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Chapter 567: What Are You Afraid Of?

Chapter 567: What Are You Afraid Of?

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Each of those men who were here to join the mission to trap Ye Xiao was beyond level eight of Sky Origin Stage!

Over half of them were much higher than that!

They had been suppressing Ye Xiao with spiritual energy so far. None of them had made any real attacks!

It should be quite an easy job to kill Ye Xiao, considering the capability of the team including eighteen powerful men!

However, they just kept forcing Ye Xiao to go on a certain direction. That must be on purpose. They might want to end Ye Xiao in a better place, or… maybe there was an extremely powerful figure waiting at the end of this way!

Ye Xiao thought for solutions. The suppression was getting more and more powerful!

He had a thought in mind eventually. [This is not right. Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect are powerful, but they are still sects in this low realm. The superior cultivators in their sects should be no stronger than Bu Jingtian.]

[Bu Jingtian is dead. There may be some other superior cultivators in the two sects, but they must not be more powerful than Bu Jingtian. However, the three men of these eighteen who ambushed me at the beginning are all beyond Bu Jingtian!]

[They have such power. They don’t need to do this to me, do they? Maybe I am missing something? Maybe they scruple because of something I have?]

Thinking of that, he was suddenly enlightened. [I see. They are afraid of the poison of mine! I am the only one who knows the truth that I don’t have that anymore. They don’t!]

That was the only reason why those incredible superior cultivators didn’t attack him in a fair fight within the shortest time. Feng Monarch’s poison was too terrible!

If they gathered around to fight him and he made that poison strike, many of them would die for sure!

[That is why they surrounded me but leave a direction for me to run away. They keep forcing me to fly in order to consume my spiritual power! They are in a much higher level than me and they have eighteen men. They have more to consume than I do. If I keep fleeing like this, I will be exhausted to death! They wouldn’t need to really make an attack to kill me if that happens! In this wide open field, even if I have the poison, it won’t give a perfect hit. Well done! Great plan!]

Ye Xiao showed a cold smile.

[What a good plan!]

The plan was so thorough. It considered all aspects. If it went on well, they could easily kill Feng Zhiling, the most influential man in the world!

[Well, you have no idea what a great spiritual qi treasury I have inside me!]

[As long as I am still breathing, the spiritual qi in the Space will never stop coming out.]

[I will never run out of spiritual qi.]

[Moreover, if you make a physical attack on me and start a face to face fight, I may truly embarrassedly fall in your hands. However, you just keep pushing me with your spiritual energy. You want to consume me to death without any hard work. Well, thanks to that. Don’t blame me to take that advantage then…]

As he thought, he had an idea. He slowed down a bit himself. It looked like he was as fast as he had been flying, but it was a tiny bit slower.

That minor difference could never escape the concentrated observation of those Sky Origin Stage cultivators!

It gave them a sign that Ye Xiao was starting to run out of spiritual power. That was a fake image though.

That was why he slowed down!

Twelve of them started to push him even harder. Apparently, they had used their full power now.

In their minds, it was the best moment to strike Feng Monarch, as he had shown tiredness.

A little further behind, the rest six of them caught up too. Gradually, six more masses of power joined in!

They were surpassing Ye Xiao in power levels. That was a unsolvable huge gap between them!

The eighteen of them all saw Feng Monarch getting slower and slower as expected. He was showing a painful look on the face, gasping. It looked like he was trying so hard to control his breath not to show the enemy how he felt, but he couldn’t. If he wasn’t running out of energy, he wouldn’t look like that.

Even so, he still tried so hard to keep rushing ahead, but he was getting slower and slower.

The eighteen of them all felt overjoyed.

They crazily suppressed Ye Xiao and some of them started to shout to the sky!

The shout broke to the sky and spread in distance.

Far from them, there was someone else shouting back to answer.

It was right ahead of Ye Xiao.

There were more people hiding ahead of him, as expected!

The shout was coming over along with the wind.

Six powerful masses of suppressing forces were getting closer and closer!

They all pushed on Ye Xiao!

The enemies who were waiting for him in the only direction he was forced to go finally showed up!

Six people!

Ye Xiao sighed.

[So these are all they have?]

[The last group of them showed up. Now they are surrounding me in four directions. I am trapped!]

[How do I solve this problem now?]

[They have twenty-four cultivators who are beyond level eight of Sky Origin Stage only to get on me, a level five Sky Origin Stage cultivator!]

[I am flattered!]

Ye Xiao was feeling it, the hunting in circle. His eyes lit up. He suddenly stopped, gasping. He staggered before firmly stepping on the floor. It looked like he was exhausted already. He acted like he would have fallen down if he wasn’t forcibly hanging on.

He heavily gasped as he staggered… It seemed… he truly was exhausted!

However, in his drooping eyes, there was only massive killing intent!