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Chapter 566: Hunt!

Chapter 566: Hunt!

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When Ye Xiao noticed the danger at the beginning, he knew that it was the two great sects who arranged this ambush!

After all, in this world, there was no other people who dared to lay their hands on him, or was capable of taking his life!

He had shown the world a crazy image of himself that he could spend every penny for a bounty. It would frighten any force in this world!

Nobody dared to mess such a mad and powerful man!

However, the two great sect were different.

They were the only people who wouldn’t care about that bounty.

That was why Ye Xiao was sure they were the only people who could arrange this ambush.

It had only been six days since he killed the guys of the two great sects. He hadn’t thought that they would get back on him so soon!

And so fiercely!

He didn’t expect such a powerful counterattack!

That shouldn’t be possible. The two great sects were thirty-seven thousand miles away from Chen-Xing City!

That was a distance that normal people might not be able to finish in their lives.

Besides, normally, when a sect received the report about such a loss, they would gather their people to have a meeting and discuss plans about it. The two great sects should have spent days to choose the men and to have a conversation between two sects. Only after all that could they send the men on the mission…

That was at least half a month of work!

However, within six days, they finished all the works and started the ambush!

Even if they skipped all the other works and started the mission right away, it was impossible to reach the capital within just a few days, even though they were all Sky Origin Stage cultivators!

[Even if they didn’t sleep and spent every second to come without a stop, they still couldn’t arrive so soon!]

Ye Xiao felt that something was terribly wrong. There must be something unexpected that happened. There must be a coincidence that led things to an unexpected direction! He truly was unprepared this time!

"Caution is the parent of safety. I was not being arrogant, but I was careless…" He sighed. "Ah, Xiao Monarch, didn’t I make the same mistake and ended up being surrounded by the three factions the day I died and disappeared!"

"With such vivid lessons, I am still making the same mistake! Is it a warning from my fate?"

Ye Xiao knew who the enemies were, but he had nothing to do right now. The distance was pulling further and further, but they were locking on him fiercely. Eighty meters was not a short distance, but for Sky Origin Stage cultivators, it only took a time of breathing in to reach. He couldn’t get rid of it. He couldn’t head back to the House of Ye.

He knew that as long as he could get close enough to House of Ye, Song Jue would save him for sure. He might be able to kill all the three guys instantly. None of them could leave alive!

However, he was too far away now. Ye Xiao couldn’t get any closer to him.

He was moving to a different direction at the beginning after all.

The first mistake he made led him to this trap, and he was moving further and further in the dangerous direction now.

It was a short time since the attack began, however, the four of them were moving so fast that they had already been out of the city. That was at least a hundred miles away from the House of Ye!

No matter how loudly he would shout, it wouldn’t reach House of Ye.

Distant water couldn’t put out a nearby fire!

Ye Xiao made up his mind and gritted his teeth. He just kept rushing forward. While he was moving, he thought, [Fxck! You all see me as a p*ssy while I am just an unawakened tiger!]

[Wait and see! Look how the Monarch kill all of you in a bloody way!]

As he was flying, he was speeding up. He gritted his teeth. [I don’t need much time!]

[Only a moment to take a breath of rest, then I can take my counterattack immediately.]

However, while he was escaping, the suppressed vigor kept rising up and pushed him from time to time! It was getting so close!

Ye Xiao sensed it and found that at least eighteen more people joined the suppression!

Luckily, he was Xiao Monarch. Others would have been driven crazy!

Eighteen Sky Origin Stage cultivators!

That meant eighteen of them were working together to force him down on a fixed way.

He couldn’t change his direction anymore!

If he wanted to make a turn, he would need to operate the spiritual power to twist it a bit.

He would slow down because of it for a moment. That moment could lead him to a fatal situation!

One moment could decide the result of a fight between superior cultivators. How could he be careless dealing with a fight against all these Sky Origin Stage cultivators!

Any one of the eighteen men should be a world-shocking figure in the world. Now they were working together to deal with Ye Xiao! That was such a huge plan.

The two great sects really wanted him dead!

The vigor of the eighteen men gradually joined together from afar.

It formed into a overwhelming suppressing power on Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao had to operate martial art to push back the suppression while he had to keep flying in a fixed speed.

He had to do it. Otherwise, when they all stopped to fight, he would be knocked down by the suppressing power right away without any further actions!

He crazily operated the East-rising Purple Qi to transfer the spiritual qi into speed and vigor.

At the same time, all flying needles and knives were ready in the Space. He needed to make sure everything was ready when a physical fight was started.

He also kept searching the Space. Last time, when he checked the Space, he didn’t really do it carefully. However, he still found three Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads. He was thinking maybe there were also some poison beads too.

Those were some important weapon to save his life!

If he had that absolute poison beads, it would change the entire situation!

He searched for a while carefully, but only sighed with disappointment after that.

No poison beads!

He thought there might be some!

But there was actually none!

That meant he had to face the tough situation on his own!

However, those was eighteen Sky Origin Stage cultivators he needed to knock down!

Any of the eighteen men was in a higher level than him!

He was only level five of Sky Origin Stage after working so hard for a long time.

He had just reached that level too!