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Chapter 580: Precautions!

Chapter 580: Precautions!

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With the five hundred portions of materials, Ye Xiao went home as soon as he could.

He believed the two great sects wouldn’t dare to mess with him at least in the next few days. Even though they wanted to, they couldn’t. Even though they possibly could, they weren’t bold enough!

When he got home, he saw Bing-Er sitting in meditation in the room.

The white long sword was on her knees right now.

The girl had been extremely diligent these days!

She was improving so fast, even Ye Xiao felt stressed because of her speed!

Since Bing-Er knew that there were people doing all evil things to capture women, since she heard that beauty was a sin… she was so devoted to practicing martial arts. She could even risk her life for it! She seemed to be trying to push herself to high level in an impossible short time!

It was obvious that she was improving greatly. Within a few days, she had already reached level five of Earth Origin Stage!

She was now rushing to the sixth level!

If one could get fat by swallowing one bite of food, she must be even faster than that!

When she woke up from meditation, she saw Ye Xiao sitting in front of her. She was so happy that she rushed into Ye Xiao’s arms.

Ye Xiao was lost in thoughts though.

[It is surely a good thing that Bing-Er improves so fast.]

[But, as she improves, she needs to go out and practice in the real world after all. When that day comes, I may not be around her. Can she really take care of all those unpredictable things…]

[I have to make precautions for that.]

"Bing-Er, come. I am giving you something." Ye Xiao brought out a ring. "Put this on."

Bing-Er looked at the ring and she liked it. "What is it? A jewelry? Beautiful!"

"It is not a normal jewelry. I will teach you how to use it." Ye Xiao explained its usage to Bing-Er. Soon, Bing-Er knew how to use it. The small ring could actually contain all the stuffs she had. When she wanted to take it out, it was out. She was surprised and happy.

She was so happy about it and kept playing with it.

- Clatter… - She made a mistake and all the things in that space ring poured out.

However, it didn’t cause any damage.

When she was going to put all things back into the ring, she suddenly stopped. "What is this?"

Dozens of different size jade bottles.

There were different kinds of supreme dan beads in each bottle.

"How come there are so many dan beads?" Bing-Er shouted and looked at Ye Xiao with widely opened eyes. "Master, I can’t accept it."

"Why not! Just take it. Take them all!" Ye Xiao stared at Bing-Er’s eyes. "Remember, Bing-Er. Sometimes, you will be alone out there. You must try to keep yourself safe."

"These are high ranged dan, Mystery Spirit Dan in supreme level. There are fifty of it in these few bottles. Only one dan bead can make a person beneath Dream Origin Stage recover in seconds when he or she is out of energy."

"Even people in Dao Origin Stage only need three dan beads to recover one third of their power…"

"These ones are for healing injury. It can save lives… marvelous efficacy…"

"These ones should be used when you want to break through a new level… Limit Breaking Dan…"

"These are…"

"And these are…"

"Remember what I just said about every kind of dan. When you face someone who is much stronger than you, do not force yourself to fight. Try to escape. There are long days to come. No need to end it in a hurry. If you are not fast enough to get rid of the enemy, you can take this… This dan can activate your potential and make you become extremely faster. But remember, after taking this dan, you will be weak for three days before your body recovers to normal status…"

Ye Xiao patiently explained everything to Bing-Er.

He didn’t notice that Bing-Er’s eyes had started to be filled with tears as she listened to him. At last, she cried, "Master…"

She held him in her arms tightly!

He had given her over a hundred dan beads that were more than enough for her to deal with all kinds of situations.

That was thorough!

Bing-Er’s heart was melting.

She held Ye Xiao so hard. She was touched and pleased. She murmured, "Master, I am not going to leave you. I want to be with you forever… I won’t need these dan beads…"

"Silly girl, I don’t want to leave you too. But things are unpredictable…" Ye Xiao sighed and gently rubbed her hair. "Silly, you will take charge of yourself for me alone someday…"

Bing-Er cuddled in Ye Xiao’s arms with tears in her eyes. She looked at the ring on her finger. She seemed lost.

Suddenly, she was enlightened and shocked.

She thought, [If I am going to be away from Master sooner or later… if I have to get in the martial world… it is said there are always dangers in martial world. One who steps in the martial world can never get out. Maybe I will die someday because of an accident… And I won’t be able to see Master again if I die…]

[And… besides…]


As she was thinking, she blushed. She was bashful about what she thought of.

[I will never take this ring off in my life!]

Bing-Er made up her mind.

With all the new medical materials, Ye Xiao started to make dan beads again.

This time, he decided to just make Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. It was the most important one after all. He should get it done first before working on other businesses. The materials he had were now mostly from Xiu of the Heavens. Even though he wanted to get something else, it was too costly!

Besides, he knew Brother Egg would produce dan beads while it was absorbing spiritual qi from the medical materials. They were all in supreme level, however, he didn’t know how it did this. He didn’t even know how many materials it needed to make the dan beads.

The last time, it took one thousand portions of materials to make three Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads. It made only three, because there were too many other materials in the Space that affected the process of Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan. However, it was certain that it was impossible that one portion of materials could make one dan bead. It must consume most of the materials. Brother Egg absorbed much power from it too. If one portion of material could be made into one supreme dan bead, that would be strange!

Brother Egg might go mad again this time, so Ye Xiao only put in one portion of materials.

He then waited patiently…