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Chapter 562: Escape

Chapter 562: Escape

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Xiu-Er wanted to slap herself hard!

[That is all my fault! I could have said anything else. Why did I have to say that? Why…]

[Great. Now the guy is sticking on it.]

[How bodacious he is. Whoever have been following the House of the Chaotic Storms are outstanding cultivators! They are all powerful enough to shock the martial world!]

[Any of them are in equal levels with Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian. The man who fought against Zhao Pingtian is one of our men. Not everyone can casually fight against the Killer King and take advantage in the fight!]

[Cultivators like that are not only powerful in martial arts, but also in connections. Even if they are not our men, they are still the ones who bully others. No one dares to mess with them! Who can possibly bully them?]

[And you… actually want to protect them?]

[You, Feng Monarch, are powerful, rich and strong indeed. However, you shouldn’t be so arrogant! They really don’t need you!]

[What do we need to worry about anyway? We are sure they will live on very happy lives! They will be all good!]

[Listen to you. How generous. You think our men are all useless, weak and stupid men that need to be taken care of…]

[‘As long as they all bow to me, they will be fed well!’… What a joke! Any one of our men is a powerful figure in this world!]

[Even in front of the kings of the kingdoms in this world, they can do everything they are happy to.]

[You feed them?]


[If we give them to you… then our money will really become useless…]

[You will be the one who profited the most I guess!]

[And you will get both manpower and money at the same time. How do you come up with that so fast!]

[I… What the…]

"Our men in House of the Chaotic Storms have their own ways to live. We dare not to bother you…" Wan-Er was having a headache now. "Promise is a promise. I said you will have ten billion, and we will give you that. No tricks. My men are all obstinate and unruly guys. I don’t want to see any conflicts…"

"No, no, no. I love obstinate and unruly men! Only capable men can be obstinate and unruly. They are true capable men…" Ye Xiao seized the opportunity. "I won’t accept those who are not obstinate and unruly really…"

Wan and Xiu both had no idea what to say now.

Feng Monarch was so good at talking. He was truly speaking invincible words of chaotic storms. He had talked like the men of the House of the Chaotic Storms were weak and useless, but now he said they were capable men.

Apparently, he was determined to get some people from House of the Chaotic Storms.

"Ahem… Feng Monarch only used one thousand portions of material to succeed in making a Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. You are truly a genius dan-maker. However, no matter how capable you are, you can’t do it without the supplies. I am leaving right now to gather more medical materials… We need a lot of materials in good quality to make sure the dan beads will be made successfully…" Xiu-Er changed the topic, trying to avoid eye contact to Feng Monarch. She felt that she should stop talking now. She figured if she said more words, they would be robbed more things.

"I will go too! I need to prepare the bottles! That is a tough job! I should better get on it right now…" The two ladies hurriedly stood up and grabbed the bottles with her hands before running away embarrassedly.

They immediately disappeared.

They fled like there was a mad dog running after them…

They were like junkyard dogs and escaped criminals.

Apparently, they had never been so embarrassed in their lives, running away like that.

How horrible!

[Feng Monarch is so greedy!]

[If we stay any longer, maybe he will get over and grab our hands again. Maybe he will want the both of us to follow him too…]

Ling Wuxie looked at them and nearly laughed to the point of choking.

He surely understood it.

Feng Monarch was obviously robbing them!

With the capability of making Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan, he could ask for whatever he wanted. The more the better.

The ladies were not so stupid after all. They left right in time, otherwise, they would have been robbed many more things!

Apparently, the two ladies were far worse than Feng Monarch in playing schemes!

They knew he was occupying the higher position, yet they still dared to negotiate with him. They would surely be ripped off.

"How strange it is!" Ling Wuxie frowned and said, "What were they thinking about, these two little girls? It is quite clear. They are leaving, and neither money nor men mean anything to them anymore. Why don’t they just give them to you? You are doing a great favor for them after all. That could at least be a favor returned to you. It is more reasonable to get a better relationship with a master dan-maker."

For Ling Wuxie, the two ladies were acting strangely.

To boost the dan-making process, Ling Wuxie would be willing to give Feng Monarch the entire House of the Chaotic Storms. That was a fair deal after all!

"Well, Brother Ling, you don’t understand." Ye Xiao smiled. The ladies, the ones he could rob things from, were now gone, and he didn’t really like Ling Wuxie, so he returned to normal. "Men are all free in the heart. People have their rights to choose their own lives. Nobody wants to be given away like objects. They wouldn’t agree. That is reasonable."

"You know they would decline, then why did you ask for it?" Ling Wuxie said.

"Sometimes, we will be in an embarrassing time. I do need money badly." Ye Xiao was being frank. "I am running out of money. Those that I asked for later, I was just saying."

Ling Wuxie understood.

"When the House of the Chaotic Storms is dismissed, those men will be free. I don’t think they are willing to join other sects… Then, in the entire Land of Han-Yang, only my place can be considered a good place to go. As long as they want to come, I won’t turn them down…"

Ye Xiao smiled with confidence.

"Those who have their places to go, they will go. They can live their lives with freedom. Those who wants to join me, I will accept them with warm welcome!" Ye Xiao said, "So, even though they give me those men, I won’t really take them… How can I accept a bunch of men who are obligated to come?"