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Chapter 570: Monarch’s Burst!

Chapter 570: Monarch’s Burst!

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Ye Xiao’s eyebrow twisted. He felt that something went really bad. He had such a familiar feeling. At the same time, he felt hatred and hostility in his chest for no reason, like there was wild fire burning the entire land in it!

[The feeling of this…]

[That is…]

[It feels like… the martial arts of the three super factions in Qing-Yun Realm!]

[I felt it clearly when I was surrounded back to that day.]

[That’s right. The two great sects were subordinate organizations of two of the three factions. I surely remember that.]

His eyes suddenly turned red!

[My brother… He should be even more familiar to this feeling!]

[But now he is dead!]

[And I am still fxcking alive!]

Facing the familiar murderous feeling, Ye Xiao suddenly shouted to the sky. His vigorous power was boosting up and up, breaking out the limit several times under those men’s unbelieving watch!

He decided not to hide his capability anymore. He was raging with a burst!

Under the control of his mind power, the spiritual qi in his dantian started to pour out like tides! Spiritual qi immediately filled up the Spaces, and it was circulating all over his body!

Spiritual qi filled Ye Xiao up. He was full as if he would explode at any moment!

Killing intent and murderous qi crazily poured out from his heart! That was an imperatorial vigor of the residuary soul of Xiao Monarch from the previous life!

It burst out!

Ye Xiao’s bended body suddenly straightened!

He stood there tall and straight, no more did he seem to be staggering and dying at any second!

Ye Xiao was now like a giant divine sword connecting the sky and the earth. It suddenly came out from the scabbard and stood between the sky and the earth, giving out sharp lights that would glow forever, overwhelmingly!

That dense aura of murderous qi flowed around his body and suddenly shot out in every direction like an explosion! It divided into one after another invisible sharp sword shooting out fiercely!

East-rising Purple Qi formed a defensive shield, and it suddenly moved backward a bit before it wildly marched ahead. The aura of a conqueror’s murderous qi shined up with resplendence!

It shined up the world!

Ye Xiao was standing on the flat land with a cold face. He was like a conqueror of the heavens looking down on the weak mortal beings!




Except that, he was solemn, splendent like he could slaughter the entire world!

Spiritual qi was gathering fast and crazily in his dantian!

It was raging!

It was rolling!

Ye Xiao could feel that he was consuming the spiritual qi in a rapid speed as he was making such a splendid vigorous power. However, it refilled even faster than it was consumed. HIs Jing and Mai were turning thicker and thicker bit by bit under such a strange situation.

He should be just in level five of Sky Origin Stage, however, at this moment, he was pushed to the middle phase of the fifth level. It was still pushing forward! He felt fulfilled!


"What is going on…"



At the moment when Ye Xiao started to get up vigorously, the twenty-eight men felt something extremely horrible for no reason. Suddenly, the vigorous power of the murderous qi smashed down on them like a descent of a conqueror!

At this moment, Ye Xiao was fighting the twenty-eight men on his own. However, his power of vigor had turned the losing situation over. He was now in the higher position in this battle. He had pushed all the energy of the twenty-eight men backward!

Basically, Ye Xiao’s real capability could not even bring him victory facing one of those twenty-eight men. However, they were in a fight of vigor! Ye Xiao’s murderous vigor was from the soul of Xiao Monarch!

The energy of vigor of a Dao Origin Stage cultivator, Xiao Monarch, could vanquish even two hundred and eighty men, not to mention twenty-eight men. There was a gap of two spiritual dimensions!

Even though Ye Xiao only struck out a tiny piece of Xiao Monarch’s soul, the murderous qi along with the vigor was still invincible in the world!

Besides, East-rising Purple Qi in second level was playing a big role to support the suppression.

The twenty-eight men might be able to conquer the entire Land of Han-Yang, but they were far behind Xiao Monarch, who had ruled the Qing-Yun Realm!

If they fought Ye Xiao face to face with the spiritual qi, it would be a different story. Ye Xiao had the vigor and will of Xiao Monarch, but not the cultivation capability that matched them. One could not make a fist with no hand. If this was a physical fight, even if Ye Xiao survived, he would be badly damaged for sure!

However, those men were so afraid of the poison beads, so they took the conservative way to start the fight.

What they got was to arouse the enormous hatred and hostility deep inside Ye Xiao’s soul.

He didn’t plan to do it this way at the beginning. He was thinking he would use a level 1 East-rising Purple Qi to make a vigor strike. He would make it a protracted fight and wait until those men were tired. After which, he would burst in energy to kill them one by one!

However, the extreme hostility that had been hidden so deep in his soul made him burst. That burst happened to take place when the men had just stricken out their most powerful attack!

That was such a tough counterattack!

The twenty-eight men had the same reaction. They felt extreme pain in their heads, and there were flashing lights in the eyes. They felt like a mess in their head and nearly lost their minds. Blood came out from their eyes, nose, mouth and ears. The weaker ones spat out blood and got serious damages inside their bodies!

Ye Xiao’s counterattack contained dense killing qi. It swept out all that stood on the way!

Whoever were attacked all felt weak in their arms and legs. They felt dizzy. Their inner organs were seriously damaged. They had lost the capability to fight within several seconds!

The counterattack made twenty-three of the men stagger and bleed in the head. Among these twenty-three men, seven were damaged badly inside and completely lost their capability to fight!

Only five of the men were fine!

However, they also felt a throbbing inside their heads when it burst. They couldn’t hear anything…

After a while, they finally returned to themselves from shock and looked at each other, with faces of terror!

They realized Feng Monarch had been hiding his true capability. That was the moment when he finally unleashed his true power and burst out, making an end to the battle!

[No wonder he has been so cooperating all along. He simply took any way we picked. No reflections at all. It turns out he was so confident. He wants us all to be here, so that he can strike on us at one time.]