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Chapter 576: Medicine Delivery!

Chapter 576: Medicine Delivery!

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When Ye Xiao rushed out, he could feel the weakness on his feet. The first thing he wanted to do the most was to go back to Ling-Bao Hall and recover. However, unexpectedly, that needle strike shocked those men immediately.

They actually stopped and surrounded the dead bodies…

[What the hell is wrong with these people!]

Ye Xiao did not care about what was wrong. He surely seized the opportunity to get away.

He absorbed a huge amount of spiritual qi from the Boundless Space and filled it into his Jing and Mai. His spiritual qi was refilling in a super rapid speed. After a while, it was mostly refilled. During the time it refilled, he was waiting in the bush for those men to gather around silently.

When they came near to him, he made another strike with seven needles. Seven men died in front of him. It was the same situation like the last strike. His spiritual power was drained up!

He still casually fled away like a while ago.

This time… he really did flee casually!

He directly went back home!

The two attacks were already his limitation!

Those men were definitely freaking out after the two unexpected attacks…

If Ye Xiao stayed there and did that once again, then he might eventually fail.

As such, he casually went home directly, leaving those men there, apprehending danger in any second…

All those bushes on the way that could hide in were destroyed by the fourteen Sky Origin Stage cultivators!

He ran so fast back to Ling-Bao Hall, finally feeling relieved while gasping.

The wind suddenly came over.

Ye Xiao was calm and steady, but he had just returned from great danger. He was frightened, so he turned around to find out what was happening.

There was a lady with white clothes standing there. Perfect shaped body, exquisite face, beautiful eyes…

It was Xiu of the Heavens, Xiu-Er.

"Oh? What happened to you?" Xiu-Er didn’t understand why Feng Monarch was alarmed. She looked at him and he looked like he just came back from a long travel. She observed closer and felt a murderous qi after some fierce fight around him.

In other words…

"Did you just fight somebody?" Xiu-Er frowned; there was killing intent in her eyes.

In Xiu of the Heaven’s eyes, Feng Monarch was the most important person for them. She would not allow anything to happen on him!

He was the key figure that decided whether her master could return to Human Realm Upon Heavens!

Whoever dared to try to kill Feng Monarch, no matter who they were, if House of the Chaotic Storms knew, Wan-Er and Xiu-Er would kill them all mercilessly!

House of the Chaotic Storm would even search for anyone who escaped that was relevant to it.

No further possible trouble would be left!

They just wanted everything to be safe!

They wouldn’t even spare a dog… What if the dog bit on Feng Monarch? Xiu-Er and Wan-Er would worry. [What if the dog gave him rabies?]

That was why they wouldn’t even spare a dog or a chicken.

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Nothing. I just met with some stupid thieves. I killed them. Nothing serious!"

Xiu-Er had such sharp eyes. She didn’t believe it at all. She humphed and said, "Feng Monarch, we are on the same boat now. If you are in danger, if you need help, just tell us! No matter who they are, how powerful they are, what they have, as long as they are threatening you, we will kill them all! We can absolutely wipe them out, leaving no further troubles! I believe you understand that I would rather have things happen on me, than happen on you!"

A beautiful girl was speaking something like ‘Kill them all!’ ‘Wipe them out leaving no further trouble!’ with great killing intent. Ye Xiao just felt weird about it.

The last one, ‘I believe you understand that I would rather have things happen on me, than happen on you’ did amuse Ye Xiao. It added a sense of shadiness somehow…

Ye Xiao knew what she thought, but he just couldn’t tell it right.

After all, he had his pride.

He knew that if he told her about those men, he could solve the problem in an easiest way. He would be living in this world most casually and leisurely.

But he wouldn’t tell her. Absolutely not.

[I will take care of my own business. I don’t need others to help!]

[Besides, if my opponents are all killed by you, who do I practice my capability with? How do I boost my cultivation level? You don’t know, but the fight today pushed me up from level five to level six of Sky Origin Stage directly!]

[The challenge of life and death is the most precious one…]

[You are not going to ruin it!]

"Don’t worry, Lady Xiu-Er. If there is anything I can’t solve myself, I will lead it to you without hesitation." Ye Xiao smiled.

Xiu-Er was a bit annoyed.

[I have offered my help so humbly!]

[You actually treat it like trash.]

[Why do you have to wait till ‘you can’t solve’ and ‘lead it to me’…]

[What does that mean?]

[What are you talking about!]

[That is so…]

Xiu-Er threw over a space ring. She humphed and said, "There are notes of ten billion silver inside it. Five hundred portions of materials for the dan beads. Three thousand jade bottles… We are collecting more medical materials around the entire Land of Han-Yang. By the day after tomorrow, I guess there will be at least fifteen hundred portions to be delivered to you…"

"You actually collected so fast?" Ye Xiao was shocked.

Xiu-Er and the other two had just left Ling-Bao Hall in the morning the same day.

It had been less than six hours, and she had brought back so many!

What efficiency was this?

That was astonishing efficiency!

"Efficiency has always been our thing from ancient days!" Xiu-Er said as she looked up to the sky with disdainful eyes. She seemed proud. "Anything in the Land of Han-Yang, as long as we want it, we can get it in the shortest time! We can be sure it will be done with best quality and good quantity!"

"Really?" Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up. "I know House of the Chaotic Storms is powerful in fighting. Are you really that good at collecting medical materials too?"

Feng Monarch’s eyes were shining, as if he was an extremely poor guy looking at a mountain of gold!