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Chapter 577: Attraction!

Chapter 577: Attraction!

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Xiu-Er proudly raised her head up and spoke with confidence, "Absolutely! What? The truth is right in your eyes. Do you still have doubts on it, Feng Monarch?"

Ye Xiao rubbed his hands with shining eyes. He looked so excited and spoke with a bit embarrassment, "I believe it! I do! Absolutely I believe it! Oh, right! Lay Xiu-Er, since your are so capable, I guess I can just tell you whatever I need. Look. I need to ask for a favor. I guess it won’t be a trouble for Lady Xiu-Er and the House of the Chaotic Storms. It must be a piece of cake. Easy like flicking a finger…"

Xiu-Er was shocked!

[Wait… Listen to him… I was just casually saying… Did I just make another trouble with my big mouth?]

As expected, Feng Monarch said to her with a full face of sincerity, "Look. You are so efficient in collecting materials. Can you… Can you collect some treasures and mysterious fruits too? Those are good materials for dan-making…"

Xiu-Er stared at this shameless man with her pretty big eyes!

She suddenly didn’t know what to say.

At the moment, there were thousands of ravens crowing over her heart.

"Heh, heh. I know. It is a bit embarrassing to bother you. But look, you said it yourself. It is a piece of cake for the House of the Chaotic Storms to collect materials. I guess it would only take you three or five days. Besides, if you don’t go get these things, they would rot somewhere in the world anyway. What a waste!" Ye Xiao said while sighing, "If you can get them to me, what a great thing to do… For the country or for the people, the medical materials are blessings from gods."

"Men should make use of what they are given. Medicines should be used to help people. That is the right thing to do."

Xiu-Er gritted her teeth and said, "It is our own business whether we are good at it or whether we are efficient or not. Why should we collect those things for you? What good will it bring to us?"

"Look, Lady Xiu-Er, you are being unreasonably distant now. Consider our relationship. I am a dan-maker. I love treasures, precious materials, and marvelous fruits. It doesn’t matter if they are poisonous. It’s true…"

Ye Xiao said, "As a dan-maker, as long as I see these things, I feel happy. As I feel happy, I have confidence. As I have confidence, I make better dan beads in a faster rate… The faster I make dan beads, the sooner Master Bai will get his Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. Don’t you agree? However, if I feel bad… You know what I mean, don’t you?"

Xiu-Er felt irritated.

She wished she could just punch him on the face!

[You bastard! That can’t be more shameless…]

[Making dan, that is what you can! How dare you keep coercing me with that! Look how you act so shamelessly!]

[I haven’t been threatened for who knows how many years! You just made the first case here…]

[Well but… Fine! I will stand it. For Master, I will stand it!]

"Feng Monarch, what do you need exactly?" Xiu-Er tried to hold the anger in her chest.

[I will just accept it… as long as he doesn’t ask for anything too immoderate!]

"What do I need? Lady Xiu-Er, you are smart and pretty. That is just the right question. I am not a picky man. All I want are just ten thousand years old ginseng, ten thousand years old lucid ganoderma, ten thousand years old snow lotus, ten thousand years old multiflora, ten thousand years…" He counted it with his fingers, about forty ten-thousand-year-old materials.

[My heavens! That’s not picky?]

"No!" Xiu-Er raged up.

[You see House of the Chaotic Storms as treasure gopher?]

"Oh, you can’t get ten thousand years old materials? How about a thousand years? I am not that picky after all!" Feng Monarch wickedly smiled as he rubbed his hands. "The more the better."

"…" Xiu-Er gritted her teeth. She kept holding the anger down, and her face turned red because of it.

"Heh, heh… Well… Lady Xiu-Er, if you can get more of all these things, I won’t let you do that for nothing." Ye Xiao looked at Xiu-Er’s angry face and slowly spoke, "According to Lord Ling’s saying, supreme dan beads should be rather precious stuffs in Human Realm Upon Heavens. Normal dan beads in supreme level like Bone Ablutionary Dan, Limit Breaking Dan, and Pei-Yuan Dan must not be needed. How about higher range dan beads in supreme level? What if I can give you a few supreme dan beads that can heal any injuries real fast in return… Maybe you are not interested in upgrading cultivation levels, but the fast healing supreme dan beads… high range dan… I guess you will need it sometime…"

Xiu-Er changed expression on the face, but she didn’t say anything.

"In fact, the materials I asked for are for my own interest for sure, but also for you ladies… Look, for example, if you get me ten thousand years old snow lotus…" Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "I promise you, before you leave this world… I can give you two high quality supreme dan beads. That is such a marvelous treasure that all women dream for."

"What kind of dan bead is it, that it makes you so confident about it!" The words ‘all women dream for’ motivated Xiu-Er.

"Agerasia Dan in supreme level! I wonder if that means ‘marvelous treasure that all women dream for’ in your opinion!" Ye Xiao slowly spoke, "Agerasia Dan in supreme level has no time limitation. As long as you take one dan bead, you can be ageless forever. You can keep your beautiful appearance for your entire life. How about that? Isn’t it marvelous?"

"Deal!" Xiu-Er’s eyes lit up!

They were filled with fever and eagerness!

That was true.

To be forever young and beautiful! To be in the perfect age forever!

That was not only marvelous for women, but it was also a magic spell!

Every woman would agree to the deal as long as somebody offered such a thing!

With happiness and high spirits!

No matter how difficult it was, she would do it with all she could!

Even Wan-Er and Xiu-Er were the same.

[When Master returns to Human Realm Upon Heavens, he must be a favored privileged man. Everybody will cluster around him! With his pretty face, wisdom, social position, and capability, all women will dream for him.]

[What would happen to us then?]

[I truly have no idea.]

[Women should never ignore this sense of crisis.]

[A woman dolls herself up for the man who loves her. When we return with Master, the only thing we have are nothing but the thousands of years history and our pretty face!]

That was why Xiu-Er surrendered right away when she heard what she would get after giving Feng Monarch those materials.