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Chapter 585: Windfall

Chapter 585: Windfall

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When Ye Xiao got up and dressed, it was already at noon!

Bing-Er was like a pile of sweet mud lying on the bed. She couldn’t even move a finger again… Embarrassing for her…

She even thought about grabbing the quilt to cover the body, but she was too weak to do even that. She could only look at Ye Xiao, using her eyes to ask for it.

Ye Xiao smiled and again, then he did something really bad on her beautiful body, until she was groaning with pleasure. Then he put the quilt on her, and left the room with satisfaction.

Bing-Er was gasping. She felt extremely exhausted, both mentally and physically.

"That is so… tiring…" Bing-Er was nearly unable to speak. However, her eyes were filled with happiness.

As she was lost in thoughts, that beautiful lady dressed in black showed up in her mind again, staring at her with anger in the eyes! Bing-Er suddenly trembled. She was a bit scared.

She felt a bit guilty somehow.

And then she made up her mind and murmured, "I will never regret!"

"I will never regret in my life!"

The beautiful woman looked at her, stunned. After a while, she sighed and then disappeared.

Bing-Er realized it was gone, so she felt relieved. She then fell asleep, tired both physically and mentally.

When Ye Xiao just went out the door, he saw Song Jue with a dark face.

"Ahem. Uncle Song," Ye Xiao gave a fake smile and greeted him.

"Slept well?" Song Jue humphed.

"Hmm. Long peaceful night without dreams. I slept the night through. It has been too long since last time I had a sweet sleep like this," Ye Xiao said and gave an answer that he wouldn’t believe himself.

Song Jue didn’t believe it too. "Well. Good. Long peaceful night without dreams, huh. The house was almost shaken down! Without dreams? Slept tight?"

Ye Xiao was embarrassed, but he played tough. "Oh? Was it an earthquake? I slept too deep. I didn’t know!"

Song Jue glared at him and left.

[You are really good at playing a fool. Well done making up excuses.]

Ye Xiao disguised as Feng Zhiling and went to Ling-Bao Hall. He was thinking about those men who tried to trap him and kill him. He wanted to figure out a way to solve the problem once and for all…

And then he saw Xiu of the Heavens coming to him.

"Feng Monarch… You seem quite healthy today?" Xiu-Er looked at Ye Xiao with admiration. "Look at you. Even your eyes are filled with satisfaction… I guess you have good news?"

Ye Xiao coughed and said, "Yes… That’s right. Big achievement."

Xiu-Er was happy to hear that. "How many? Lots of Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads right? Two? Three? Five!!!"

Ye Xiao looked at her. "Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads?"

He was thinking, [I did make many of that, but that is not the achievement I said…]

[Humph. Fine. I am a man with my own woman. I no longer have a common topic with this stupid girl…] Ye Xiao was thinking. He had experienced something real tasty the last night. He just couldn’t help staring up and down at Xiu-Er’s beautiful body.

"What are you looking at?" Xiu-Er felt that he was being a bit scampish, so she was alarmed.

She needed Feng Zhiling’s help at the moment, otherwise, she would punch the shxt out of Feng Zhiling for the way he looked at her!

"I am looking at… I am just trying to have a guess on how many materials you brought to me." Ye Xiao looked calm. Apparently, he had become more shameless after the last night.

"Humph…" Xiu-Er humphed and said, "You are just a money-grubber!"

She casually threw over a ring.

Ye Xiao grabbed it and checked it as soon as he could. There were many medical materials for making dan beads, and also many other treasures. He was surprised.

There were also many jade bottles… Most surprisingly, he found over a dozen meteorites from outer space…

"The meteorites…" Ye Xiao asked.

"All yours." Xiu-Er casually spoke, "House of the Chaotic Storms has plenty of that. They are useless for us."

"Oh? Really!" Ye Xiao laughed. "Great to hear! How many more do you have? Are there any other special metals? You don’t need them anymore. Why don’t you just give me all of it! Give me all! I won’t dislike them!"

XIu-Er was speechless.

[Why can’t I just shut my mouth? I am really a squandering girl!]

[Among everything I can speak of, why did I… have to talk about that meteorite? I said we have plenty of it? Heavens! What was I thinking?]

[Well done now. He is going to take a huge advantage of us again…]

[Anyways, those things are meaningless to us.]

[I will just give him all.]

Xiu-Er was quite different with Wan-Er in personality. Wan-Er was soft and thoughtful, while Xiu-Er was careless and casual. If Wan-Er was there, she would bargain with Feng Monarch even though the things had no use for her. She would save a lot and sell them and then give the money to her people. She wouldn’t give everything to Feng Zhiling.

However, Xiu-Er had a different thought. [There are still hundreds of billion in the House of the Chaotic Storms. That would be far more than enough to look after our men. The stones are heavy and stupid… They are really useless. It can be a big trouble selling them too. Just give them all to this guy. We should see him as a garbage collector…]

[Maybe he will work a lot harder in making Agerasia Dan for me.]

She then just waved her hand and generously said, "Why care about those stupid stones so much? You are really ignorant. We have never placed them in our mind. There are less than ten thousand pieces. All yours. I will bring them all next time!"

Ye Xiao nearly passed out because of the surprise.

[Less than ten thousand?]

[So… there are more than nine thousand?]

[Nine thousand pieces of special metals?]

[My heavens… Ahhhhhh!]

[I am drowning in happiness…]

"Lady Xiu-Er, you are so generous! Female hero, exactly your reputation!" Ye Xiao put the thumbs up and laughed like a fool. "Since you are so generous, I won’t hide. As you said, I did make a lot good stuffs yesterday. Here you are, Lady Xiu-Er. Six Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads!"

"Six? That many?"

Xiu-Er was so surprised, but not to the point of passing out. She nearly jumped up though!

They got only two the last time after using up so many materials, but there were six out of only five hundred portions!


It had only been one day!

Xiu-Er was shouting excitedly in her mind!

It wouldn’t take half a year to finish all the dan beads they wanted!

It could be done within just a month!

However, what she didn’t know was that Ye Xiao actually had over forty beads with him. He just didn’t want to shock her too much.