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Chapter 568: Stalemate!

Chapter 568: Stalemate!

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However, none of the enemies showed up from the dark. The suppressing power was still ongoing though.

Apparently, they wouldn’t show up until Feng Monarch fell down!

They wouldn’t take a risk that might lead to an unforgivable regret!

The poison beads of Feng Monarch was a legend that terrified everyone after all!

Whoever was touched by that dark fog, they would all eventually rot into ashes.

Feng Monarch had such a terrifying history, who dared to show up and stay beside him? It was not safe even staying in a distance. What if the wind blew the fog over?

That fog meant death to them all after all.

They would rather hold on longer than put their lives at risk. It was a joint honor of them all as a team, yet their lives only belonged to themselves. Now that they were occupying the higher position, they naturally didn’t need to take any risk!

Ye Xiao stopped and kept gasping heavily. He held onto his knees, acting like he was nearly dead because of tiredness. However, his eyes were looking around.

It was a flat field there.

There were two small villages in distance. Further away, there was a long chain of small mountains. That was so normal around Chen-Xing City!

There was no place for him to hide!

Apparently, the enemies had investigated the landscape. They forced him here on purpose!

In fact, this was not the place they wanted Ye Xiao to stop. However, Ye Xiao believed they were more or less near the place they planned!

In fact, this place was better for the enemies to handle Feng Zhiling!

The suppressing power might be reduced in such a place, but it could keep Feng Zhiling from running away!

There were twenty-four cultivators above level eight of Sky Origin Stage. Even though their suppressing power was reduced a lot, they were still occupying the higher position. Feng Monarch was still too weak to defend against them, no matter how he reduced their power!

As long as Feng Monarch didn’t escape from their entrapment, they would win this battle for sure!

Ye Xiao was gasping, like he was really exhausted. He didn’t move. It looked like any of the twenty-four guys could easily kill him.

In fact, the East-rising Purple Qi was running like a great river in his body, round and round boosting up!

Other than that, endless spiritual qi was forming inside the Space. It created a spiritual qi storm that raged in the Space from the bottom of Brother Egg!

As long as Ye Xiao gave a hint, the spiritual qi that was like an ocean would rush into his dantian. He would be filled up with energy within seconds. He would be in a full state like he was going to explode at any second!

The suppressing power was getting stronger on him!

The twenty-four guys had surrounded him!

Twenty-four masses of suppressing qi formed a joint array!

It kept tightening and squeezing!

[We don’t want an instant kill. We just want to kill you slowly!]

[We don’t need to show up! We can kill you even from a distance!]

[As long as you die, everything will be perfect. We don’t need to rush!]

Ye Xiao took in a deep breath of spiritual qi, trying to convert it into a spiritual shield. He operated the first level martial art of East-rising Purple Qi to fight against the suppressing power.

After a while, his forehead was full of cold sweat.

Enemies were waiting for Feng Monarch to fall down, but they didn’t know Feng Monarch was waiting too. He was waiting for them to show up!

As long as he figured out where they were, he could come up with a practical plan to control the situation!

Whether he would make a counterattack or a breakout, it would all be under his control!

He believed no one could have sharper eyes than him in this world.

As long as he could glance on those men, he would know which was stronger and which was weaker. Even a slight difference couldn’t escape his eyes.

He just wanted those guys to show up.

[The moment they show up is the moment I start the counterattack!]

However, the suppressing power was getting stronger and stronger, but nobody showed up!

After a while of stalemate, the enemies had gathered more people! Four more men joined the twenty-four men! The power of the four new guys was the most powerful hammer to break the stalemate!

However, it was all Ye Xiao’s acting! More enemies coming over and putting on a suppressing power on him successfully made it harder for him to bear, but it didn’t lead things out of his predication!

Since the enemies had set up such a murderous trap, they would never keep their forces this time. Ye Xiao intentionally acted like he was trapped in a negative situation. First, he wanted to make the enemies show themselves. Second, he just wanted to push the enemies to make their last strike. As expected, they thought they were in an advantage, but they didn’t dare to show up, so they finally used their last ace card!

However, with four more men to help, they still couldn’t knock Feng Zhiling down.

It remained a stalemate!

[What is going on?]

The men of the two great sects were surprised. They had one conclusion about all this. [He truly is a powerful man. No wonder he could kill Bu Jingtian! Impressive!]

Ye Xiao had forced the enemies to put on their last group of power, but they still didn’t show up. It was still a stalemate. He remained in a negative position, and that was not a good thing for him. He was a bit edgy, even though he was usually calm…

Ye Xiao was edgy, in fact, those twenty-eight men were even edgier!

They were totally shocked and provoked.

They couldn’t believe it!

[What the fxck is going on here?]

Feng Zhiling had rushed along to this place like a shooting star under the suppression from them. That was already like a miracle to them.

Now, when he seemed to be exhausted, he actually successfully held it against the power of the twenty-eight men! He was actually hanging with it! He seemed quite capable from that!

[This is so tough! This is tough like hell!]

[He is absolutely a monster!]