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Chapter 572: Horrible Enemy!

Chapter 572: Horrible Enemy!

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Back to a few days earlier, forty-eight superior cultivators started a fight against Feng Monarch, but all of them ended up dead. That shocked the entire world!

However, the twenty-eight warriors of the two great sects didn’t really know what exactly happened. They got information from the assassins who survived the night when Feng Zhiling used his poison beads. They asked a few men from the noble clans about the fights. They then pictured an image of Feng Zhiling, a rough man with overwhelming cultivation capability, a strange and vicious poison master. He had used his poison to kill many men from different sects and killed everyone from the two great sects!

However, that was based on what they were told.

A story was usually exaggerated.

When they heard what people said about Feng Zhiling, they were disdainful.

[Strong cultivation capability?]


[How strong exactly?]


[They said he killed Bu Jingtian the senior elder with a palm hit. Who knows what tricks has he played? Maybe Feng Zhiling hid some secret weapons to plot our man!]

[I don’t believe he is even stronger than us!]

[The viciousness and the poison stuff.]

[Humph. Since he can kill thousands of assassins with his poison and defeat our men, he is surely good at mastering poison. However, no matter how good he is in using poison and how invincible his poison is, as long as we stay from a distance, he wouldn’t have the chance to use it on us. What use if he cannot strike it out?]

When they got the information, they didn’t really care what it said about him!

They were right though.

In front of the joint power of the twenty-eight of them, nobody could defeat them!

Besides, they had the super technique, Lunisolar Glory!

They took actions very quickly, because they wanted to go back and continue their cultivation on Lunisolar Glory after killing Feng Zhiling!

In fact, they had been really cautious not to underestimate Feng Zhiling. They went to Ling-Bao Hall to check everything including Feng Zhiilng’s cultivation level. They set up the trap and left Feng Zhiling no chance to use the poison. They had predicted every possible move of Feng Zhiling!

However, they couldn’t know that the perfect plan ended up a support for Feng Zhiling’s trap! And they all fell in!

Their smart plan became the reason they failed!

Feng Zhiling had been enduring and enduring. He kept luring them until he figured out all the force they got and then he made the strike to turn over the situation!

They were all not going to forget the extreme horror Feng Zhiling brought by his overwhelming vigor!

That murderous qi had almost stopped their heartbeat!

That moment, the only thing they wanted to do was to kneel and beg for mercy.

If they were any weaker, they would have been pushed down on the floor and die while sh*tting and pissing!

Feng Zhiling moved after that vigor strike.

He moved like lightning.

One strike!

He killed seven of the twenty-eight!

And he just got away.

When he moved, he was like a lightning and a tsunami!

When he attacked, he killed!

He didn’t stay for further fights. He just fled away. He had been holding the initiative all along!

After a while, the twenty-one men finally understood the truth. They all took in a cold breath.

What could they do to deal with such a horrible enemy anyway?

Feng Zhiling was such a nightmare to them!

He was a demon that they could never defeat!

"That man… is too horrible!’

"True. He is powerful and overwhelming on both martial art and poison. He has a deep and profound mind. I am sure he didn’t know our plan at the beginning. However, he made a plan to make such a counterattack within such a short time. He was luring us to the dead end. It looked like we were dragging him over, but in fact, he was using us to break our plan. And we failed."

"That’s true. His counterattack is so fierce and overwhelming. However, he was doing it under our suppression."

"Under suppression? If not… What would have happened?" One of them apparently wasn’t quite reconciled.

It made them all fall to silence.

None of them said a word.

They only felt coldness from the bottom of their feet up to the top of their heads.

He kept defending them all along and that was all. What if he made the first strike?

The man who asked it was actually stunned by what he himself said!

Feng Zhiling was absolutely a pain in their backbone!

After a long time.

One of them said, "Know your enemy and know yourself. We only knew about ourselves. We did investigate on Feng Zhiling, but we were disdainful. Now we are defeated. I think this is reasonable. At least we know what Feng Zhiling is now. We witnessed the overwhelming poison strike of his, and we now know how cunning he is. We saw the vigor of him that wiped out everything, and we saw how fast he can move! He is truly difficult to be restrained by us. We deserve this! I am convinced!"

They all sighed.

That was right. After all, he actually defeated them all by casually playing around!

The man sighed and said, "The only thing I feel sorry for is that we didn’t know what Feng Zhiling is like, not even after we lost seven men! The power we saw today, is it eighty percent, or fifty percent, or maybe thirty percent of his real power?"

They were all terrified by this thought.

That was right.

Feng Monarch had made them fall in great trouble, shocking them deep in their hearts. But, truth be told, he hasn’t even shown his real power yet!

He had never fought any of them face to face!