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Chapter 571: Kill Back! Escape!

Chapter 571: Kill Back! Escape!

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[With that capability, he should have been free for a long time. Besides, he even acted like he was struggling in exhaustion. What a trick. We are foolish. We even explained for him…]

[However, Feng Zhiling waited until this moment to make this counterattack. It led to great damages to us all. That means not only we want to kill him, but also he wants to kill us!]

They had the same thought.

However, they were seriously wrong about it… no matter how reasonable it sounded…


Before that, Ye Xiao had truly been forced to go as they wanted him to. That was not his plan. He was so much weaker than these men after all! To avoid being hunted in a siege, he had to follow their plan.

If he had to fight them at that moment, he would certainly be ripped off.

At the end, when he completely figured out their plan, he had what he needed to make his plan. He started to try to control the situation, without being noticed at all!

The key was the strategy of the twenty-eight men!

If they didn’t fear the poison attack of Feng Zhiling, stopped the distant fight and got to him with a big physical fight, things would be rather messy for Ye Xiao…


They believed that a distant fight was the best solution in this mission. After all, those who died before them lost their lives in a close combat against Ye Xiao. That was true! They were all knocked down!

How would they recklessly get close to Ye Xiao with such horrible examples?

Besides, who knew that there was a piece of soul of a murderous monarch hiding inside the man’s body? Nobody knew he would have such… an overwhelming vigor!

That was less possible than bumping into a ghost in day time or men keeping their promises!

This and that, no matter how unexpected and unbelievable it was, it happened…

Everything seemed to be a setup of heavens. The twenty-eight men were really unlucky!

When Ye Xiao was making the counterattack while the men were shocked, Ye Xiao had flew up in the air like a mass of cyan smoke and then rushed out forward at speed beyond what everybody could see.

Seven needles showed up in his hand!

As he moved, the needles were rapidly shot out! -Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! -

He was quickly skittering over the land like smoke!

- Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot… -

The seven needles shot in the back of the heads of the seven most injured men and out from their foreheads. A slight drop of blood flew out following after the flying needle. The needles flew after Ye Xiao to where he headed after they were out of the men’s heads!

The seven men were closest to Ye Xiao when he made the counterattack, so they were the ones who suffered greater injuries. They didn’t have any capability to dodge at all. The twenty-eight of them were standing in distant spots, seven in a group, surrounding in the four sides. Even if the other men wanted to save these seven, they wouldn’t be able to now.

Within seconds, seven lives gone!

Ye Xiao wanted to be sure that there was no missed attack, so he used the Demonic Weapons directly. After seven needles in and out, the seven bodies changed color in an instant… and then it started to rot and melt…

Ye Xiao waved his hand in the air and the seven needles flew back to his hand like birds flying back to their nest. While he did so, he was still skittering.

He was like a whirlwind blowing over the place where the seven dead men guarded, heading back to the city!

The twenty-one men were stunned. They hurriedly gathered over while shouting.

When the seven men in the east, those furthest from the dead bodies, came over and saw the seven rotting bodies, they were astonished. That was truly horrible and soul-kicking! "No… Seven brothers have been killed by Feng Zhiling! That bastard still has his poison. The bodies are rotting so fast… Heavens, that’s horrible…"

Those were words with strong power!


The three men who were rushing fastest ahead suddenly slowed down as they felt frightened.

[How? We didn’t see any dark smoke…]

[How… How did they get poisoned?]

[Where did the poison come from?]

[Does he have any special skills to strike the poison out that we are not aware of? Does it mean he can poison a fixed target now? Silently?]

The deeper they thought of it, the more scared they felt. How did they go on the chase?

Ye Xiao skittered the land out hundreds of meters away. He then disappeared near a bush on the way.

The twenty-one men were also damaged. They didn’t dare to chase Ye Xiao anymore. They were still frightened by the vigor counterattack back then. If a few of them caught up with Feng Zhiling, they would be killed mercilessly.

Besides, they thought Feng Zhiling had a super technique that could strike out poison silently…

They gathered around while looking at the seven dark colored bodies rotting quickly. They didn’t know what to say. Some of them still had blood on the mouth, looking extremely horrible.

Fifty years hard work, they had been cultivating the Lunisolar Glory. Twenty-eight men honed into a super powerful array. Yet before it really did any achievement, some of them died!

A quarter of them died!

The Lunisolar Glory was broken!

That cruel reality really killed them in the hearts…

"What kind of bloody poison is this… How can it be so overwhelming…" They didn’t dare to get close to the dead bodies. They just looked at them from a distance. Their eyes were twisting and trembling.

The bodies were rotting in a rapid speed. They could even hear the sound of rotting…

The next moment, a terrible smell spread out in the air…

"This Feng Zhiling must become our biggest trouble!" The white-bearded old man in front of them showed a solemn face. His eyes were contracting. The muscles of his eyes were shaking. "He and us are forever enemies! Life and death hostility! If we can’t kill him, we will be stepping into long troublesome days in the future!"

"That’s true!" The other twenty men nodded with solemn faces.

They all thoroughly felt coldness from head to toe.