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Chapter 561: Ripped Off!

Chapter 561: Ripped Off!

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"Oh. I know good wealth is hard to give up. I was just saying… Just show me the kindness. Give me no matter how much you think is fine. Well, it should be at least enough to feed my men. I don’t want to see my people die starving." Feng Monarch said, "Besides, you won’t need the money in the future. It can perfectly solve my problem right now. I need it while you don’t. What a beautiful thing."

"Well… fine." Xiu-Er thought that she should give him some. Feng Monarch said that he had no confidence without money, and no good dan without confidence. How could she not give him the money then? So she weakly spoke, "I will send somebody here… with one billion. How about that?"

Feng Monarch’s face turned dark all of a sudden. He was unsatisfied. "What did you say? One billion? Just that? Are you humiliating me? That hurts! I endured the embarrassment in my mind and asked for money. That is what you promise me? What can I do with it? No way. That is so humiliating. I think I completely lost my confidence now…"

Ling Wuxie sighed while facing the sky.

He finally realized that Feng Monarch was waiting for them today for the money!

One billion was humiliating…

Everybody would want to be humiliated if that was true! Every single one!

They would cry and beg for that humiliation!

"How much do you need then? We absolutely don’t have thousands of billion!" Xiu of the Heavens gritted her teeth.

"Oh you don’t have thousands of billion? Just give me some then. I won’t think it too little. I just need money for food. Really." Feng Monarch smiled.

Xiu of the Heavens really wanted to kick him bad. [You said you need money for food, and you said it was humiliating to give you only one billion… Now you said you won’t think it’s too little.]

[What the hell do you want?]

However, she couldn’t say one billion anymore.

She was hesitating because she didn’t know how much would be fine. She was thinking seriously about it. They truly wouldn’t need any money in the future. When they returned to the upper realm, money in this world meant trash to them. It would only occupy their room. She decided to give him more… Finally, when she was about to say it…

Wan-Er said with a soft voice, "Feng Monarch is right. We won’t need the money anymore… We can’t take it back to Human Realm Upon Heavens, can we? Let’s just give him all the ten billion. We are not saving a penny then… Just let the guys find their own way to live the rest of their lives. They are all wealthy and fit. They won’t starve anyway."

Xiu-Er was relieved. She said, "That’s right! Feng Monarch is our friend. Money means too little compared to our relations anyway…"

She thought, [That was close! I was going to say fifty billion right then…]

Ye Xiao was stunned. He stared at Wan of the Clouds.

[The girl is so smart.]

[She said they are giving it all out.]

[Who knows how much do you really have? You can just say whatever you want.]

[And she satirized me. ‘Just let the guys find their own way to live the rest of their lives. They are all wealthy and fit. They won’t starve anyway…’]

[Since she said so, I can’t be shameless to ask for all, can I?]

[I have to leave some for you, don’t I?]

Ye Xiao laughed and clapped his hands. He was spirited up as he said in a peaceful voice, "Great! Lady Wan-Er is such a decisive person! Friends should help each other indeed! Deal! Ten billion it is then! With that, my men can at least have some food to eat. I won’t worry anymore. Confidence back! I have a slightly bigger chance to make more dan beads. I believe I will make more better dan beads in faster rate. What this lady did is truly generous and helpful. You wisdom shines in the room."

Wan-Er was pissed.

[Asshole! He actually took all the money. And he was satirizing me implicitly! Of course I can understand it! That is not a good praise but a criticism!]

[I see. I understand now. This guy knows we are leaving. We won’t need the money anymore, and he is using the dan-making business to force us. He would take as much as he could from us! He wouldn’t stop.]

Thinking of that, Wan-Er gave Xiu-Er a blink of hint that only the two of them understood.

Xiu-Er frowned and spoke in a low voice, "Feng Monarch, isn’t it a bit immoral? That is all we have now. If we give it all to you, what should we do about our men? They have been following us so many years. Now that they get nothing in return. That is not right. How about this, the ten billion… We will keep…"

"Right! You are right about me. I totally forgot how to be a nice guy as a fortune was on my doorstep. My fault! How could I forget that." Feng Monarch clapped and laughed. He just interrupted Xiu of the Heavens.

The ladies felt that it was started to go wrong. They stared at him.

"That was my mistake. Look. You are right. You are leaving, so you won’t need the money, right? And, you have lots of men to feed, right? They have been in the House of the Chaotic Storms, so they must have offended lots of people outside. When you leave, they lose their powerful support. Troubles will crowd onto them. You won’t be happy to see that, right?"

Feng Monarch clapped and held his chest, trying to act generous, "No problems at all. Just take it easy! I will still stay in this world! Just send your men to me! They can follow me! I won’t let them suffer! They will have food and drinks, and a happy long life after!"

"Who dares to bully my men, humph, will go to see the underworld! In fact, I set the bounty this time spending everything I have to build the prestige of Ling-Bao Hall. I want to make sure nobody messes with Ling-Bao Hall! Nobody dares to mess with any of my men!"

"I guess you can all trust me on that. I am faithful to friends! As long as they all bow to me, they will be fed well! They will share my happiness! Don’t worry. Just relax and send them to me! Nothing to worry about! You can go with an easy heart!"

Wan-Er and Xiu-Er opened their mouths and couldn’t say a word. They were stunned as they stared at Feng Monarch. Suddenly, they felt so dizzy…

They even wanted to spit out blood!