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Chapter 586: Unbelievable!

Chapter 586: Unbelievable!

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"Feng Monarch, you are indeed a genius dan-maker! Xiu-Er should admire you sincerely!" Xiu-Er held the Heaven Seizing Dan beads. She was so happy that she just praised him turgidly.

And then she frowned. "Wait. Why only two bottles? I gave you thousands last time…"

Ye Xiao spoke as a person of high morals, "Frugality is a virtue. Lady Xiu-Er, listen, it is not a easy to run a home. Only to keep fragility, one can…"

He didn’t even finish it when he realized Xiu-Er had disappeared.

[I hate sermons!]

Xiu-Er was speaking in mind.

[Finally, she took leave! Sermon is a fantastic way!]

Ye Xiao smiled.

[She showed up and disappeared without a sign. That is so annoying. I might explode at any moment.]

[But… Hmm? It seems something has gone wrong?]

He was counting the things he just got from Xiu-Er, but he suddenly felt something wrong…

[What is it that makes me feel so weird?] Ye Xiao frowned badly.

After a long time.

"That’s it!" He was enlightened, then he clapped his hands, "When I saw Xiu of the Heavens, I would feel suppressed, even though we wouldn’t fight and I knew there was no danger. That was my instinct and her natural vigorous power."

"However, I didn’t feel that today!’

He stood up and thought so hard, "Why didn’t I feel it? That should be my instinct! Besides, she is never a friend to me. She could never really be someone who admires me… We are just having a cooperative relationship."

"She didn’t hide her vigorous power."

"Why did I feel it wrong… Unless…"

Ye Xiao thought about it and his expression changed.

He told the guards not to let anybody disturb him and then walked into his room.

He sat in meditation and started to operate his martial art to check inside himself.

The only possibility was that he had been greatly improved!

However, even though he had just cultivated the last night in quite a good speed, it shouldn’t be a great improvement…

He quietly operated the martial art. The moment when East-rising Purple Qi was operated, he was stunned!

In his Jing and Mai, there was a stream of howling spiritual qi. He couldn’t believe his own eyes!

[That… Is this real?]

[What… Why? What happened?]

Not that he was easily scared, but the situation was greatly beyond his recognition. The spiritual power of East-rising Purple Qi was so dense than it had ever been before. It was surging more and more, nearly reaching the middle of the second level, Purple Qi Descends!

As long as it reached that point, his East-rising Purple Qi would definitely rose to the middle stage of Purple Qi Descends!

"How is this possible?" Ye Xiao clearly remembered the last time when he reached the second level of East-rising Purple Qi; there was just a little purple spiritual qi in there. The spiritual qi was pure, but there was very little. However, he suddenly felt it filled with spiritual qi!

[Within just these days?]

[Is it even possible to be improved so much?]

The power qi of East-rising Purple Qi was a completely different thing to the spiritual qi in daily cultivation. It was a totally different concept to the level system of the levels like Sky Origin Stage and Earth Origin Stage.

They were two totally different concepts!

The two kinds of energy were both spiritual qi that produced by cultivation. They might be from the same source, but in totally different power sources and power capacity. One who reached Sky Origin Stage was admiringly in the top league in Land of Han-Yang, and also could be three ranged league in Qing-Yun Realm; not qualified enough to be a superior cultivator up there, but not that weak. However, that was just at the beginning phase of the first level in East-rising Purple Qi.

There was a huge gap between the two level systems, out of people’s imagination!

Ye Xiao couldn’t believe that he had been improved so much. He tried to transfer the normal spiritual qi of ordinary cultivation. - Crack! - He felt his bones cracking. A pure energy rushed up in an astonishing speed to his head and then rushed down to his feet. The knots in his body that hadn’t been broken through were all broken by that energy! He didn’t feel any resistance at all!

[Oh my heavens!]

[What the hell is going on?]

Ye Xiao was living his second life. He had reached Dao Origin Stage in his previous life, however, he had never experienced such a crazy fast improving rate!

The spiritual qi was growling like thunders. Ye Xiao was feeling it. The pure raging spiritual qi suddenly burst up and broke the boundary to the sixth level of Sky Origin Stage. However, it didn’t stop yet… It was not just non-stop… It was forever burning. It was so energetic and suddenly went through the entire sixth level. It kept rushing round and round in the Jing and Mai.

After a few seconds, it had already cultivated for nine circular rounds.

The energy inside him produced a new mass of spiritual qi rolling up in his dantian. Suddenly, a new energy was formed. It seemed even more powerful in breaking through the bounds of cultivation stages. It kept rushing up to the seventh level in an extremely fierce way!

The entire process continued without Ye Xiao doing anything. He just activated the martial art at the beginning and that’s all. He didn’t even push the spiritual qi yet. He just stood there and felt the spiritual qi bouncing in his body. He was really like an onlooker…

In Ye Xiao’s opinion—he had reached Dao Origin Stage before after all—there was only one possibility for this situation. The spiritual qi in his body had been filling up to a level that it would explode if not to break through the bounds of higher levels.

That was very possibly the current situation.

However, he didn’t know why. [Why is this happening?]

[There is no reason for this!]

Basically, if there was really that much energy holding up in his body, he should have been exploded to death for a long time.

It wouldn’t wait till he operated the martial art and motivated the spiritual qi to break the bounds!

However, the impossible thing was happening. He didn’t die in explosion. Moreover, he didn’t even feel anything about the bursting qi. He completely felt nothing!