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Chapter 563: Not to Shrink from Death!

Chapter 563: Not to Shrink from Death!

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Ling Wuxie laughed. He was pleased. "Your smart head is as wise as Bai Chen. I like it. I like it. Hahahaha…"

And then he said, "Brother Feng, how long do you think it will take to finish the fifty Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads?"

He looked solemn when he asked.

Ye Xiao thought for a while and slowly answered, "Since it is you asking, I won’t pretend about anything. As long as I have enough medical materials… with what I have learned during the past few days, as long as I can be safe from the divine punishment, it will take me two months to finish it!"

"Great!" Ling Wuxie’s eyes lit up. He felt relieved. "Brilliant! Brother Feng! What an accomplishment in dan-making area. Not to mention in this world, even in Human Realm Upon Heavens, you are an incredible master!"

He thought for a while and asked again, "By the way, how many materials are needed?"

"Well… Urh… It is hard to say. I am confident about making this dan, however, it depends on my capability at thirty percent while seventy percent on luck. That is the reality." Ye Xiao didn’t say it because he wanted more materials. He really wasn’t sure about it.

Brother Egg made him three beads from the one thousand portions.

Would it make another three beads from another one thousand portions of materials? Maybe there would only be one. That was possible!

"All in all, the more the better."

Ye Xiao could only answer with that. And then he sighed.

Ling Wuxie was understanding.

Dan-making was something uncontrollable after all. The higher level the dan was, the more difficult it was to produce. Supreme Dan was the most difficult. Otherwise, how could there only be one Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan bead in the long history! No one ever made it after that unique one before Ye Xiao!

Even super dan-making masters like Ye Xiao, who knew a lot about Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan already, couldn’t be sure about it. To make one stove successfully among a hundred failures could be a legend!

How could he make every stove succeed?

That was impossible, even for gods!

If Feng Monarch told Ling Wuxie that he could make every stove succeed, Ling Wuxie would consider him mad! That must be crazy!

Ling Wuxie changed the topic, as he had known what the other wanted. He said, "You are marvelous in dan-making, Brother Feng. You are doing something legendary in the history. However, I haven’t see any divine punishment so far this time? Did you use my tower that I gave you?"

"What do you mean your tower? That is my tower!" Ye Xiao was being unpleasant.

Ling Wuxie felt embarrassed. He felt like he had just choked with a piece of shxt.

Ye Xiao said, "How do you think I would use it? I just made it large enough for me to get into it. I made the dan beads inside it. I needed to concentrate, so I didn’t pay much attention on the divine punishment. Didn’t I just give the two ladies two supreme dan beads? How can I still stand here like this if I didn’t escape the punishment?"

"Urh…" Ling Wuxie speechlessly looked at him. "Well… That’s it?…"

[That was…]


[This is… so… embarrassing though!]

[He actually got into the tower to make dan…]

[That is more than brilliant. How could I not think of it?]

[I thought he would put it on standby to avoid the lightning strikes…]

[That is what we do up there anyway.]

[He just got in the tower…]

[The Golden Soul Tower is so powerful and solid. To defend from the divine punishment lightning in this way would keep him uninterrupted. It is absolutely safe in there. The punishment lightning in this realm may be fatal for local people, but they will be fine if they don’t get hit. For Golden Soul Tower, such lightning strike is never going to make any damage!]

[For fxck’s sake… Why didn’t I think of this way. If I did, I wouldn’t need to give him my Golden Soul Tower. God damn it…] Ling Wuxie thought.

He stayed for a while more before he left.

Before he left, he casually asked Ye Xiao something.

"Brother Feng, basically, with your capability, your schemes, your wisdom, your… everything… you shouldn’t look like this. This appearance of yours shouldn’t be really you…"

Ling Wuxie said, "May I ask, is Feng Zhiling your true identity?"

"Is this really you?"

He asked in a casual tone, like it was just a simple question, but also a serious one.

Ye Xiao didn’t answer him directly. He secretly smiled and said, "Why don’t you guess?"

Ling Wuxie laughed and left.

"No, I won’t!"

"I just need to wait!"

"Someday… there will be someone in Human Realm Upon Heavens using that tower! I will get to know who you are! Such incredible treasure, which is well combine with your soul, I don’t think you will abandon it, will you?"


Ye Xiao laughed while looking at the back of Ling Wuxie.

"Well, this Lord Ling is not only a man that can be a good friend, but also a man who is full of fun."

Ye Xiao murmured.

The men from the five clans came to say goodbye to Feng Monarch. They could have left two days earlier, but Feng Monarch hadn’t shown up in the two days. They wanted to say goodbye in person to show their respect. They actually didn’t want to displease Feng Monarch. It was quite a horrible thing to make him angry.

Luckily, they got the chance to take leave now. No more waiting.

"Feng Monarch, we are leaving today." Long Tianyun said, "Before we go, we came to see you. We want to say goodbye to you and also show our respect and gratitude to you."

"Take care." Ye Xiao was straightforward.

"Thank you, Monarch. We won’t forget the great favor! Whatever you need, just write us a letter…"

Long Tianyun looked at others.

They all stood straight up and loudly spoke at the same time, "Anything you command! We won’t think even in death!"

"I am flattered." Ye Xiao sighed.

When they were all about to get out of the door, Ye Xiao casually said, "Maybe there’s something you can give me some advices on… The two great sects are heavily damaged… It could be a great opportunity for you guys…"

Their eyes lit up. "Anything, Monarch!"