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Chapter 581: Personality; ‘Eggality’!

Chapter 581: Personality; ‘Eggality’!

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Nothing happened in the Space though.

Brother Egg stayed on the plate, not even moving a bit!

Apparently, it wasn’t quite satisfied with the medical materials that was put in just now. [You threw over such little things, and you want me to make a dan for you with it?]

[What? Am I like a beggar to you?]

[Go on with your dream, you fool…]

Ye Xiao was speechless.

[Bastard. I am testing you… I don’t know the bottom line beyond which you will make dan beads. I just don’t want to waste things. I am your master. Come on. Show me some respect. One portion of medical materials is still materials!]

[… Well, it is just a little indeed…]

So he threw in ten more to test it.

Brother Egg still didn’t move a bit. There wasn’t even spiritual qi moving around.

It seemed Brother Egg totally didn’t put such a small amount of low-level materials in its eyes. It didn’t want to waste its time to do worthless things.

[How greedy, Eggy!] Ye Xiao was upset. He then threw one hundred more into it.

This time, Brother Egg moved. The spiritual qi in the Space rolled up.

Ye Xiao was surprised with joy. He thought it worked, however, Brother Egg stopped moving soon and the spiritual qi stopped too. Everything returned to silence…

It was still on the plate without moving.

Ye Xiao raged up, "Damn it! How dare you play tricks with me! This is it! No more! You can either absorb it or you wait for death after all spiritual qi is used up!"

[You dare to be a poser to me! You must want some real fights now!]

Before he finished talking, the wind blew in the Space all of a sudden. - Shoot! - The medical materials in the Space all turned into ashes.

- Dang, dang, dang… - Some supreme dan beads dropped to the plate on the floor…

Ye Xiao was stunned!

It wanted to absorb the materials all the time. It just wanted more. That was why it kept holding it. If Ye Xiao said those words earlier, Brother Egg would have done it already…

Ye Xiao wanted to cry. [An egg played games with me and I lost. Fxck the egg…]

The materials were not in best quality, but in good quantity. Materials Wan and Xiu collected were old, so the spiritual qi they contained was in a great amount. Brother Egg quite enjoyed it.

Ye Xiao didn’t participate in the absorbing process. The spiritual qi came out from Brother Egg’s lower part and entered a circular loop…

When the Space returned to silence, Ye Xiao entered it.

The first thing he did was not to check the dan bead. He went over to Brother Egg and slapped it. "You bastard! How dare you do that to me! You really need some thorough beating, don’t you! Are you going to betray me…"

Brother Egg didn’t just sit still. It kept shaking with its fat and round body.

A stream of its mind came out. "Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi, mi, mi…"

It seemed happy and proud, meaning, [If I didn’t do that to you, could I possibly eat that much? Only fools work for nothing. Do I look like a fool to you?]

Ye Xiao was speechless. It seemed it was not completely a good thing to him that Brother Egg could talk to him. It knew how to sneer now.

He looked to the plate below Brother Egg. He was surprised!

Supreme Dan!

Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan!

Colorful, splendid, with dragons and phoenix, clouds…

When the clouds were gone, he took a closer look.

What he saw… one, two, three, four, five… eleven!

That was such a surprise!

It cost him one hundred portions of materials and only produced eleven dan beads, but Ye Xiao couldn’t be more satisfied now! How could he not be satisfied? Those were supreme dan beads. Not ordinary supreme dan beads, but the most valuable dan that only existed in the myth!

He used one hundred and eleven portions of materials in total. That meant he could make one dan bead out of ten portions roughly. That was a marvelous number. He was unbelievably efficient already!

Not to mention in the Land of Han-Yang, even in the Qing-Yun Realm, even in the Human Realm Upon Heavens, even in the entire universe, there might be no other dan makers who could have such a success rate!

He put away the dan beads one by one into the jade bottles Xiu-Er gave him. There were more than three thousand bottles from Xiu-Er. Apparently, he should use one bottle to keep one dan bead…

How could Ye Xiao waste things like that though!

He was quite rich, but he knew how to perfectly make good use of things!

[Well… One jade bottle can roughly contain one hundred dan beads, I guess!]

In fact, he wanted to use only one bottle to keep the eleven dan beads. However, he eventually used three bottles.

Eleven plus one that was left from the first time, that was a total of twelve dan beads, four for each bottle.

"They should give me a bigger bottle…" Ye Xiao murmured, "What a waste!"

Getting out from the Space, he threw in the rest three hundred and eighty-nine portions of materials…

Brother Egg crazily started to absorb again.

It seemed not so happy when it was absorbing. [Why did you do that. I won’t steal things from you anyway… Why did you play that trick on me… What do you think I am… Can’t you trust my moral personality?]

[Humph! You skimp my pay…]

"Humph. God knows whether you would steal or not." Ye Xiao fiercely spoke, "But you are right about one thing. I never see you as a person. You are just an egg. What personality do you have? You only have an eggality!"

Brother Egg teared up. It digested the materials even faster. It was turning grief into strength…

Over three hundred portions of materials, it produced thirty-six beads!

That was close to expectation.

It was quite close to the number Master Bai wanted…

Only about a dozen short!

Ye Xiao felt relaxed!

He had a feeling that there must be something brutal happening, since Master Bai so eagerly wanted these dan beads. If he couldn’t give Master Bai enough dan beads in time, Master Bai might stay in the Land of Han-Yang forever…

That was terrible.

That was why he decided to send that guy away first!

During that night…

Before felling asleep, Ye Xiao sat in meditation as usual. He did it everyday.

Bing-Er seemed troubled. She stayed around Ye Xiao and kept checking on Ye Xiao, wanting to know whether he was asleep yet.

Ye Xiao saw her blushed face. He didn’t know what she was thinking. [I really don’t know what the girls are thinking. Why is she checking on me like that? What does she want?]

He couldn’t think it through, so he looked to Bing-Er.

Bing-Er looked right into Ye Xiao’s eyes. She suddenly acted like a panicking rabbit as she rushed away with a blushed face.