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Chapter 583: Who Is This?

Chapter 583: Who Is This?

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Bing-Er’s heart was beating fast. [Why did I do such a shameless thing? Getting into a man’s bed at midnight, naked… This man is Master, Brother Xiao, but…]

[This is embarrassing!]

[Why hasn’t he waken up though? He has always been sensitive. Did I move too gently? He didn’t feel anything? That could be true. I was being really really really cautious after all!]

She bit on her lips and tried to turn up. She stared at Ye Xiao’s face. It was dark, but she seemed to see the calm and pretty face of her master. He was breathing steadily, as if he was deep asleep.

She stared at him, wanting to touch his face, but she didn’t dare to.

She wanted him to wake up, but she didn’t dare to face the moment when he woke up…

She just stayed there and stared at him while biting her lips. The boldness she had earlier was completely gone. She suddenly didn’t know what to do anymore.

"I… I guess I should just go back…" She was panicking and talking to herself. Apparently, that was the only thing she could think about.

And then she confirmed her idea. She was about to get off the bed…

At this moment, something happened. The ‘sleeping’ Ye Xiao murmured something and then moved his arm and held onto her body.

- Pah. -

A gentle sound.

His warm and big hand tapped on Bing-Er’s slim waist.

She quivered and then her entire body became stiff. She slightly opened her mouth and looked at Ye Xiao.

[Hmmm? He isn’t awake? He did that in sleep?]

[I guess it was just a coincidence?]

However, her heart was beating so hard like thousands of horses were running over.

At this moment, Ye Xiao’s hand slipped on her waist and touched her skin.

[Maybe he felt something?]

Bing-Er thought, [Maybe he is thinking ‘what is it that I am touching’?]

[Absolutely. Otherwise, why would he move his hand like that while he is asleep? On my body!]

Her face was burning red.

[His hand… Why… Why did it slowly move down and stop on my… hips…]

It touched her hip and then stopped there…

As her private part was being touched, she became more stiff. She didn’t dare to move, not even breath.

Her body was trembling…

Ye Xiao was breathing steadily and calmly…

[Still sleeping?]

After a while, before Bing-Er calmed down, Ye Xiao groaned and moved. He actually turned, then his face was so close to Bing-Er now! Their noses nearly touched each other. They could even smell the breath of each other.

His other hand was actually… touching her chest…

And his leg was actually… on her waist…

[No, no, no…]

[Now, I can’t get away even if I want to…]

She regretted right away. She looked down and saw his leg buckling on her slim body tightly…

She panicked, and then she operated her martial art to calm herself down. However, it didn’t work. The only thing that helped was that she could see things now. However, what use of it now?

[What should I do now?]

Bing-Er’s mind was a mess. She had no idea what to do.

[Hmm? Why is Master slipping down? He was a bit taller than me…]

When she was thinking, she felt something touching her lip, warm and moist.

She couldn’t move. The only thing that came into her mind was, [Master is kissing me on the lips…]


She kept moving her head backward to avoid it, but the ‘sleeping’ master seemed quite determined. He kept getting closer and put his lips on hers…

Bing-Er felt like her entire body was burning. She started to gasp. Martial art didn’t help her a bit. She opened her eyes, thinking, [What should I do? What should I do?]

However, she had no idea what to do. She couldn’t think of anything!

It lasted for a while, and she started to feel strange on her own body…

She tried to lift Ye Xiao’s leg but failed…

She was really panicking. She didn’t even think about using martial art to lift that leg. If she did, even five Ye Xiaos could be lifted up high. However, she didn’t use martial art, so she could never move Ye Xiao’s leg away.

She didn’t realize it though; she just kept trying… Suddenly… she felt something moving on her lips.

She trembled and felt that… his tongue was moving neatly into her mouth…

[Hmmm? Is… Isn’t Master asleep? Why is he doing this then?]

Bing-Er looked at his eyes, but his eyes were closed. He smiled, like he was having a sweet dream… He kept his mouth on hers, and kept moving his tongue neatly into her mouth…


And then she thought, [Oh, he isn’t awake yet…]

She tried not to let him in, even moving her tongue to stop him. However, he was so determined. The tongues touched together, moving round and round…

Bing-Er felt lucky that even under such circumstances, he still didn’t wake up… [He must be really tired today…]

Gradually, Bing-Er felt her body burning hot. The pretty face of her master was becoming more and more attractive to her…

She was lost in it. It seemed she couldn’t resist it anymore…

[He is sleeping after all. Only once. I will just take advantage of him only this time!] Bing-Er thought and then opened her mouth to let him in.

She was enjoying a strange feeling. Her tongue stopped to try to work with his…

This time, when his tongue touched hers, she trembled. And then she was totally lost in this romantic kiss. She even turned more and more energetic…

He didn’t move…

Bing-Er’s arms held Ye Xiao’s body tightly while trembling. She pushed her tongue back to his mouth. Insensibly, she was completely in his arms now…

[He is still sleeping?]

[Not awake yet?]