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Chapter 578: He Isn’t!

Chapter 578: He Isn’t!

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"Be quick on other medical materials too. Better quality, better quantity. You know what I mean." Feng Monarch smiled like a wolf that had successfully trapped a rabbit.

"I do. Relax. Materials from House of Chaotic Storms won’t let you down!" Xiu-Er was confident.

And she asked, "The urh… The Supreme Agerasia Dan… Can you really make it?"

"What are you talking about. Since when did you hear a lie from Feng Zhiling. I made Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan already. Agerasia Dan is simple." Ye Xiao spoke with confidence, "However, Agerasia Dan in supreme level mostly depends on ten thousand years old snow lotus. If I can get it… it won’t be a problem. If I have enough materials, it is simple even to make two for each of you. That means, the key is depending on you. You understand me?"

"I do! … But I only need one for each of us." Xiu-Er humphed. She blushed and stared at Ye Xiao fiercely.

"Oh right. One for each… No need for more…" Ye Xiao was blank. He realized that it was a stupid idea.

A woman only needed one dan bead to stay ageless forever. What could they do with the rest if they got more?

"So a ten thousand years old snow lotus will make sure I get the dan beads?" Xiu-Er’s eyes lit up. She had to ask again to make sure of it.

"Absolutely! Sure! Of course! You will!" Ye Xiao nodded and answered.

"Are you sure?" In the bamboo forest, Wan-Er looked at Xiu-Er with glistening eyes; she even spoke in a low voice.

"Absolutely! Sure! Of course! I will!" Xiu-Er nodded.

"So as long as we get him ten thousand years old snow lotus, we will get it?" Wan-Er asked.

"I guarantee! With the lives of my entire family!" Xiu-Er nearly swore for it.

"Excellent! … Why are you so sure about it?" Wan-Er was happy, but still she asked.

"Feng Monarch is a shameless prick, but he thinks quite highly of his words. Besides, if he cannot make it for us, there will be no one in the world who can make it. After all, he made Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan successfully. Agerasia Dan shouldn’t be a problem to him!" Xiu-Er said.

"That’s right. I believe it!"

"So how about those materials?"

"Let’s collect them together! I will help!"


Their faces were shining, and their eyes were glistening while whispering.

Master Bai and Ling Wuxie looked at the two ladies whispering in the distance, like they were talking about some secrets. They were speechless…

They could surely hear the ladies.

They just felt speechless about it.

[He just promised you two Agerasia Dan beads. He didn’t even give you anything. Look at you, how docile… Feng Zhiling is full of schemes. I guess he can easily make countless supreme dan beads with the materials you collect for him. And you think you will get a lot out of it…]

However, Master Bai and Ling Wuxie were both ignorant about women. They surely didn’t know how important Agerasia Dan was for women! The two ladies would rather spend the last penny they had to exchange for the dan beads!

There was no reason for that at all!

In fact, Ye Xiao wasn’t being greedy this time. If he could have thought about this idea when Su Yeyue’s master Meng Huaiqing was there, he could use it to get a huge lot of resources from her, not to mention the ten thousand years old snow lotus!

Ling Wuxie and Master Bai looked at each other. They didn’t think it was necessary to stop them anyway. Once they were back to Human Realm Upon Heavens, the two girls wouldn’t have any chance to do things crazily like this. They decided to just let them be!

"I mean, Bai, when will you meet Feng Monarch?" Ling Wuxie asked.

"I will go meet him soon." Master Bai smiled, "Not now. Now… just let him get what he wants. When he sees me, I am afraid he won’t just ask what he wants so freely."

Ling Wuxie was confused. "Why so?"

But he was a smart man after all. He understood just in seconds. "Oh. You see him as a good opponent. He treats you as his best opponent too. He is never going to play such silly tricks in front of you. That makes him look weak."

"But he can still do anything he wants to us. You, the key figure, don’t show up anyway."

Master Bai smiled. "That’s right."

"However, he still needs to accumulate more… so I decided to put off the time we meet." He stopped and continued, "When he stops asking for anything, I will see him. It is just like you said. I need an opponent. If he is too weak, that will be boring. Sometimes, it is a pleasant thing to support the enemy!"

"Feng Zhiling makes the dan beads for me. He is supporting me in a great deal too!" Master Bai laughed.

And then he stood up and paced a few steps. Facing the falling sun, he smiled. "The Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads really work well."

He swallowed the dan beads as soon as the two ladies brought them back. After all, they were magical dan beads that only existed in the myth. No matter how bad they looked, he had to take them.

Ling Wuxie helped him to digest the dan beads when he just took them. He started to feel the magnificence of the supreme dan beads at the first second he swallowed them. The power of the dan suppressed down the energy of the divine punishment at once. Mater Bai still couldn’t use his spiritual power yet, but he could stand up and move around.

Feng Zhiling’s Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads were all with the same marvelous efficacy!

"These Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads from Feng Zhiling are actually better than what we expected. It seems even better than the Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads in the myth." Ling Wuxie said, "Feng Monarch is a greedy person, but he is really good at making dan beads."

Master Bai smiled. "You are wrong. He isn’t that greedy. You will know in the future."

Ling Wuxie frowned. "Hmm? Look what he did. If he isn’t greedy, what does greedy mean?"

"Think about the things he did. He absolutely is a man with clanking iron bones [1]. How could such a person be greedy?"

Master Bai took a deep breath. "If I am not making a mistake about him… he will do something as return! When he returns the favor, I assure you, you will be astonished."


[1] It means firm and unyielding.