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Chapter 559: You Clodhoppers!

Chapter 559: You Clodhoppers!

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Such incredible dan, which only existed in the myth, even people from Human Realm Upon Heavens could hardly be lucky to see it… was actually held by a man of such a low realm who was just weak like an ant… And he just throws it casually, saying that it wasn’t worth much!

[What the hell?]

[Why? What is the situation!]

The three of them were all shocked. They couldn’t think it through!

They felt like this Feng Monarch was the one from Human Realm Upon Heavens, while they were local clodhoppers in this place!

They were just like ignorant and uneducated fools.

The scorn of Feng Monarch was so obvious and he didn’t even want to cover it!

Ling Wuxie twisted his mouth. "Brother Feng… These are Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads…"

"Sure they are! I know." Feng Monarch rolled his eyes and said, "I am not a fool. I made them myself. Do you think I have no idea what they are?"

That meant, ‘How can you ask me such a stupid question? I truly have doubts on your intelligence.’

Ling Wuxie felt dizzy.

[Damn it. That was whistling jigs to a milestone.]

"Well, they are Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads. So what? Before I made them, it is a mythical dan that I have never seen. However, I succeeded. These are just some dan beads to me, nothing more!" Feng Monarch humphed. "My god. It really is hard to communicate with you, the laical ones! Supreme Dan is something difficult to see for you. For me, it is just normal. When I catch somebody and want to torture him but not let him die, I always use Supreme Dan. I usually feed the guy when he is dying and then keep torturing him when he is back from death… I will always do over a dozen times till I feel satisfied."

"That is normal…" Feng Monarch looked at them. He couldn’t understand it. "Do you really have to treat it like some precious treasure? Really?"

Ling Wuxie just wanted to kill himself.

He lowered his head with a dark face. He was upset and ashamed.

He actually got scorned by a weak native clodhopper in this low realm!

[But he is right. I am acting like I am ignorant. That is the truth now. How do I deny it?]

[… For fxck’s sake. Why would I meet such a freak!]

[He uses Supreme Dan on an inquest… Over a dozen times till he gets bored…]

[My god. I feel like I have fxcked a dog.] Ling Wuxie exclaimed in his heart.

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er didn’t say anything.

They were showing a dark face while holding the dan beads. They took out two extremely exquisite small bottles and put the two dan beads into them.

They didn’t talk to Feng Monarch at all.

They didn’t know what to say.

What could they say anyway?

They had had enough for being shocked already!

What could they say! Feng Monarch spoke with the attitude of ‘you are clodhoppers and you are ignorant stupid country men’! That was right on their faces.

The two ladies felt humiliated. At least, they were much less brassy than Lord Ling. He could totally handle it.

"Beautiful bottles." Feng Monarch praised, "That must be worth a fortune!"

[What? What did he say? The bottles are beautiful? Worth a fortune?]

[The ancient story of somebody getting the casket and returning the pearl [1] is hilarious. Feng Monarch is a vivid example right here now. He actually acted so stupid when we are most embarrassed! This is such a blessed chance to fight back!]

"Clodhopper! Country man!" the three of them shouted at the same time.

Finally, they got a chance to vent the anger!

[Haha! Now it is our turn!]

[Fortune goes round and round, and now it is on my side!]

Ling Wuxie shouted the loudest.

[Seriously, no matter how beautiful the bottles are, they are just bottles! They are never more precious than what they carry inside!]

[You actually said such an ignorant and foolish thing! You are the real clodhopper! It is such a good chance to vent the anger in my chest!]

Ye Xiao was embarrassed.

[Retribution does come fast. Only a few seconds, and it is their turn to scorn on me.]

"I really don’t want to judge, but… Feng Monarch." Xiu of the Heavens felt so bad for the dan beads. "You are so capable to make dan beads. That is right. But you should at least prepare some bottles for them. How could you… Gosh…"

She really didn’t know what else to say.

She had no words for this ignorant man.

"Some bottles?" The next words that came out of Feng Monarch’s mouth turned sharp, "Lady Xiu-Er, it is always easier to talk. Do you know how much a bottle cost? Do you know how much it takes to make a bottle? Do you know I am totally short for money? I even need to borrow money for food! You want me to prepare bottles for you? Fifty dan beads, I will need to offer twenty-five bottles! Those whose belly is full never know the bitterness of misfortune… Easier said than done!"

The three of them were all speechless!

[This man’s thought is truly rambling, unintelligible, nonsense and… conscienceless!]

[You are the boss of the richest man in the world! It is hard to imagine how much money you can get! Nobody is richer than you! How could you cry being poor here!]

[That is totally a big lie out of your dishonest mouth!]

[I don’t know how to disdain you more really! ]

"You are taking it too far, Feng Monarch. Everybody knows you are the real rich man in the world. Nobody can surpass you in wealth in Land of Han-Yang. Being too humble makes one hypocritical!" Wan-Er smiled and said it out! She couldn’t stand it anymore.

"Heavens! Where is my money then! I am truly out of money now…"

He strictly sticked on the word money. He groaned, "I don’t know if you are pretending or not. People spent a huge fortune to put on a bounty on my head… How can I endure that humiliation? I have to get back to them, right? I must do it! What is the best way to do it? A tooth for a tooth! An eye for an eye! That is why we posted a reward warrant too! We want the lives of those who wanted me die …"


[1] Getting the Casket and Returning the Pearl

  A man from the state of Chu wanted to sell a precious pearl in the state of Zheng. He made a casket for the pearl out of the wood from a magnolia tree, which he fumigated with spices. He studded the casket with pearls and jade, ornamented it with red gems and decorated it with kingfisher feathers. A man of the state of Zheng bought the casket and gave him back the pearl.

  Too luxuriant decoration usually supersedes what really counts. This man from Chu certainly knew how to sell a casket but he was no good at selling his pearl. And the man of Zheng didn't know which is really valuable.