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Chapter 558: Nothing Serious!

Chapter 558: Nothing Serious!

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"One thousand portions… And I only made two out of it…" Ye Xiao looked ashamed and said, "What a waste. I overestimated myself. I thought I was a genius dan-maker… Now my reputation is ruined…"

"That…" Ling Wuxie’s lips were trembling. He jumped up and flourished his arms and legs, "Bloody hell! Feng Monarch, you are awesome! You are brilliant… You are fxcking great… Hahahaha… Awesome… I can’t wait to see how you become even more fxcking great!"

Ling Wuxie was extremely surprised with joy.

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were also enjoying it.

Heaven Seizing Dan! In the history, the conqueror of the universe gathered top ranged dan masters in the universe to make it! Within a hundreds stoves, only one succeeded!

And only one dan bead succeeded in that stove!

They actually didn’t expect Feng Monarch to make it out of the one thousand portions. They thought it should only be enough for practice. They didn’t thought he could actually make it…

However… unexpectedly, he… actually made it!

He made two in total!

That was a marvelous and beautiful myth!

Even Ling Wuxie started to talk nonsense now.

As long as he could make the dan beads, wasting one thousand portions of materials meant nothing. Even ten thousand portions were just nothing. Materials didn’t matter at all!

Ye Xiao looked at the three of them. They were so thrilled. He now understood that he wouldn’t need to worry much about the materials at all. Even if he used ten portions of materials and produced nothing, these guys would never blame him.

In fact, they were already grateful and cheered to know that he made it with only one thousand portions…

Ye Xiao thought, [These are really super figures from the Human Realm Upon Heavens? They are more like ignorant clodhoppers to me! I actually could have made more! There were too many different materials in the Space back then, so I only got two beads!]

[If I set the materials right, I would have shown you hundreds! I want to see how it would scare the shxt out of you clodhoppers!]

[Upper realms! Super figures! Pah!]

In the world, in fact, in the firmament, there was never anybody who dared to say that Ling Wuxie, Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were ignorant clodhoppers…

Well there was one now, Feng Monarch.

In fact, he had ridden on Master Bai and punched him so hard. It seemed not so unreasonable that he criticized these guys!

If Ling Wuxie knew what Ye Xiao was thinking right now, he would run into a wall to kill himself!

At least, he would shout out something like ‘I am a well-informed and experienced cultivator… I have seen everything! I am not a clodhopper!’ He would definitely shout it out.

"Feng Monarch, look… Can I… Can I have a look at the two dan beads… that you made? Nothing! I just want to… broaden my vision a bit! That’s all!"

Xiu of the Heavens cautiously asked.

Xiu of the Heavens knew clear about Feng Monarch’s bad temper. A bad word could enrage him instantly. However, she had to ask for it, since it concerned her master’s future. Feng Monarch said that he had two dan beads, but no one saw them. She preferred to trust what she saw than what she heard!

"Why not? Sure! You don’t need to ask really. I will show it to you myself. The Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is truly marvelous. That is some outstanding feature!" Ye Xiao reached out his hand and it sounded twice. - Pah! Pah! -

Two dan beads were slapped on the table.

The two supreme dan beads were jumping on the table and rolling around.

Every movement of the dan beads would bring a mass of dan cloud to rise up in the air. They just rolled a bit and the table was already covered by the cloud.

It was shining with golden lights. All of a sudden, there seemed to be a dragon roar and phoenix crow in the cloud…

At the same time, a smell of mystery, obscureness and ancientness spread away from the dan beads…

Suddenly, the entire place was filled with the strange but elegant smell.

It was not so dense, but whoever smelled it would feel completely eased and relaxed in the heart, even the soul!

Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan!

That was… the real marvelous divine dan!

Wan-Er, Xiu-Er and Ling Wuxie stared at the dan beads rolling on the table. They were stunned!

After a while, Xiu-Er firstly sobered up and exclaimed. She reached her hand so fast to grab the two dan beads. She nearly cried out. She just kept checking the dan beads to see if they were damaged.

Wan-Er and Ling Wuxie didn’t think it strange at all. They both looked to Feng Monarch with hostility in their eyes.

"That… that is Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan!" Wan-Er shouted furiously, "How could you… How could you treat them like that? What a wreck! You said it is marvelous yourself! How could you treat it so badly like that… You…"

Wan-Er was so angry that she couldn’t say anything more.

[You talked like you cherished them that much. Actually, you didn’t even take a jade bottle to carry them. And you just slapped them on the table! You… You think these are marbles?]

"Brother Feng, you… Brother Feng, why did you…" Ling Wuxie rubbed his hands as his face contorted.

"What are you talking about?" Ye Xiao frowned. He didn’t get it. "What is it? Those are only two dan beads! What does it take to even throw them away! Why so serious?"

The two ladies and Ling Wuxie were stunned. They stood there, having nothing to say.

[What did he just say?]

[What does it take to even throw them away?]

[Why so serious?]

[How could he… say that?]

[Oh my heavens! Look how casual you are acting… Do you know what disturbance it will bring if it goes to Human Realm Upon Heavens?]

[World destruction… bloodshed in streams… would not be worse enough to describe it!]

[All those super master figures in that world have children!]

[Many super figures have stupid useless children!]

[Those men have so many children. There are surely genius among them, but also a lot of dumbasses!]

[Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan is the perfect way to turn a moron into a super genius!]

[That is the most important and attractive thing for those real super master figures!]