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Chapter 564: Accident!

Chapter 564: Accident!

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"Don’t take it as an order. I just want to give you some words. Opportunity never waits. When it is gone, it never comes back!" Ye Xiao grinned. "One more thing. After a month, Ling-Bao Hall will hold another auction. There will be more supreme dan beads on sale… If you are still interested, prepare more money or resources. I am sure you will get what you wish for."

He smiled. "It is still a secret by far. Only me and you guys know it."

Their eyes lit up!


[God blessed opportunity!]

Feng Monarch had made it quite clear for them now.

The two great sects were in a tough time with huge damages inside. Even if they wanted to do anything, they would only target Ling-Bao Hall. They didn’t have much power to deal with other forces after all. As long as Ling-Bao Hall stayed strong, the two sects wouldn’t be able to mess with other people.

The time while Ling-Bao Hall and the two great sects were fighting each other was the perfect time for noble clans to rise up.

Supreme Dan beads would help them raise a bunch of geniuses in a short time…

Noble clans had gotten some supreme dan beads in the last auction, but they surely wouldn’t mind to get more, would they?

Who would not want to have more geniuses in their clan?

The noble clans didn’t know there would be supreme dan bead in the auction, so they collected money in a hurry. They could have gotten many more dan beads than they had. This time, they knew about the auction in advance. That was a huge difference.

They had two months to prepare for it. They could surely collect much more money and resources to buy more supreme dan beads in the next auction.

"One more thing. I have been reaching the cultivation limit of Land of Han-Yang. When I step up off this world, I will never return." Ye Xiao smiled, "In other words, I will be leaving Land of Han-Yang at any time… I won’t stay in this world for a long time. One thing can be sure, however, when I leave, there will be no more new supreme dan beads in this world."

Long Tianyun and his people took in a deep breath. They didn’t say anything in response.

Their eyes were turning brighter and brighter.

[If Feng Monarch leaves and there will be no supreme dan beads in this world, we will become the only ones who can have genius young generations… In the future, our clan will surely be the most powerful forces in the world!]

[Even if the two great sect will still exist, they must have been broken down by Feng Monarch… Struggling… Does it mean, the bright future of our clans are just shown in this conversation?]

"If we five clans can have a bright future, you are the person we should always be grateful to, Feng Monarch!" Long Tianyun and his men made a bow with hands folded in front. "We won’t forget your great kindness!"

They left.

Wan Zhenghao showed up and said, "Monarch, I admire you so much… What you just said would definitely make them give all their money in. They might even carry great loans to buy your dan beads and they will be grateful to you… Hahaha."

Ye Xiao half closed his eyes and said, "You are wrong. You are too selfish thinking that way! They are grateful because they feel it. They feel it now and they will feel it then. I am offering them this opportunity to truly rise within the next thousands of years. If they miss it, it won’t come back."

Wan Zhenghao nodded. "Understood. They would spend every penny for this opportunity!"

Ye Xiao seemed lost in thought after answering him.

He was thinking about it.

What he said to Long Tianyun was true, that he wouldn’t stay in Land of Han-Yang for a long time.

However, if he took leave, the people he left behind would definitely be a solicitude to him.

Friends, brothers, subordinates… the soldiers of his father… relatives… That was a huge amount.

He needed to consider these people too.

Once he left, they would lose their solid support.

He thought it was better to maintain a good relationship with the five clans and help them rise fast. In the future, they could return the favor on the people Ye Xiao cared in this world. That was what he wanted!

After all, Ling-Bao Hall had just spent five hundred billion to revenge!

That was only a beginning!

That was enough.

That was enough to frighten people in this world and keep them from hurting his people.

That was he what he was thinking—arrangements for his departure.

That was also what he was doing.

When the men of five clans left Ling-Bao Hall, the other three clans people bowed to Long Tianyun and said with sincerity, "Thank you, Master Long, for your kindness!"

Long Tianyun smiled. "No need. We are on the same boat. We should look after each other no matter what."

The men of the other three clans nodded.

After that, the five clans were like a union led by Long Clan.

They all knew that since the day they entered Ling-Bao Hall, Long Tianyun was the one who made all the smart steps. He was the man who led them to the opportunity to rise!

They all felt grateful for what Long Tianyun did sincerely.

Even though there would be conflicts among the clans and they couldn’t really get along with each other so peacefully, they never would never forget what they had been through together those days!

At this moment, the assassins from Ling-Bao Hall had been killing everywhere!

Nobody stayed beside Ye Xiao. When Ye Xiao left Ling-Bao Hall, he was so cautious.

In fact, that wasn’t necessary. Since Feng Zhiling took over Ling-Bao Hall, he barely failed. Whenever he took a strike, it shocked the world. Thousands of assassins killed with three poison strikes. People of the two great sects, including Bu Jingtian, known as the No. 1 Cultivator, died.

Nobody else in Land of Han-Yang was capable of doing that!

Whoever dared to mess with Feng Zhiling was simply looking for death!

However, things were always unexpected in reality!

For example…

When Feng Zhiling took a turn in an alley and was about to take off his disguise, he felt something wrong. He felt something extremely dangerous!

That feeling was like bumping into a strong tiger in the dark of an old forest. He hadn’t seen any people, but he was already having goosebumps all over his body!

[This must be… a powerful superior cultivator!]