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Chapter 574: Maggots in Bones!

Chapter 574: Maggots in Bones!

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They glanced at the rotting bodies only to find they were melted to a pile of blood. There were no bodies anymore.

Even hair and bones were gone.

They looked at it and only felt sick and terrified.

What kind of poison was it?

So powerful! So overwhelming!

It didn’t stop at killing someone. It actually melted the bodies into nothing!

Whoever was touched by that poison would absolutely die!

"Let’s go get Feng Zhiling! Revenge!"

The old man with white beard was full of viciousness!

"Let’s go!"

"Catch him!"

They were all gloomy, and they felt extremely sad in their hearts.

They started to go back to the city.

When they came, they came with spirit and vigor chasing their target. Now, they were going back with heavy steps.

They didn’t even want to move their feet. They felt so tired that they couldn’t lift their feet.

They were exhausted, from inside out, both mentally and physically!

Who could keep their vigor and high spirits when fighting an enemy like that?

[How easy is it to chase Feng Zhiling?]

[He may be seriously injured, but we are heading to his home court now. It is not our court after all. As long as he hides somewhere, how can we find him? When he shows up after recovery and we finally meet him, can we really defeat him?]

They eventually failed to catch up with Ye Xiao. That was the best chance they had.

The old man had a very good excuse for that though—to collect their brothers’ bodies.

However, they all knew it was not true!

They all knew it. They just didn’t want to say it out. That was embarrassing.

Men who were killed by Feng Monarch could never leave a full body! How to, as the bodies would eventually melt into a pile of blood?

The reason why they were so gloomy was simple. They were all frightened so badly by that lightning-like strike!

They just didn’t dare to chase him!

No matter how many excuses they had, they couldn’t hide from the fact that they were cowards, and they were scared by Feng Zhiling!

When they passed by the bush a few hundred meters away in a low speed…

All of a sudden!

Something flew over and the air was shaken!

The space seemed to be twisted by that!

The gloomy men were shocked.

What happened next was that the seven of them who were leading the way suddenly exclaimed and fell down on the floor. They started to roll and turn on the floor painfully…

Their skins and faces were changing color right away!

The others saw that and were all frightened. They moved away in an instant. Everybody drew out their weapons, and they all looked pale on the face.

At the same time, a figure rushed up from behind the bush like a white bird flying up to the sky. He waved his two hands and seven cold streams of light flew to his hand like rivers joining the ocean. One after another, the weapons all flew back to his hand.

"All of you are late! I have been waiting so long! You stopped when you needed to march ahead; you rushed ahead so fast when you shouldn’t. With such capacity of decision making, how dare you set up a trap to kill me? I really don’t know whether you are naive or simply fools!" the man spoke indifferently.

His eyes were like the eyes of a vulture, staring at them mercilessly like looking at his quarry.

Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall, Feng Zhiling!

He didn’t fly far all the time. He had been hiding there.

Another strike, he took seven more lives!

The others were furious. "Feng Zhiling! You vile prick! Stop your plot and get down to have a real fight with me!"

Feng Monarch smiled in the sky. "A real fight? You? How dare you? I can play you to death casually!"

After that, he didn’t do anything else but only flew away like a great rainbow. - Shoot! -

- Puff! Puff! Puff… -

The fourteen living men threw their weapons to the sky. Feng Monarch had gone hundreds of meters of distance again!

There was another bush a few hundred meters away! The men were staring at it!

Feng Monarch acted exactly like what he had done after he killed the first seven men!

The seven men who were hit just now started to exclaim while rolling on the floor. They just kept moving for a short time before they all slowly stopped… They were dead, and their bodies started to rot and melt!

Poison again. Another seven men died!

The fourteen survivors were trembling. They wanted to cry except they didn’t have tears. They were both shocked and scared. They were filled with different feelings, and they didn’t know what to do next.

They looked at the brothers they had been living with for decades falling one after another, dying in such a nasty way. But, they just couldn’t do anything to save anybody. They couldn’t even take revenge.

[Feng Zhiling is cunning!]

[He doesn’t want to fight face to face.]

[He just hides in the dark and plots us. Poisoning, ambushing, assassinating… He does everything. He is like maggots in the bones. You just can’t get rid of it!]

Feng Zhiling was so powerful and he hid in the dark. These men had no chance to fight back at all. They didn’t even have chance to survive the day! They could just wait and get killed one by one!

As Feng Zhiling said, ‘I can play you to death casually!’

That was the truth!

Fourteen men looked at their brothers’ bodies, weeping!

[There is still two hundred miles away from Chen-Xing City. Can we make it? The fourteen of us?]

That bush a few hundred away was shaking in the wind. Under the sunlight, it projected a shadow. The shadow was a cool and nice place for people under the burning sun. However, it felt like a devil in these men’s eyes. An invincible devil opening the gate to the horrible hell!

The men looked at each other. They were terrified. Both physical and mental fear had driven them on the edge of breaking down.

Seven men were killed at once, and their opponent had done it twice.

How many times would he need to take care of the rest?


"I can’t take it! Let me die then! The sooner I die, the sooner I stop the fear… Feng Zhiling, why don’t you come and try kill me too!" One of them crazily shouted. A mass of light that was so blue like an ocean burst on his body. He was bonded to his sword as he rushed to the bush like a madman.

"Stop! Stop it! Do not be rash!" The white-bearded old man had grim expression.

However, it was too late to stop him.