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Chapter 587: Heavenly Spiritual Body

Chapter 587: Heavenly Spiritual Body

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Oh, it didn’t meant that he couldn’t feel anything. He definitely felt comfortable and pleased for the warm stuff that happened the last night!

As he was making random guesses because he couldn’t understand what was happening, the raging spiritual inside his body rose up and broke the boundary of level seven of Sky Origin Stage! He burst into another level!

That was such a sweeping and unaffected upgrade!

Under the brush of such apure spiritual qi, it had no reason not to break through fast!

As the new level was broken up, the spiritual qi kept rushing up, filling up the entire seventh level just like what happened when it was in the sixth level. It rushed over for an entire cultivation circulation and then kept going round and round until it finished the ninety-nine circulations. Suddenly, it fiercely raged up from his dantian again!

Ye Xiao was stunned. He couldn’t believe what was happening in his body. There was still a mass of powerful energy rushing towards level eight of Sky Origin Stage!

It was still sweeping and unaffected!

There was a stream of cold energy in his body. It suddenly melted into pure purple spiritual qi and joined the energy that rushed up to break through the level boundary!

That cold energy was really overwhelming. It was so overwhelming that even Ye Xiao couldn’t imagine it!

He was suddenly enlightened. He thought of the stream of Yin qi getting into his body while he was ‘bodily communicating’ with Bing-Er.

"Could it… be? But… How can it be so much? That is…" Watching the spiritual qi running out endlessly, he totally lost his words. He really didn’t know what to say about that.

It was so astonishing!

A gifted girl got improved greatly after a few months of cultivation. That was reasonable. However, the Virginity Energy was actually… so massively powerful!

That was such an unbelievably strange thing!

- Boom! -

With a burst in his body, the boundary of level eight was broken too!

It took him only a short time to weirdly break the bound!

The only feeling Ye Xiao had right now was that, he must be dreaming!

It was such a big sweet dream!

Things couldn’t be so good even in dreams, could it?

Cultivators had to suffer a lot on the path of cultivation. There were so many people spending their entire lives to break through one boundary after another, even geniuses!

However, within only one day… No…

Specifically it was within two hours, he upgraded three levels!

In the Sky Origin Stage!

The reason for all that was what he did with Bing-Er in the last night…

"That… That is… marvelous…" Ye Xiao opened his mouth. Poor guy only kept praising it, but he didn’t really know about what happened. "No wonder so many guys are moaning for wives… It brings such good things… Uncle Song has been urging me to find a wife and stop the life of a virgin. He did really care about me. I wronged him!"

If other cultivators heard him, they might very possibly spit on him.

Even if Song Jue heard him, he would be indifferent too!

To get married or not had nothing to do with cultivation at all!

In fact, no other girls were like the female monster he had…

There were some guys who took advantage of girls for the yin energy. Even if they could catch a pure yin attribute girl, they could never gain such improvement like Ye Xiao did…

Not even one millesimal of that!

Ye Xiao was totally stunned. He just felt the spiritual qi was rushing up again and again, bouncing inside his Jing and Mai and refilling it again and again…

Ye Xiao was totally astonished by this miracle!

Finally… when the spiritual qi filled his dantian again and was about to break through to level nine, it stopped the rush.

It became like a pond of spring water!

It was flowing in Ye Xiao’s Jing and Mai quietly and peacefully.

The peace and the burst were two extremes. Everything was cooled down like that crazy burst had never happened.

In fact, Ye Xiao had experienced some stunning changes in his body!

He took a breath out. It was finally finished.

He really felt relieved about it. If the spiritual qi directly broke through the ninth level, it meant he had broken the limitation of this world. That would be a huge trouble.

If that happened, he would have reached the level beyond this realm’s boundary. Should he leave or not?

That was a tough choice for him to make right now!

Luckily, he didn’t have to choose yet. At least, he wouldn’t need to consider it. He needed to think about it sooner or later, but not so soon!

He wanted to move his body, but felt something wrong about his mouth. There seemed to be something covering his lips. He touched it, and felt that some powder was falling off his face.

Suddenly, it happened on every part of his body. First the palms and then the arms… He felt uncomfortable on all parts of his body.

He looked down only to see his entire body covered by a layer of fine powder. It was like dandruff covering his hands, arms, and all the other parts.

It was in brown color.

He didn’t know what was going on. He tried flicking it off and it fell down off his skin. It revealed his skin that looked like smooth jade!

His skin and muscles were actually changed. They were just like some exquisite jade, crystal and glittering.

"Thorough body remolding. Ablution of muscles and bones!"

He took a long breath out with relief.

He felt relaxed when he saw the weird situation on his body. In fact, he was quite familiar with it as he had experienced it a lot!

However, he hadn’t gotten through the last level yet, but the ablution process had been completed in advance.

After this, his body became a Heavenly Body!

In Qing-Yun Realm, it was called Heavenly Spiritual Body. Only when one’s body became Heavenly Spiritual Body could he start the cultivation in Spirit Origin Stage!

That was why it was called spiritual body.

When the Heavenly Spiritual Body returned to original simplicity, it started the cultivation in Dream Origin Stage. That meant… the Heavenly Spiritual Body was like a dream. When the body was returned to its original status, there would be no trace left.

That led to Dream Origin Stage.