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Chapter 565: Ambush!

Chapter 565: Ambush!

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Who was Ye Xiao? No matter how people sang songs about his victory, he never really cared. He had never cared about things in this low realm ever. He would never be satisfied for surpassing a bunch of ants, would he?

He didn’t feel anything special. However, he suddenly felt the danger getting closer. He was alerted. He didn’t panic though. He suddenly moved so fast as he rushed away from that area!

He was like a soft breeze blowing away but fast!

In people’s eyes, he was just a little bit faster than usual. However, he was actually moving extremely fast. He appeared far away from where he originally stood, and he even left a blurry image.

- Shoot! - A light sound passed by.

A sharp sword light went through that image of Ye Xiao.

The glow of stars splashed around.

At the same time, someone made a sound. "Oh?

Apparently, the person who made the strike was quite surprised about that missed attack. He was surprised about Feng Monarch’s real capability!

Ye Xiao had been rushing away like a shooting star, disappearing in the first light of dawn with his extreme martial art.

There were more than one enemy there! He got enemies from three directions!

These enemies were extremely powerful this time. The vigor they emitted were so overwhelming. It was frightening.

With attacks from three sides, there was only one direction where he could flee to.

Ye Xiao rushed away the second when he noticed the situation.

However, he regretted just after he rushed!

He realized he should have never rushed in that direction. It seemed to be the only way to get away from danger, but it was an unpredictable way!

He should have ran back to where he came from or to the right of where he stood!

If he ran back, it was Ling-Bao Hall. If he ran right, it would lead him to his home.

There would be reinforcements in both sides, powerful ones! That would be enough to help him take down whoever was attacking him.

However, when he noticed the enemies, the first thought he had was "they are strong", and indeed they were. Three peak Sky Origin Stage cultivators on three different directions were surrounding him.

The only way out of that circle was where he had just rushed out.

If he ran to another direction, the only thing he needed was somebody to stop the three men for just a while. However, he might not be able to get away anyway. He could be in a real negative situation. If the three men joined each other and fought against him together, he would be totally knocked down!

That was why he rushed to the only direction that seemed safe.

However, when he just rushed out, he knew he had made the wrong decision…

He had no choice now. Even if he had a second chance to choose again, he would still choose this way…

He knew he was probably rushing to a trap, but he still would choose this way. If he was stopped in any of other three directions, the innocent citizens would very likely die in that battle!

The qi they would emit could be strong enough to push normal people to death! No one would survive that!

Whoever was attacking him must know how he would think of it. Maybe they just didn’t care at all.

The men who were messing with Feng Zhiling this time were truly cruel and merciless! They treated people like grasses!

If Ye Xiao decided to fight them in that place, they wouldn’t care about the thousands of lives around!

Ye Xiao moved like a flying arrow shooting out.

He had made up his mind.

Since he had chosen this way, he would stick with it. [Would I fear the trap they set for me?]

The next moment…

Three streams of killing qi boosted up and followed him from three directions like crazy!

Even now, Ye Xiao still couldn’t see the faces of his enemies. However, the killing qi was clearly felt! They were following him so fast. A little bit behind him, but staying in a certain distance.

The three of them made use of an extreme murdering qi to aim at Ye Xiao!

Because of that qi, he couldn’t change his direction at all. He had to keep rushing forward! He could either only get rid of them or get caught by them!

If he dared to make a turn, he might get stricken with that horrible qi in an instant and fall to earth!

A hidden enemy was the most threatening one.

Ye Xiao sighed, but he could only just keep rushing forward.

As he was moving, he was turning faster and faster. He had reached the limitation of his speed.

- Shoot! - A black light flashed behind him. Only the extreme speed could make such a phenomenon!

It just appeared in a second, but it had boosted Ye Xiao forward and created a longer distance between him and the guys behind.

They had been about fifty meters away, but were now eighty!

It was not a safe distance yet, but it was much better. If he made a turn now, he wouldn’t be stricken down so quickly. That was a huge difference. Death and life were always standing in a minor difference!

Enemies saw that happen, they shouted together!

Successfully getting away from the enemies, Ye Xiao felt relieved. He just wanted to take a turn, but he heard the shout behind him. The shouts were from three different directions around him. Three streams of qi rushed up to attack him with murderous intents!

The killing qi rushed up to the sky!

It locked on Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao was totally pissed!

[The two great sects really have done some hard work to deal with me this time. They actually sent out so many master superior cultivators? What a great plan!]