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Chapter 579: Your Sister!

Chapter 579: Your Sister!

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Ling Wuxie twisted his mouth. He seemed indifferent. "Don’t do this to me. I don’t believe it. Except dan making, I don’t think he has anything that can surprise me!"

"I believe in my eyes. You will see it too, Wuxie." Master Bai quietly and firmly spoke, "You will see!"

"I have never made mistakes in recognizing a person!"

"Shall we bet?" Ling Wuxie twisted his mouth.

"What wager do you want?" Master Bai asked.

"Well…" Ling Wuxie humphed. "If I lose, I will give you one shop in the Star River Street. If you lose, you give me one drop of Star Tear. How about that?"

Master Bai didn’t even hesitate. "Okay!"



- Clap! Clap! Clap! -

The two brothers clapped their hands three times and the bet was made.

They acted like it was just about one tael of silver.

Whoever knew what they were giving on the wager would definitely be astonished!

A shop in Star River Street was a ready source of money in Human Realm Upon Heavens that everybody wanted!

Who owned a shop there would absolutely be rich!

Even generals who were loyal to the East Heaven King couldn’t get one casually!

The Star Tear was an extremely precious treasure. Whoever was fed by one drop would improve eight thousand years cultivation experience. It might not be easy to digest in a short time, but it would steadily remain in the body. Whoever took it would never burst in explosion because of its enormous energy!

It was the most valuable thing in the East Heaven. Only a tiny amount could be produced in the East Heaven, none in all other places in the universe. It was only for people in the royal house. For others, not to mention taking one, to see one in person was already an extremely lucky thing!

These two wagers were both priceless, however, these two guys made the bet so casually.

"We should keep this a fair deal though. You can’t let Feng Monarch know!" Master Bai looked at Ling Wuxie. "And you can’t do anything to influence him! No tricks!"

Ling Wuxie was surprised. "What do you think I am? Am I really that vile to you?"

"What do you want me to think you are? Aren’t you this vile?" Master Bai humphed and disdainfully looked at Ling Wuxie. "You really think you have any good reputation here?"

Ling Wuxie was upset. "Can you not stick on my shortage. I just did it one time all my life…"

"One time is more than enough…" Master Bai humphed. "In the Land of Han-Yang, I learned something. To see a three years old child and know what he or she will become. I think that is pretty true. No matter when, even one billion years in the future, I will never forget what you did that time!"

He disdainfully looked at Ling Wuxie. "Your sister![1]"

"My sister?"

Ling Wuxie was stunned and speechless.

"One should never make such a mistake." He nearly cried, "Especially to a bastard like you. Once I was caught by you, my entire life is doomed…"

The reason why he was always so inhibited in front of Bai Chen was the two words Bai Chen said.

‘Your sister!’

However, it was actually Ling Wuxie’s female cousin!

Long, long time ago.

They bet on something once. Master Bai lost it.

It was a simple bet though, the kind that young lords usually did. Whoever could make the most distant lady in the realm smile by saying one sentence won.

Whatever was said, it should be one sentence!

Ling Wuxie won the bet.

He naturally took half a drop of Star Tear from Master Bai. Bai Chen was seriously punished by East Heaven King because of this!

After experiencing the half drop of Star Tear, Ling Wuxie had it on mind constantly all times after.

Master Bai couldn’t understand why he lost though. That pretty girl was known as an extremely distant beauty. How did Ling Wuxie so easily move her? Nobody had ever seen her smile for all those years!

He thought it was just a game they played to kill time. He believed no one would win the bet. It turned out Ling Wuxie won! He just couldn’t believe it.

Bai Chen had worked so hard to figure out a joke and told that lady. Everybody was laughing like crazy when he told that joke.

Except that girl!

The cold face of her didn’t even change a bit!

Ling Wuxie just went over and said with a wicked tone, "Hello, beauty… Am I not handsome?"

The girl smiled…

And then… end of story. She smiled. The bet was over. Bai Chen lost. Ling Wuxie won!

That was still an extremely unreasonable thing!

Bai Chen unbelievingly lost it!

He couldn’t understand it though. Why would that girl smile for just that simple and low taste sentence?

After he was beaten up by his father, he went to his mother for the answer. Meng Huaiqin beat him up one more time.

That was not because he lost the Star Tear…

"You idiot! She is Ling Wuxie’s cousin! She knew what you were doing in advance, you fool… You actually accepted it! If you won, that would be truly unbelievable!"

"You idiot! How could you just make a bet without know everything you need! What can you complain about? I am not angry because you lost the Star Tear, but because I have such a stupid son…"

That was a world cracking hit that time!

Ling Wuxie suggested that bet at the first place…


Bai Chen burst in anger…

He nearly exploded his belly because of the anger inside…

When he went to Ling Wuxie’s home and prepared to beat him up, Ling Wuxie said something that cool it down instantly. Ling Wuxie plausibly spoke, "I mean, whoever makes her smile wins, right? That has nothing to do with who she is and whose cousin she is at all… Right?"

[Well lucky me, I have such a cousin. What a shame she is not your cousin!]

Ling Wuxie played such a trick that Bai Chen remembered deeply into his bones.

He got beaten up so hard that his ass was nearly split apart. It haunted him so bad and when he just felt better, he got beaten up on it once again!

That was extremely painful. The pain went into his heart and deep into his bones!

That was so unbearable!

Even though they had become best friends, Bai Chen was still holding a grudge for it. Ling Wuxie felt a bit guilty for it too!

Whenever they were having a quarrel, no matter who was right, as long as Bai Chen said the two words, Ling Wuxie would have nothing to say.

Those two words were exactly ‘your sister’!

The two words here were much more incisive and fierce than any rough words!


[1] This mostly means ‘screw you’ in English, but literally ‘your sister’ in Chinese.