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Chapter 584: Like-minded

Chapter 584: Like-minded

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[Master is sleeping. He doesn’t know. I have taken advantage of him. I should take more.] Thinking about that, Bing-Er was getting bolder and bolder. She kept using her tongue to kill the man she loved…



Bing-Er looked up in a panic. She looked into a pair of profound eyes. The eyes were filled with smiles, also a sense of fever, looking back at her…


Bing-Er exclaimed and moved her head away. She was so bashful. "You… When did you wake up? What did you see…"

She was panicking. [How long since he woke up? He should have just woken up. He knows nothing… He knows nothing…]

However, Ye Xiao’s answer broke the last hope of her. "When did I wake up? I wasn’t sleeping at all!"


Bing-Er exclaimed and bashfully covered her face.

[He wasn’t sleeping? He knows everything? He knows that I took advantage of him… Ahhh… So embarrassing…]

Ye Xiao wickedly looked at her. "I saw with my own eyes… a pretty girl… entering my quilt… at midnight on her own initiative… What’s in your mind, girl?"

"You... such a vile guy! You are so annoying!" Bing-Er covered her face and cuddled into Ye Xiao’s arms, murmuring bashfully.

Ye Xiao laughed. In his warm chest, Bing-Er could clearly feel his heart beating along while he laughed.

She cuddled in his arms like an ostrich. She didn’t even dare to open her eyes because of the shame. She was even a bit angry. [Humph! You were awake… You were awake! Bad man! Bad man!]

Ye Xiao realized she didn’t speak anymore, so he smiled in a wicked way. "Oh, why do you stop talking? Where does the female molester who has been touching me go? Is she going to deny the fact after all the dirty works? My body used to be clean and blameless!"

Bing-Er felt extremely ashamed hearing that. She punched him on the chest and said, "You are so annoying!"

[How could you call me that with your hands still moving on… my… You took all the advantages and you speak like I took advantage of you. Heavens. Where is justice. Why not just strike on this lying satyric guy by lightning!]

Ye Xiao turned over and got on top of Bing-Er’s body, ignoring her scream. His eyes lit up with fire of wickedness. "Little girl, I did want to have you so soon… But… You ask for this… You ask for it, you take it…"

Bing-Er’s face was red. She moved her face away and didn’t dare to look into his eyes. She said, "Humph, I didn’t ask for it…"

"Well that is too late now!" Ye Xiao forcibly lowered his head, declaring his occupation on this beauty…

Bing-Er felt like she was melting. She was soft like a pile of sweet mud… She closed her eyes, gasping, feeling her entire body burning with heat. The hands on her seemed to activate some special sensation of her body…

That strange feeling was brushing her sensation away like storms…



"Hmm…" (Author’s note: To avoid being banned, thirty million words were abridged…)

After a long time, Bing-Er felt like she had died for dozens of times, until it finally finished…

Clouds cleared off and rain stopped…

Ye Xiao looked at the gorgeous beauty under his body. All he felt was happiness.

[This is my woman!]

[She is the first woman I have in my life!]

In the process, Ye Xiao felt a strange cold energy inside Bing-Er’s body. As he moved more inside… the cold energy in her body was fading away. That energy made Ye Xiao felt so strange, but he felt it was familiar. Was it an illusion?

As the cold energy faded away, another pure energy rose up inside Bing-Er’s body moving to his body and then returning to hers…

He lowered down to kiss the girl, who was too weak to even move a finger. He felt satisfied and then fell asleep on her body.

Bing-Er was already exhausted, so she fell asleep even earlier…

She had a dream.

In the dream, there was a woman with a beautiful face staring at her. In that woman’s eyes, there was a strange expression…

Ye Xiao also had a dream.

He had never had such a sweet dream since he was reborn. It was like poetry, deluding him to folly, making him enjoy so much as to forget to leave…

They woke up late the next morning.

Bing-Er woke up first. She felt heavy in every part of her body. She felt it was hard to move. [Master… He is still on my body…]

She thought of the madness the previous night and immediately blushed. She couldn’t be more bashful.

She pushed Ye Xiao, but couldn’t push him away. When she wanted to push him harder, he opened his eyes.

He was looking right back at her.

"You are awake?" Ye Xiao looked at the beauty beneath him.


Bing-Er opened her eyes with panic. "Master… What… you…"


(Author’s note: thirty million more words were abridged…)


(Author’s note: This chapter has been abridged… Please forgive me.)


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