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Chapter 569: Lunisolar Glory!

Chapter 569: Lunisolar Glory!

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Even if he was at the same level with the twenty-eight men, even if he was Bu Jingtian, he should have been pushed down on the floor by now! If he was truly that powerful, he might be able to break out the entrapment. He was obviously not as powerful as them! He was bracing himself forcibly!

[That is such a tough guy!]

Feng Monarch suddenly staggered under their watch. And then he angrily shouted to the sky, "Ahhh…"

They were all looking at him with expectation. As he shouted, his spiritual power that had looked like drying out actually rose again crazily!

Why again? It wasn’t the first time it rose up! It was the third time!

"What the hell. He is using his origin capacity now!" A white-bearded old man looked solemn. "He first used the power he gathered inside his body. Then he broke his foundation to transform it into spiritual qi. This time, he is converting the energy of his life for the burst of spiritual power… He may be able to hold it up for a while, but after this, he will be drained out! In other words, we are winning this!"

"That’s right! Let’s be patient. Do not show yourselves. That man is so good at poisoning. We can’t defend that strike. Do not take any reckless moves. Keep suppressing him until he dies. That is the best way!"


They all nodded to agree.

"This is the third time. I wonder how long will it take for him to hang on like this? We are holding quite a burden making the suppressing attacks too. Why don’t we just use Lunisolar Glory and finish the fight quickly. As long as we don’t show ourselves, what can he do with his poison anyway? The sooner the safer," one of them suggested.

"Good idea! Brilliant!" Some others around him nodded.

They spread the idea to the others. After a while, all twenty-eight knew it.

With a long and resounding shout, the twenty-eight streams of vigorous power suddenly changed!

That was an incredible change really. Before this, the twenty-eight streams of power worked together in separate ways. They just kept suppressing one after another. They were working together, but not really bonded into a wholeness. It was still very likely to find ways to defend them. At this moment, the twenty-eight streams of power bonded! Like rivers joined to the ocean! It became a monolithic mass of power!

Ye Xiao encountered such an enormous power. He felt much more suppressed. That was a much different situation now than earlier!

The only thing unexpected to Ye Xiao was this Lunisolar Glory.

That was something that could have actually killed him!

The Lunisolar Glory was a martial move of the two great sects joint attack!

That was surely powerful. In fact, it was unbelievably difficult to cultivate this martial art!

It had a basic requirement. Fourteen superior cultivators of Sunlight Sect and fourteen of Starlight Sect should work together, twenty-eight in total. It matched the twenty-eight stars in the sky!

The basic martial arts that were required for this technique were the Scorching Sun Martial Art of Sunlight Sect and the Starmoon Martial Art of Starlight Sect. The two martial arts together could create a splendid scene of the sun and the moon illuminating the earth!

The twenty-eight men not only needed to just practice it together, they also needed to reach a thorough connection in their minds. That was the basic requirement for the cultivation of this technique.

To make sure it met the basic requirement, they had to stay together all year long.

Other than that, to cultivate this technique, they had to be living in the mortal world to feel the energy of kings. That would give them what they couldn’t get for the Lunisolar Glory.

It was their shortage after all. It was natural!

The essence of this technique was to be performed by three streams of power. Three kinds of glows—the sun, the moon, and the stars—shining together in the sky!

The three glows of the sun, the moon, and the stars referred to three kinds of talented men—one for sky, one for earth, while the other for humans. Only by making the three glows and the three kinds of people perfectly bond together in the universe could it lead to a perfect strike, the Triple Glory!

The two great sects had collected whatever they could, but they only reached the stage in which only Lunisolar Glory could be performed.

After many years, the two great sects found that the shortage could be fixed, and they could possibly perform Triple Glory!

The star glow was needed. They could use the qi of the three kinds of people to fix the shortage. It was not literally qi though. It was actually the destined energy of the kings. They could use the destined energy of the kings to fix the shortage for that star glow.

Because of that, during the time they had been cultivating this special technique, these twenty-eight men had been hiding in the forest mountains outside Chen-Xing City. It had been fifty years since the two great sects started to cultivate together on this project.

They had never shown themselves even if they were so close to Chen-Xing City.

When the guys led by Bu Jingtian were all killed in the city, these men all knew by the next morning.

They knew what happened, so they decided to take revenge.

After some investigation, they surprisedly found that forty-eight top superior cultivators in the world including Bu Jingtian were killed in a short time. Bu Jingtian was killed by one palm hit by Feng Zhiling, the monarch of Ling-Bao Hall!

They reckoned that Feng Zhiling was too powerful to mess with. After several times of discussion and observations, they came up with a conclusion. The reason why Feng Zhiling could kill so many powerful man like that was that he had those poison beads, as well as those schemes in his mind. He was not so strong in cultivation, so they thought that as long as they didn’t get close to him and fought with him from a distance, they could defeat him. It would be easy to kill him once he was knocked down!

They had been hanging around near Ling-Bao Hall to make sure their plan went smoothly. They had worked on this trap for many times. That was why they wouldn’t need to spend lots of time on the way…

Ye Xiao knew nothing about all that though.

He was taking the disadvantage that even he didn’t know why!

At the moment, the twenty-eight streams of power bonded together. The energy could even shock the world. It smashed down onto Ye Xiao’s head, causing him to feel greatly stressed!

He could barely defend it!

That was so unexpected. He nearly fell down and sat on the floor because of the surprise attack!