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Chapter 573: Overwhelming Power!

Chapter 573: Overwhelming Power!

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The power Feng Monarch showed was horrible and astonishing, however, it was absolutely not all he had. How much more powerful was he then? It was a question now stuck inside these men’s hearts. Such a horrible man, Feng Zhiling, with much more horrible power!

That was a nightmare that couldn’t be more horrible!

"When we were chasing him earlier, we thought that he had just entered the Sky Origin Stage. That was why we were so disdainful. That was the beginning of our failure, with blood and death! Such a horrible enemy, yet we underestimated him! How could we all survive? That was simply stepping to death!"

The old man spoke in a deep voice.

They all lowered their heads with shame. None of them could deny it. They were all disdainful back then.

"Under the influence of our underestimation, we were so sure that he must have been burning his soul energy or life energy to fly so fast."

The old man sighed to the sky. "But we ignored that no matter how strong one’s soul is, or how big the life potential he has, he can never burst with the speed that even top level cultivators of Sky Origin Stage couldn’t catch up with!"

"That was such a clear mistake we made! Apparently, we ignored such a big mistake!"

"That moment, we should have carefully reconsider it. We should have analyzed the situation deeper. We should have known that that man is an excellent capable cultivator who is not weaker than any of us!"

"One mistake leads to many! When he stopped, the twenty-eight of us came. We made that strike with all our power. That strike actually cut off our leeway! We were so badly damaged!"

"He was waiting for that! He waited and waited, until we finally made that attack!"

"He wanted us to bond our powers together, so that when he made his attack, we couldn’t get away! That was how he could hurt us all at one time!"

"When we made that vigor strike, he made the reverse strike with his powerful vigor! Two masses of vigor power clashed! The stronger one won! No tricks could be played here. That is even more dangerous than a clash of spiritual qi! We thought we were winning the fight, but in fact, he was the one with confidence really. He won it all!"

"He was plotting this, and we were careless. We already lost there. After that crash, we showed many loopholes. Not to mention you guys, even I was blank at that moment. I believe you were all at the same situation."

They all smiled bitterly and nodded to agree.

"He used the loopholes to make his killing strikes fast. He moved like lightning and used his invincible poison hit. Within seconds, he killed seven of our brothers and fled away."

The old man suddenly stopped. It seemed he felt something wrong about that.

"No. No, no, no. If truth is like you said, Elder Zhou, than Feng Monarch should be stronger than the twenty-eight of us together. If so, why did he run away? He made a perfect strike and occupied the absolute positive position. He just needed to stay and kill us all. Wouldn’t it sweep his troubles forever? If he really is that strong, when our Lunisolar Glory was totally broken and we were all injured, why did he flee away?"

One guy realized the problem.

"There is only one possibility. Feng Monarch is powerful. He is so powerful that none of us can defeat him alone. That is why he could kill Bu Jingtian by one hit. However, he is not strong enough to fight us all together. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need to flee."

"That is reasonable." Another guy said, "I even have this thought. At the beginning, because Feng Zhiling is powerful, he didn’t really take us seriously. He just wanted to see what we were doing. The entire series of things he did were just playing. Only when the two masses of great vigor power clashed did he show his true self. Since we were seriously damaged, he must be injured too. He might even be injured more seriously. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need to flee away. After all, our Lunisolar Glory is no ordinary martial art. That strike contained the power of all the twenty-eight people. Even Elder Bu couldn’t defend our Lunisolar Glory. So…"

"That’s right! This is the most possible one so far!"

"To make a further conjecture, I guess Feng Monarch is suffering great trauma at the moment. He may still be able to fight, but he must be on the edge!"

"In other words, if we catch up to him right now, we will have a sixty percent chance to win!" A man spoke with a deep voice, "Feng Monarch knew he couldn’t kill us. Well then, we have bigger chance to win this fight! That must be over fifty percent chance! That is something worth to do!"

Under the shock of such absolute power, these men actually changed the word when they addressed Feng Monarch. Even themselves didn’t notice this.

When they called Feng Zhiling earlier, they would call his name or just call him ‘bastard’, ‘prick’, ‘vile man’, scumbag’, ‘motherfxcker’…

Now when they addressed him, they called him Feng Monarch! They didn’t notice it at all.

The astonishing absolute power brought the change. A respected monarch that no one would abuse easily!

Facing such world-shocking cultivator, to freely use scurrility could only show impression of weakness. [We may hate him extremely, but we cannot deny that he has such world-shocking overwhelming power!]

[That is the most valuable thing in the martial world!]

[Powerful man gets respect in Land of Han-Yang!]

The old man with white beard looked at the seven dead bodies and finally sighed. "We follow special rules in urgent situations. Let’s not wait anymore. There is no need… to bury the our brothers’ bodies now."