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Chapter 582: Sleeping Master…

Chapter 582: Sleeping Master…

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"Little girl!" Ye Xiao shook his head and smiled, and then he went on with his cultivation.

It lasted till midnight when he finished the first round of cultivating. He felt massively improved after that. He believed he only needed a few more days of accumulation to break through level six of Sky Origin Stage.

He felt good about the fast improvement. He was relaxed and prepared to go to bed.

Since he was reborn, he had been much more concentrated in cultivation compared to his previous life!

Xiao Monarch was already a crazy cultivation-obsessed man in his previous life.

Yet he worked even harder in this life. He used every spare minute to cultivate, not even wasting any second.

Dying in failure in the previous life made him understand that no matter how powerful he was in cultivation, it was always not enough!

There was always realms upon realms!

A man could never be truly invincible!

Beyond the Land of Han-Yang, there was the Qing-Yun Realm.

How many realms like the Land of Han-Yang were there in the firmament? How many realms were like the Qing-Yun Realm?

Would there be Bai-Yun Realm? Lan-Yun Realm? Other realms? [1]

Human Realm Upon Heavens was beyond Qing-Yun Realm. What realm existed beyond Human Realm Upon Heavens then? Would there be higher realms?

That was unknown. He had no idea.

However, one thing could be sure. Any ordinary cultivator in the Qin-Yun Realm could defeat a great amount in the Land of Han-Yang, even conquer the world. Song Jue, Steward Song, was a vivid example. He was definitely an unbelievably strong figure in the Land of Han-Yang.

However, if he… well, if he fought against Ye Nantian, Ye Xiao’s father, who was in Dream Origin Stage, he would be easily punched down. Ye Nantian only needed to do something like flicking his finger to put Song Jue down. However, he was no higher than second range cultivators in Qing-Yun Realm. That was all. That was the difference!

There was a huge gap between upper and lower realms!

That was a certain thing.

Was there a much higher realm with more horrible figures up there?

Who knows?

Since there was realms upon realms, there should be people upon people!

How powerful should he become to be invincible in the firmament?

Ye Xiao knew that it was never powerful enough!

There was no invincibility!

Martial art is infinite!

He was just at the beginning.

Any superior cultivator in the Qing-Yun Realm could kill him easily!

Not to mention people like Gu Jinlong, even those who were just as powerful as Ye Nantian could easily kill him!

How could he not work hard to an extreme extent? How dare him not?

In others’ eyes, he might have already been unbelievably improved fast. However, it was never enough for Ye Xiao himself. He didn’t look down upon himself. He was just well aware of the reality!

He put off the light and lied on the bed. He ran back over all the things that happened in the past few days, things he had done and things he was going to do. When he made sure he had thought of everything, he finally felt sleepy…

At this moment, sounds of random little steps sounded. It was getting closer and closer. That was Bing-Er walking over to him.

Ye Xiao kept his eyes closed, listening to Bing-Er stepping over as if she was a thief. [She even holds her breath?] Ye Xiao tried not to laugh. He didn’t move a bit; he just kept his eyes closed, like he was deep asleep, waiting to see what the girl wanted to do…

In fact, he was so unprofessional in pretending asleep. He didn’t snore, but that was fine. He didn’t even keep his breath steady. If the girl wasn’t naive and ignorant, she would never be fooled.

She was getting closer and closer to the bed. The sweet smell of a young girl was getting closer too.

She even held her breath, trying not to make any sounds. She seemed observing Ye Xiao’s face carefully, also hesitating about something.

Suddenly, she opened her mouth and took a deep breath. She seemed rather nervous at the moment…

Ye Xiao as confused. [What is wrong with this girl? What is she doing?]

The next moment, he felt that the quilt on him was lifted up a bit. The quilt was shaking. It seemed Bing-Er’s hand was shaking and she couldn’t control it.

The next moment, she took in a deep breath. It seemed she had made up her mind to do something..

And then Ye Xiao felt that a soft, warm and sweet-scented body enter into the quilt…

He suddenly quivered.

He lost the last bit of sleepiness at once.

The room was so dark since he had prepared to sleep. He didn’t use Yin Yang Eyes. That would be stupid. That was why he hadn’t noticed that Bing-Er actually…

He felt that she was… smooth… soft… [She is naked?]

He finally realized it. Suddenly, the blood in his body was all awakened…

Bing-Er was so naive and innocent. She actually didn’t notice anything wrong about Ye Xiao. Well, that was reasonable. She was already so bashful at the moment. She was biting her own lips as she made up her mind to sneak into Ye Xiao’s quilt like a mermaid.

She was stiff while staying inside the quilt beside Ye Xiao. She moved a bit in the quilt to get a more comfortable position. And finally, her body loosened up.

And then she kept moving her head up. Hmmm. She pushed it too hard when she rushed into the quilt. Her head was below the pillow…

She moved her head up and kept her head on the pillow carefully. She then felt relieved; she lightly clapped on her chest and murmured in a low voice, "That was scary… I nearly scared my heart out… Lucky it didn’t wake Master up…"

Bing-Er blushed and her face was like a red apple, completely ripe.

She deeply felt bashful about what she just did. Her heart was beating rapidly.


[1] Qing-Yun means Cyan Cloud; Bai-Yun means White Cloud; Lan-Yun means Blue Cloud.