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Chapter 560: I Am Deadly Poor!

Chapter 560: I Am Deadly Poor!

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"It costs money to put on that warrants! Everything takes money! Good service means lots of money! We are selling everything we can to get enough money for that bounty! We are getting through miserably poor days for that… I really have no money now. I don’t mind if you will tease me or not. I actually have borrowed a lot too… We all only have one meal a day to save money. Only one! Gruel only! Everyday! Not even with side dishes…" Feng Monarch talked and talked with plaintiveness, although even he didn’t believe what came out of his mouth.

However, it sounded reasonable!

"Urh? Really?" House of the Chaotic Storms had given up on all their previous plans, so the they weren’t that interested in what happened outside the bamboo forest. They had been staying in there for a long time and didn’t know what exactly was going on.

They knew nothing about the reward warrant of Ling-Bao Hall.

"Urh. I see." Xiu of the Heavens nodded and said, "May I ask you something though. You have been getting through real poor days to save money. And you have borrowed money too. How much money did you exactly get anyway?"

"Ahem… Well… In total…" Feng Monarch blinked, "Well… Something like… Five hundred billion…"

- Puff! -

Wan-Er was drinking tea and she spat it out right after she heard it. All was spat out on Feng Monarch’s face. She was choking, "Ahem… Cough, cough, cough…"

Xiu-Er and Ling Wuxie were speechless. They stared at this shameless Monarch without saying a word!

[God damn you… What the hell… You actually made five hundred billion out of it…]

The three of them all felt like there were ten thousand alpacas running over in their hearts.

[How does such a shameless person live in this beautiful world…]

[None of us can defeat him in shamelessness competition!]

"Fxck!" Ling Wuxie couldn’t hold it anymore. He finally said the word that he didn’t dare to say!

Loud and clear!

He couldn’t stand it anymore…

"You are really fxcking good at saving money, aren’t you!" Ling Wuxie rolled up his eyes. He felt short in breath.

Xiu-Er looked at Feng Zhiling and sneered, "Wow. Ling-Bao Hall is going through such a tough time. Feng Monarch, the most famous person in the universe, is actually going through poor days. You said you have borrowed some money. Do you want some help from House of the Chaotic Storms too?"

That was sarcasm. Everybody knew that.

Five hundred billon! How could he be short in money?

However, unexpectedly, right after Xiu-Er said the question, Feng Monarch just got on to her with gratefulness.

He grabbed Xiu-Er’s hand and shook it. "Thank you! Thank you so so much… Lady Xiu-Er, you are a generous and kind lady. Please support me! I am so poor. I truly don’t have money! They say one can do nothing without money. That is so true…"

As he spoke, he sighed. "I have never thought that I would end up in such a mess like this… Gosh. Lady Xiu-Er, you are so nice. I always believe there are more nice people than evil… Oh right! How can I forget! You and Master Bai are leaving. I guess you won’t return to this countryside anymore, right? House of the Chaotic Storms will surely be dismissed. Money is going to be meaningless to you too… Right… That’s right. Why not just give it all to me? I won’t mind. You know. When I have no money to use, I lose confidence. Without confidence, I can’t make good dan! You are smart people. You know it, don’t you?"

"Ahhaha… Finally, somebody showed up and solved my problem… You are my savior, Lady Xiu-Er. When will the money get to me? House of the Chaotic Storms is a powerful organization. You surely can give me thousands of billions, right? Unlike Ling-Bao Hall, we can’t even take out five hundred billion. We need to sell everything and starve ourselves for it."

"Oh right. You said because I don’t have bottles to protect the dan beads, I ruined them. The next time you come by, please remember to bring me more of this kind of bottle. Look. Confidence is back to me immediately…"

Xiu-Er’s hand was held tight in Feng Monarch’s hands. She was shocked!

Not only her.

Ling Wuxie and Wan-Er were both shocked too…

Ling Wuxie, even Wan-Er shouted out in the mind, [What the fxck!]

That was a loud and resounding shout in their hearts!

There were no other words that could express their true feelings this moment!

[How shameless does he need to be to say such words?]

[As the wealthiest person in the world, he could actually play such a scene so shamelessly. That is… embarrassing!]

Xiu of the Heavens never thought that her casual words would bring such a trouble. Now her hand was held, and she couldn’t do anything. She was stunned.

[Who told you our money will be meaningless?]

[We are an organization that can stir a disturbance in the world and collapse a kingdom easily. Do you know how much it will take us on dismissal wages? We are leaving. That’s right. We should at least leave some money for the people who have been working for us, don’t you think? Besides… Even if we truly won’t need a bit of the money anymore…]

[Why should we give it to you?]

[Thousands of billion? You think we are the same stupid like you? Wasting money like that? A bounty?]

Xiu-Er was stunned. She said, "Feng Monarch, you… you are joking, right?"

Feng Monarch was surprised. "What? Why would I joke on such a brutal thing about myself? That is money! Money that is enough to murder a few generations! I am serious. Look at my eyes. Can you see anything not serious in them?"

What a joke. Wan Zhenghao was drained now. How could Feng Monarch let go of such a generous contributor?

Xiu-Er frowned and looked at Wan-Er. Her eyes were speaking, ‘What should I do?’

Wan-Er rolled up her eyes pretending she did not see her.

[Such trouble, I should just behave myself and let you handle it yourself.]

[What if I am going to say something wrong and Feng Monarch seized the chance to make more requests…]

[Even if he wouldn’t ask for more, what if he grabs my hand too? I don’t think it is wise to mess with this guy right now. I have to be more careful than you, sister!]

"Feng Monarch, look… We don’t actually have lots of money. Thousands of billion is way beyond our capability…" Xiu-Er tried to get her hand out as she spoke.