure!

"Heaven Seizing Dan. I only made two!" Feng Monarch casually answered, "What a shame. I really feel ashamed for the number…"

"You made… made two?"

Ling Wuxie finally sobered up. He turned around and looked at Ye Xiao like he was having a good dream.

[What the hell! Did I hear it wrong?]

[No way. The three of us heard it wrong at the same time? No!]